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ARBK Stock Price: Arab Bank launches FinTech EU accelerator in Egypt

ARBK Stock Price: Arab Bank launches FinTech EU accelerator in Egypt

ARBK Stock Price

ARBK Stock Price: Arab Bank launches FinTech EU accelerator in Egypt

In this article, we will share information about ARBK Stock Price and ARBK Stock Price Prediction. We researched and answered the most frequently asked questions for you by looking at graphs and data. Our research was done from official financial news sites like Yahoo Finance and Nasdaq.

We hope that this article will be useful for investors who cannot find suitable stocks in the stock market or who want to learn about ARBK Stock News and ARBK Stock Price.

Please note that the graphics and data in this article may vary and the forecasts do not indicate a definitive result.

Who owns The Arab Bank?

Sabih Taher Darwish al-Masri is the owner of Arab Bank, which was established in Jerusalem in 1930 as the first private sector financial institution in the Arab world and is one of the largest financial institutions in the Middle East.

Sabih Taher Darwish al-Masri is also the founder member of PADICO HOLDING and Palestine Exchange (PEX). Moreover, he was the PEX Chairman until early 2004 and the Vice-Chairman of Palestine Investment Fund in 2002.

He incorporated and currently manages active investment firms and financial and economic institutions in Palestine and the whole area. These firms operate in several economic areas, including hotel, tourism, trading, manufacturing and general contracting and construction. The Arab Supply and Trading Group (ASTRA), Zara Investment Co., Cairo Amman Bank and Rum Agriculture Co. are among Sabih Taher Darwish al-Masri’s investments.

Is Arab Bank International?

Is Arab Bank International

According to The Arab Bank’s official website, Arab Bank is devoted to preserving the highest standard of performance on the basis of sustainable growth and development in financial services. Also, The Arab Bank is a company listed on the Amman Stock Exchange which is held publicly.

With over 600 branches on five continents, the Arab Bank is one of the world’s biggest Arab banking businesses. It is headquartered in Amman, Jordan.

Will ARBK stock price go up?

The stock of Arab Bank, founded and managed by Sabih Taher Darwish al-Masri, is ARBK Stock.

For 15/09/2021, ARBK stock last closed with 4.98, opened with 4.99. Its low price was 4.97 and high price was 4.99. The stock had 26,298 number of shares.

If we look at the comments of the investors and the graphs drawn for ARBK Stock price, we can say that these small increases are worth the patience.

ARBK Stock Forecast 2025

ARBK Stock Forecast 2025

ARBK Stock, which is currently worth $4.98, has no specific target and is difficult to predict.

But we can say that stocks, which have been rising and falling by a very small amount, have generally not failed investors.

The most important thing for investors to do in such a situation is to be patient. You don’t want to regret later by selling a stock just because it doesn’t increase.

In our opinion, it is among the stocks that require patience on ARBK Stock. If the expected price target is realized at the end of this month, ARBK will continue on its way to rise without slowing down.

We recommend that you follow up-to-date ARBK news and charts from official financial sites such as Nasdaq. If we look at the suggestions of the investors, ARBK stock should definitely a Strong Buy right now.

ARBK Stock Price Target

The target price of the stock, which is expected to gradually increase, at the end of this month is $6.15. However, please note that this ARBK Stock price prediction is an estimate and not a guarantee.

Is ARBK Stock a Buy or Sell?

As we mentioned in the subheadings above, based on the recommendations of the investors and the given data graphs, we can say that ARBK stock is a Strong Buy.

ARBK Stock News This Week

According to the Arab Bank Group’s Statement, the Arab Bank Group concluded 2020 reporting a €195.3 million net income after tax, compared with $846.5 million in 2019, which decreased by 77%.

According to the statement, the Group’s equity grew to $9.4 billion. Also, they stated that in addition to falling oil price since the outbreak of the pandemic, 2020 was tough for the global and regional banking sectors because of an economic contraction, increased risk costs and lower interest rates.

Customer deposits increased by 7% to $38.7 billion, compared to $36.2 billion, while loans increased by 1% to $26.5 billion.

With $9.4 billion in equity, and a capital adequacy ratio of 16.8%, determined in compliance with Basel III, the Group has maintained its strong capital foundation.

The COVID-19 epidemic has also affected enterprises throughout the world and the economy in which they are engaged, said Sabih Taher Darwish al-Masri, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

“In an effort on safeguard their economies, governments and regulatory authorities launched various programs to mitigate the impact of the crisis,” he said in the statement.  “The bank dealt with these challenges while maintaining its strong liquidity and capital positions,” he stated.

The 2020 financial statements require the approval of the Central Bank of Jordan.


ARBK Stock Price Nasdaq

According to a Nasdaq report, last month Arab Bank Group H₁ profits were up 20 %

Jordan’s largest loaning bank Group, Arab Bank Group, claimed that its net profit for the first half increased by 20% to $182.4 million, which showed its resilience in the face of COVID-19.

The Arab Bank, which is one of the leading financial institutions in the Middle East, stated in a report that at the end of June its assets amounted to $63 billion, an increase of $8.2 billion following consolidation of its financial statements with its Oman Arab Bank subsidiaries.

As of the end of June, customer deposits increased 28% to $46 billion, while loans climbed 27% to $33.8 billion. Group equity stood were at $10.3 billion, it said.

Source: Nasdaq

We hope that this article we have prepared for you will help you with the question marks in your mind and contribute to your research for your investments. Please note that the data and graphs we share change every day and there is no 100% guarantee of the forecasts made. For this reason, we recommend that you follow these data from official sites up-to-date.