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Bene Stock Price Forecast: Is Benessere Capital Acquisition Corp Go Up?

Bene Stock Price Forecast: Is Benessere Capital Acquisition Corp Go Up?

Bene Stock Price Forecas

Bene Stock Price Forecast: Is Benessere Capital Acquisition Corp Go Up?

The Special Purpose Acquisition Company 2021 bubble was already contentious before a few days ago. Since that day, rumors of an expected merger involving former U.S. President Donald Trump’s newest media business has skyrocketed the stock of numerous previously unrecognized acquisition companies. Digital World Acquisition (DWAC), a SPAC member of Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), became the biggest title on Wall Street that night. It has increased by more than 928% in the last trading week. Nevertheless, it comes out that numerous other firms in the same industry are also growing rapidly. Until this day, few traders had heard of Benessere Capital Acquisition Corp (BENEW Stock), but the stock’s early hour surges ought to have all investors paying attention.

BENE Stock Price Today

The current Bene Stock Price is $3.13, which means +1.27 (+68.28%) today. Today’s highest BENE Stock price is $6.20 and the lowest is $2.50.

Also, you can check the 14 days historical Bene Stock price data below.

Date Opening price Closing price Minimum price Maximum price
2021-10-25 Open: 5.2 Close: 2.83 Low: 2.58 High: 5.2
2021-10-22 Open: 0.8 Close: 1.86 Low: 0.8 High: 3.49
2021-10-21 Open: 0.62 Close: 0.62 Low: 0.62 High: 0.62
2021-10-20 Open: 0.7099 Close: 0.6742 Low: 0.595 High: 0.7099
2021-10-19 Open: 0.52 Close: 0.52 Low: 0.52 High: 0.52
2021-10-18 Open: 0.5101 Close: 0.51 Low: 0.51 High: 0.5101
2021-10-15 Open: 0.558 Close: 0.558 Low: 0.558 High: 0.558
2021-10-14 Open: 0.56 Close: 0.556 Low: 0.556 High: 0.601
2021-10-13 Open: 0.39 Close: 0.42 Low: 0.39 High: 0.42
2021-10-12 Open: 0.41 Close: 0.41 Low: 0.41 High: 0.41
2021-10-11 Open: 0.4149 Close: 0.4149 Low: 0.4149 High: 0.4149
2021-10-08 Open: 0.41 Close: 0.41 Low: 0.41 High: 0.41
2021-10-07 Open: 0.42 Close: 0.42 Low: 0.42 High: 0.42
2021-10-06 Open: 0.38 Close: 0.42 Low: 0.38 High: 0.42

What Does Benessere Capital Acquisition Corp Do?

Benessere Capital Acquisition Corp. is a blank check corporation founded to achieve a merger, financial assets transfer, purchase of assets, share buyback, reorganization, or other related business combinations with one or more corporations. The firm was established in September 2020 and is based in Miami, Florida.

Below, you can find the historical data of Benew Stock.

Latest Market Cap: $211.55 M
Latest Price in USD: $2.830
Latest Share Volume: $16.81 M
90-Day Moving Average: $0.556
52 Week High: $5.5
52 Week Low: $0.361
50 Day Moving Average: $0.5068
200 Day Moving Average: $0.5177


Who Owns Benew Stock?

Patrick Orlando is the CEO of Benessere Capital Acquisition Corp, who is also a stakeholder in Digital World Acquisition. During the growth of the stocks of Digital World Acquisition, which is associated with Trump Media and Technology, he was interested in acquiring over than $300 million.

Benew Stock News

Benew Stock News

Benew Stock isn’t merely growing in line with DWAC. The two businesses have one common factor, and it all boils down to one name. Since DWAC’s record-breaking winning run, a lot of attention has been focused on Patrick Orlando, the firm’s chairman and Chief Executive Officer who also happens to be the CEO of Benessere Capital Acquisition Corp, as per the firm’s leadership website.

As per the website, Orlando is also the Chief Executive Officer of Yunhong International, a comparable acquisition business whose stock has surged since the acquisition was disclosed.

Trump has long been regarded as a great negotiator, but by completing this merging, he has extended that position to Orlando, the one who is demonstrating that one name can be significant enough to lift many shares all at, even though that name was totally unheard for the majority of traders.

Nevertheless, one share that isn’t gaining is that of Deutsche Bank, wherein Orlando started his career. The Wall Street firm is also known for just being Trump’s largest lender for several years until cutting him off.

  • Three SPACs linked with the CEO of the business that is taking previous President Donald Trump’s media organization public are now seeing their shares rise by 60% or more on Monday, the second consecutive day of strong gains.
  • Last Friday, all three already had skyrocketed. They’re probably growing on anticipation that SPACs would strike well-received merger transactions, like Digital World Acquisition Corp did when it disclosed intention to bring Trump Media & Technology Group public at a $1.7 billion capitalization on Thursday.
  • DWAC stocks have risen 880% since that day, however they were only rising around 3% for Monday morning.
  • Even though none of the three special purpose acquisition businesses have been unable to conclude their own merger agreements, their ties to DWAC appear to have sparked investor confidence in all three.
  • Benessere Capital Acquisition Corp warrants led the way ahead, up 135% as of 11:30 a.m. ET. Yunhong warrants were also flying high, rising 76.5% to $1.50. Likewise, Maquia warrants were gaining 58% at $1.19 as of 11:30 a.m. ET.
  • Finally, with such an eye-opening trade week, it’s likely that Trump and Orlando have altered the way traders analyze SPAC deals.
  • Furthermore, DWAC’s prominence as a meme-stock has contributed to its meteoric growth. We’ve all heard about the potential of online investing groups like WallStreetBets. It has been a hot subject of discussion since the first rise the other week. Any other participants of Orlando’s SPAC team have the possibility to acquire meme-stock status as well, and though businesses like BENE don’t have significant connections to Trump, contrarian traders are less likely to want to root against them.
  • Traders should stay updated on these SPAC companies, notably Benew Stock.

What’s Going on With Bene Stock Price?

BENE Stock Price is off to a strong beginning this week, rising more than 24% in the first two hours of trade.  Despite recent minor dips, the BENE Stock Price has quickly recovered and resumed its upward trend. It started to soar as quickly as the proposed merger was revealed last week. BENE Stock Price is gained over than 43% in the last trading week as of this writing.

BENE stock price has likewise followed in the footsteps of DWAC, spending the whole October flatlining, staying at little above $10 a share. Individual share prices reached a high of $17.95 per share this trading day.

In today’s news to the DWAC merger, there is rumors of another agreement in place that will have a greater impact on Benessere Capital Acquisition Corp. According to Bloomberg, the firm is in discussions to merge with ECombustible, a revolutionary hydrogen-based fuel manufacturer. This kind of acquisition would very probably support Benew Stocks, even if coverage is dominated by DWAC developments.

Benessere Stock Price Predictions

Benessere Stock Price Predictions

  • The BENE Stock Price is $2.830 today.
  • The Benessere Capital Acquisition Corp stock price may decline from the current BENE Stock Price, $2.830 to $0.265, which means the change will be -90.639%.

As per the current statistics, Benessere Capital Acquisition Corp‘s Benew Stocks, as well as perhaps its market situation, have been in a positive trend during the previous year. As per the many financial analysts’ BENE Stock Forecast, it is believed that there will be a negative future trend, and so that Benew Stock is not a smart investment to make income. Our advice for you to look into alternative companies to create a portfolio instead, because BENE Stock Price Forecast has a bad prognosis.

Below you will find the Benessere Stock Price Predictions for 2022, 2023.

  • BENE Stock Price Forecast for 2022
Date Opening price Closing price Minimum price Maximum price Change
January 2022 Open: 0.567 Close: 0.537 Min: 0.537 Max: 0.572 Change: -5.59 %▼
February 2022 Open: 0.534 Close: 0.5067 Min: 0.5067 Max: 0.542 Change: -5.35 %▼
March 2022 Open: 0.5038 Close: 0.478 Min: 0.474 Max: 0.512 Change: -5.45 %▼
April 2022 Open: 0.482 Close: 0.452 Min: 0.444 Max: 0.482 Change: -6.63 %▼
May 2022 Open: 0.439 Close: 0.4063 Min: 0.4063 Max: 0.445 Change: -8.09 %▼
June 2022 Open: 0.412 Close: 0.380 Min: 0.376 Max: 0.415 Change: -8.48 %▼
July 2022 Open: 0.385 Close: 0.355 Min: 0.346 Max: 0.385 Change: -8.45 %▼
August 2022 Open: 0.342 Close: 0.315 Min: 0.3088 Max: 0.347 Change: -8.47 %▼
September 2022 Open: 0.313 Close: 0.287 Min: 0.279 Max: 0.317 Change: -8.82 %▼
October 2022 Open: 0.274 Close: 0.244 Min: 0.244 Max: 0.280 Change: -12.28 %▼
November 2022 Open: 0.241 Close: 0.218 Min: 0.211 Max: 0.250 Change: -10.95 %▼
December 2022 Open: 0.215 Close: 0.190 Min: 0.181 Max: 0.220 Change: -13.34 %▼


  • BENE Stock Price Forecast for 2023
January 2023 Open: 0.177 Close: 0.144 Min: 0.144 Max: 0.182 Change: -22.86 %▼
February 2023 Open: 0.150 Close: 0.114 Min: 0.114 Max: 0.152 Change: -31.79 %▼
March 2023 Open: 0.120 Close: 0.0924 Min: 0.0838 Max: 0.122 Change: -29.83 %▼
April 2023 Open: 0.0792 Close: 0.0624 Min: 0.0538 Max: 0.0849 Change: -26.86 %▼
May 2023 Open: 0.0492 Close: 0.0225 Min: 0.0163 Max: 0.0549 Change: -118.49 %▼
June 2023 Open: 0.02029 Close: 0.000581 Min: 0.0000218 Max: 0.0249 Change: -3392.78 %▼
July 2023 Open: 0.000436 Close: 0.000001 Min: 0.00000138 Max: 0.000436 Change: -31433.76 %▼
August 2023 Open: 0.000001 Close: 0.000001 Min: 0.000001 Max: 0.000001036 Change: -55959.65 %▼
September 2023 Open: 0.000001 Close: 0.000001 Min: 0.000001 Max: 0.000001 Change: -31433.69 %▼
October 2023 Open: 0.000001 Close: 0.000001 Min: 0.000001 Max: 0.000001 Change: -41944.92 %▼
November 2023 Open: 0.000001 Close: 0.000001 Min: 0.000001 Max: 0.000001 Change: -41944.77 %▼
December 2023 Open: 0.000001 Close: 0.000001 Min: 0.000001 Max: 0.000001 Change: -31433.72 %▼