Adobe Stock Price Today: Adobe Share Price Approaches a More Attractive Valuation

Adobe Stock Price Today: Adobe Share Price Approaches a More Attractive Valuation

Adobe Stock Price Today

Adobe Stock Price Today: Adobe Share Price Approaches a More Attractive Valuation

Adobe Inc. is a technology firm that produces creative design applications. Adobe Inc aims to “change the world through digital experiences” and bridging the gap between art and technology.

Adobe has been heard by many due to its Photoshop app, which is the greatest photo-editing application in its class. In the previous 35 years it has become a big and varied software supplier from a firm with a few graphic design products.

Adobe is also an American stock, which is trading under the symbol ADBE (Adobe ticker) on the NASDAQ. Adobe ticker is usually referred to as NASDAQ:ADBE or ADBE-Q.

We will discuss the Adobe stock price today in this article. By looking at Adobe Inc stock graphs and statistics, we will answer the most commonly asked questions for you. Our research has been carried out from official financial sites.

We hope that this article will be helpful to investors who are not able to discover suitable stocks on the stock market or who want to know about the Adobe share price.

Please note that the predictions and statistics in this article of the Adobe Inc stock may change and do not provide definitive results.

What is Adobe Stock used for?

The Adobe Stock service gives designers and companies with access, for all their creative projects, to millions, high-quality curated and royalty-free images, videos. As a multi-asset subscription, you can get Adobe Stock.

Adobe stock price today is starting at $9.99/month for a single image, $49.99/month for 10 images and $199.99/month for up to 750 images.

Adobe Stock Price Today

Adobe stock price today is 581.28 USD, which is -24.88 (4.12%) today. The opening of Adobe stock price today was at 596.31 USD, with a high 596.31 USD, and a low 578.33 USD.

Does Adobe pay a dividend?

Adobe Inc does not pay a dividend.

What Is Going on With Adobe Share?

There could be some of Adobe Inc. (NASDAQ:ADBE) shareholders which are somewhat disturbed by the recent marketing of a substantial US$25m stock by Chairman Shantanu Narayen at a US$620 ADBE stock price . This decreased their overall holding by 11%, which is not that substantial, but far from the worst we saw.

It is noteworthy that the most important insider sales of Adobe shares that we saw last year are recent sales by Shantanu Narayen. We thus know that an insider sold US$604 shares at the current ADBE share price. We don’t usually enjoy insider sales, but the less share price of Adobe, the more it’s for us. The large sale was made around the Adobe share price today in this issue, so that wasn’t too bad.

We may say from this circumstance, that the insiders recently sold Adobe shares, but did not buy them. Data of Adobe shows no insider buys during the previous twelve months. But Adobe’s rising earnings are nice to note. Higher insider ownership is nice to see, but selling leaves us cautious.

Is Adobe a Buy or Sell?

When we look at Adobe stock price today, the graphs show red. But overall, when we look at the ADBE stock price to date, the charts show green.

This can be a bit confusing for new investors. Take a good look at the historical charts while researching the ADBE stock price. Find out where, when, how and why there has been a rise/fall. Our advice, after learning this information about the ADBE share price, decide for yourself whether it is a Buy or a Sell.

But if you’re wondering what popular analysts have commented on Adobe stock price today and ADBE share price in the past, Adobe is definitely a Buy right now.

Is it worth buying Adobe stock?

Definitely yes.

Adobe investors have not made any bad comments about this stock so far. Investors who are satisfied with the share price of Adobe report that investing in this stock is highly rewarding and profitable.

Although Adobe stock price is slightly down today, investors are pretty confident that this stock will do well, and they are not afraid at all.

Adobe Inc Stock Price Target

According to Adobe stock price today and historical data of it, the long-term income potential is +33.56% over a single year.

You can see the Adobe stock price today and the target price for the next year below.

Adobe stock price today is $581.28, which now equates to -24.88(4.12%).

Adobe Stock Target Price (1 year)

High        $800.00

Median    $711.50

Low         $600.00

Average   $710.33

Adobe Stock Forecasts

You can find the ADBE (Adobe ticker) forecast made untill Adobe stock price today, for the upcoming days.

Date Price Min Price Max Price
2021-09-29 587.328 573.806 602.123
2021-09-30 588.892 575.254 602.669
2021-10-01 586.616 573.315 600.309
2021-10-04 569.636 556.329 584.034
2021-10-05 566.777 552.608 580.637
2021-10-06 572.875 558.921 586.856
2021-10-07 574.440 560.445 587.427
2021-10-08 572.163 558.439 585.736
2021-10-11 555.183 542.398 569.131
2021-10-12 552.325 539.171 565.404


Adobe Inc Stock Price 2026

In one-year ADBE stock price can rise from $581.28 to $ 778,821.

Also, you can check the forecast data for 2026.

January 2026 Open: 1175.210 Close: 1185.420 Min: 1175.210 Max: 1185.420 Change: 0.86 % ▲
February 2026 Open: 1186.450 Close: 1194.290 Min: 1186.450 Max: 1194.350 Change: 0.66 % ▲
March 2026 Open: 1193.680 Close: 1201.110 Min: 1192.930 Max: 1201.110 Change: 0.62 % ▲
April 2026 Open: 1201.890 Close: 1215.870 Min: 1201.890 Max: 1215.870 Change: 1.15 % ▲
May 2026 Open: 1216.160 Close: 1226.570 Min: 1216.160 Max: 1226.570 Change: 0.85 % ▲
June 2026 Open: 1227.840 Close: 1246.220 Min: 1227.840 Max: 1246.220 Change: 1.47 % ▲
July 2026 Open: 1246.810 Close: 1257.230 Min: 1246.810 Max: 1257.230 Change: 0.83 % ▲
August 2026 Open: 1257.260 Close: 1271.680 Min: 1257.260 Max: 1271.680 Change: 1.13 % ▲
September 2026 Open: 1272.280 Close: 1271.430 Min: 1271.430 Max: 1273.140 Change: -0.07 %▼


The stock of Adobe Inc is a very good (1-year) long-term investment. Adobe Inc might be a profitable investment decision if you are seeking for strong return stocks.

According to the stock price forecast of ADBE for 2026-09-16 is predicted to rise over the long run, is USD 1271,430. The predicted return is about +118.04% with a 5-year investment. In 2026, up to $218.04 may be your current $100 investment.

We hope that this article we’ve prepared for you will help you with questions and contribute to your investing research. Please note that in the light of Adobe share price analysts remarks, Adobe Inc. stock forecasts may be inaccurate. You should constantly do your own research to be informed of the stock.

This article is not an advice for investment. It is written to give Adobe share price information.