AMC Stock Price

AMC Stock Price

AMC Stock Price

AMC Stock Price

amc stock price

AMC has been on fire all week long. There are so many articles that talk about how overvalued AMC stock is. However, it is finally in the green. It is up 20% and currently standing on $16.41.

AMC entertainment opened at $13.61 and closed at $16.41 on May 25, 2021. Its price reached $16.67 as highest and $13.55 as lowest on the last trading day. The 52-week high on this AMC stock is $20.36 while the 52-week low level is $1.91. It is a really exciting stock to look for if it manages to continue to go higher. More than 92 million shares were traded in the last few days and if you look for the total, 203 million shares were bought and sold for nearly $3.34 Billion. Some investors believe that this price will go up to $20 level.

Hedge funds or the short sellers in AMC, GameStop and SPCE stock are losing up to $1 billion because as the price goes up it gets more expensive especially if you are short interest. The higher AMC stock continues to go, we can start to experience a real short squeeze.

AMC Stock News

amc stock

The last daily candle of the last trading day was green, and it means people who buy these dominated this session. It was a bullish session with a volume of 206.5 million. It is %80 higher than their normal volume. Their normal volume is about 87.8 million.

Some people keep thinking that AMC’s fundamental business strategy is not where it needs to be. However, when AMC had their first science fiction/ action movie called Godzilla vs Kong, they got $285 million gross from that one movie. They are currently valued at $6 billion. And there are e sports, events and many more that they can do at AMC theatres as a business model therefore they already have a lot of revenue coming in.

AMC Stock

amc price

AMC stock is exploding up along with GME and it finally broke its $14 level. It was trading about $14.51 two days ago and this is a key level for AMC therefore a lot of people said that if the stock breaks this $14.50 mark, we could see a massive rally up. Some people said AMC was jumping because Jason Bazinet raised his price target on the movie theater chain to $3.17 per share while maintaining his sell on the stock.

There is a lot of momentum coming in, but you cannot be sure if that news brought this in the momentum or not. Investors think that you have to look for its $18 level. If it reaches $18, $20 or higher prices over the next few days, it may cause some of those shorts to have to get out of this again and we know that if this happens it may explode more.

This stock is considered to be very high risk because the AMC stock is extremely overbought on RSI. The AMC stockholders buy signals from both short term and long-term moving averages giving it a positive forecast. People shorting the stocks are getting scared and if his price action continues you its growth this stock is going to squeeze. A lot of people have been patient to wait for AMC stock to hit its moment again.

We saw something similar in January with this AMC and GME stock, so people were trying to make a lot of stocks go through a short squeeze. However, you have to be careful about AMC stock because it is way too risky especially if you are on the short side. It is not the best time to be on the short side in the market.

This is not investment advice. You must do your own research and make your own decisions. We are not responsible for the problems that may arise from your investment.