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Amazon Business

Amazon Business

Amazon FBA, FBM and Amazon Business Benefits


Amazon search engine is the largest search engine for shopping in the whole world. If people want to buy something, they usually go to the Amazon.

There are differences between a manufacturer and a trading company.  With a trading company, you might have to pay more for a product. It means you are buying it from them and selling them. Trading company’s good point is that their customer services can be better. However, you can buy from the manufacturer and sell them yourself.

Amazon FBA

There is Amazon FBA which stands for fulfilled by Amazon. This is the most popular way for those people who are selling on Amazon. Amazon is handling everything. Basically, you are listing the products and then you are shipping all these products over to Amazon’s warehouse. If someone buys the product on Amazon will pack it, ship it and handle all the customer service.  You are just the seller. You can save your time for yourself. You do not have to go to the office to ship those things. However, Amazon does take quite a few fees.

Amazon FBM


It stands for Amazon fulfillment by merchants. It is a little bit different from Amazon FBA.  You still have a listing on Amazon but if the item does sell, you have to pack and ship it to the customer. You do not get prime shipping. When people first start selling on Amazon, they do not prefer this method so much. You do not have to pay fees as much as Amazon FBA because you may be able to do some steps yourself. However, more people do not sell with Amazon FBM as much as Amazon FBA.

How to Find Products to Sell?


You can go to the site and randomly search for things. You can get a software called Jungle scout. It is a software that costs you a little bit of money, but it is worth getting.  It will be very useful for you because it will show you the average monthly sales on products that you want to choose. This is probably the most useful and number one tool for Amazon sellers. You can also see opportunity scores with jungle scouts, it means you can see the product’s competitions and make your own decision after that.

If you go to the jungle scout website and click on the product research button after that click on the “opportunity finder”, you can see different type of products to sell. Try to sell products that will be useful for most people, not try to sell that because you like it. You can select multiple categories from there and see all products. You can also filter average monthly price and average monthly units sold. Therefore, as I mentioned, Jungle Scout is the first thing you should have. Do not forget that you have to be very diligent with your product research.

Amazon Business Features and Benefits

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Amazon is helping business owners to achieve their goals and if you use amazon to get something once, you are already familiar about how Amazon Business work. If you buy things for work, you will get a great deal on your purchases. Amazon Business offers more benefits than cheap prices. They offer quantity-based discounts. You can use your credit card or Amazon business card. It depends on your choice. You can buy so many products tax free. The signup process is very simple and free but if you want to sign up for Amazon Business Prime, it costs extra. It will take your few minutes to sign up for Amazon Business.

This is not a financial advice. You should do your own research and make your own decisions.