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Afterpay Share Price: Australian Financial Technology Company Afterpay Limited continues to make a name for itself in the UK, Canada, USA and New Zealand

Afterpay Share Price: Australian Financial Technology Company Afterpay Limited continues to make a name for itself in the UK, Canada, USA and New Zealand

Afterpay Share Price

Afterpay Share Price Today

Afterpay share price today is 132.15 USD with a volume of 4,870,955. At the same time, its chart fluctuates between 131.11 USD – 132.25USD. Apt stock price was a maximum of 160.05 USD and a minimum of 69.00 USD within 52 weeks.  Its average volume is 1,734,497, and it is ranked 38.428B in the MarketCap listings. The target point of Afterpay share price ASX at the end of 1 year is not clear yet.

What is Afterpay?

In this article, we will focus on Afterpay share price, but first, let’s look at what Afterpay is. Afterpay is a buy now pay later platform. Thanks to him, it is possible to pay the price of a product you bought today in installments a few weeks later.

They founded Afterpay in Sydney in 2015. It allows you to buy everything from clothes and makeup to medicines and even flights.

This platform has managed to attract the attention of young people, especially in Australia and New Zealand. It then spread from there to the UK and US markets. While the number of users was 3.8 million a year ago, the number of users is more than 8.5 million now. Its sales in 1 year are $7.3 billion. This is also a pretty good factor for apt stock price.

Available in approximately 10,000 retail stores in Australia and New Zealand, in addition to many grocery stores such as Kmart, Big W, Target, Office works, The Iconic and Shoppers can access Afterpay via the online shops’ payment platform. You can also enter the store using the Afterpay app for Android or IOS. Thanks to both its popularization and easy access, Afterpay share price ASX can experience good increases.

Afterpay is growing steadily. However, consumer groups, including CHOICE, have expressed that BNPL plans like Afterpay could put consumers at financial risk. According to them, this is an implicit form of credit. If these concerns escalate, apt share price may be adversely affected. These nice advantages of Afterpay can push buyers into purchases that they can’t afford.

Afterpay Share Price History

If we make a historical analysis for the Afterpay share price from 06 August 2020, the stock has almost doubled its value in 1 year. The stock entered the market with a volume of 1,089,883 and a price of $71.40. After being around these levels for a few days, 2 weeks later, it has risen almost 115% to $81.50.

Afterpay share price, which was around 100 dollars as of October 2020, was at 150 dollars within a week in January 2021. However, apt stock price tried support points in a downtrend for a while. Now the Afterpay share price ASX is very close to the record level.


Is Clearpay the Same as Afterpay?

Is Clearpay the Same as Afterpay

Did you know they call Afterpay Clearpay in the UK? Yes, UK, this is what they call Clearpay, a pay-it-now platform. It’s actually the same company but different names. If you try to pay with Afterpay in the UK, you will see Clearpay.

However, the payment and shopping part is the same as Afterpay. This name change does not apply to Afterpay share price ASX. You don’t need to search for a name adapted to Clearpay to find out what apt share price is. Because as we said, they are the same company.

Post payment method accounts for 15% of transactions. That’s why Afterpay general manager David Hancock stated that the company will soon make a new move for its launch. The move was the name Afterpay acquired as a result of their agreement with the British business Clearpay. It can be a positive or a negative situation for Afterpay share price. It’s nice to expand into the UK, but the UK needs to know that Afterpay and Clearpay are the same things.

Is There a Limit On Afterpay?

In fact, Afterpay sets your limit based on whether you connect your account to a debit or credit card for payment. If your account is linked to a debit card for payment, your balance is a maximum of $500. The purchase you want to make on it will not happen. Alternatively, if your account is linked to a credit card for the payment option, your maximum limit is $1,500.

Even if you originally linked your account to a debit card, you can change the payment options to access a higher limit. You can increase your limit by connecting your credit card to your account instead of the bank payment option. Thanks to these advantages and every customer who increases their limit, the platform gains value. Thus, Afterpay share price ASX also increases.

If you do not want your purchase to be rejected, you should check your maximum limit. In addition, you should also check the debit or credit card limit that you have linked to your account.

What is Afterpay, and How Does It Work?

Afterpay, the buy now pay later platform, offers customers an easy shopping opportunity. The platform now serves customers in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

This platform allows you to pay the price of a product you buy afterwards. You can think of it like a loan, but there is no interest here. With Afterpay, you can divide the cost of the product you buy into 4 payments every 2 weeks. In fact, the platform has reached a very good customer base in a short time with the opportunities it provides. This audience also makes the Afterpay share price rise. Afterpay share price ASX will increase as the company earns from customers. For this reason, we can recommend to you do apt share price research during these periods when shopping increases.

Let’s continue with how the platform works. When purchasing the product you want from the store you want, you can make your payment by choosing the Afterpay payment option. It will be valid if you shop at stores where this payment option is available. If you are shopping for the first time, you can easily create an account and continue your transactions. You do not need to wait for approval.

After the payment is made for your online shopping, the seller sends the product to you. After downloading the Afterpay mobile app, you must follow the in-app instructions to set up the Afterpay Card. You can use Afterpay Card with Apple Pay or Google Pay to make contactless payments at checkout. The company also charges fees for these apps. Every area where it can reach the customer base increases the value of the company. Thus, this situation positively affects the Afterpay share price.

By logging into your Afterpay account, you can see your payment schedule and make your payment before the due date. If you do not make the payment, the platform will automatically withdraw the money from your account.

Can Payment Be Made Later with Afterpay?

Can Payment Be Made Later with Afterpay

Afterpay provides many conveniences to its users as a buy now pay later platform. Customers buy a product they want. Afterpay creates a payment plan for them. According to this plan, they can pay for the product they purchased in 4 installments after 2 weeks.

These amenities attract more customers. Therefore, the Afterpay share price is positively affected. In addition, after the falling apt stock price, the increased shopping with Covid-19 raised the price again. Afterpay share price ASX is very close to the record level. Our expectations for apt share price are positive.