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Best Stocks and Cryptos to Buy in May 2021

Best Stocks and Cryptos to Buy in May 2021

Best Stocks and Cryptos to Buy in May 2021

The best stocks and cryptos to buy in May 2021 need to be pointed out before we go into our article. First of all, I should point out that I am not a financial advisor and these are not my recommendation. You should do your own research because you are responsible for all your decisions. Do not buy stocks or crypto as in the article.

Best Stocks and Cryptos to Buy: Details Needing Attention

What are the risks of this very attractive investment tool in these days, where some countries have banned, some countries have regulated and regulated, some countries have taxed, and some countries have issued their own cryptocurrencies?

Best Stocks and Cryptos to Buy: Crypto Money Stories

When we look at the scam stories in crypto money, it is usually revealed that people direct a currency they do not know to the wallet of a person they do not know. Therefore, there are trials that we call “fishing” here. In fact, cryptocurrency is inherently very safe and inimitable. However, as in every sector, there are credit cards and even prepaid phone frauds, where such situations can occur to users who have not developed themselves in terms of security and have not trained.

Best Stocks and Cryptos to Buy: Taxes

There is taxation in South Korea, in the European Union. After all, cryptocurrency is an asset value class just like stocks. People can pay taxes for their earnings. Tax rates vary by country and legislation.

It is a concept that will enter different areas in our lives. When we look at the last period, the use of cash in payments has decreased. When we look at the portage of cash, such as printing, distributing and counting money, this is the reason for digital money projects of central banks.

Digital money will be in our lives, how much of it will be crypto, it is discussed. We see it in practice. But if there is one thing we know, it is obvious that a safe money in the digital environment is now a need.

Best Stocks and Cryptos to Buy: Cryptos and Stocks Future

We can also use blockchain technology on which cryptocurrencies are built in many other areas. We should not only look at the lok chain as crypto. For example, through blockchain, you can tell if a college degree is fake. For example, you can securely provide health records. Protection of personal data has been on the agenda in recent years. The blockchain has great facilities and developments in this regard.

Visa (V)


Best stocks and cryptos to buy first name in our article is Visa. So many people already heard about this company because it is one of the most valuable well known established companies. It is a California based financial services company. It is known for debit and credit cards. If you compare the data from past quarter to second quarter of 2019 you can see that volume of payments has increased by 16%. Today Visa is trading at $232.12. It was $170.38 one year ago. It has a market cap of $506.917 Billion. Its PE ratio is $47.46 and earnings per share of $4.84.

PEG Ratio (5 year expected) is 41.84 and a price of sales ratio is 23.7. Their Profit margins are good. It is 49.91%. They also have very high return equity of 29.39%. When it comes to total cash, it is $18.04 Billion. Average analyst price target is $250.84. Visa is one of the few payment companies that is interested in moving into cryptocurrency. It should yield so many benefits for its business. They continue to grow, so available the best stocks and cryptos to buy in May 2021 are in our article.

Cosmos (ATOM)

cosmos atom

Best stocks and cryptos to buy another name in our article is Cosmos. We already know bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency release and it allowed users to introduce the blockchain. Thanks to that, today we have thousands of different cryptocurrencies in the market.

Cosmos provides communication to build the blockchains. Cosmos was created in 2014 from Jae Kwon. They were able to raise $17 Million in 2017. Throughout the years, they launched new programs. They added upgrades. It is currently ranked number 33 out of all the cryptocurrencies that are on the market.  It is sitting at $27.16 now. Their market cap is $5.8 B. In the past year they have increased 815.11%. It has the potential for a massive pump. They continue to grow, so available the best stocks and cryptos to buy in May 2021 are in our article.

Fiverr (FVRR)


Best stocks and cryptos to buy another name in our article is FVRR. It is an Israel based global online marketplace for freelancers. Users can sell freelance services. It is very popular, especially became more popular during Covid 19 Pandemic because it gives people job opportunities and ways to make money.  Fiverr trading at $224.25 today. It increased from $36.91. It means one year ago they were trading under $50. Fiverr has a market cap over $8.038 Billion. It has a profit margin of -7.82%. Their return on equity is -5.99%. When it comes to the balance sheet, you can see their total cash of $487.4 million. There are so many analysts rating Fiverr as a 2.1 and their predicted price target is nearly $300.

It is 30% higher than the current price. Fiverr will be more popular, and it is going to be one of the best as a product marketplace. Fiverr reported 77% year over year growth. Because of that fact, many people have listed Fiverr as a buy stock. They continue to grow, so available the best stocks and cryptos to buy in May 2021 are in our article.

Penske (PAG)


Best stocks and cryptos to buy another name in our article is PAG. This is Michigan based international transportation services company. Now Penske trading at $88.45, it was trading at $29.65 one year ago. It means it tripled its value. Earnings per share of 6.74 cents. Their PEG Ratio (5 year expected) is 1.10. Sales ratio of 0.35 and a price to book ratio is 2.17. Their Profit Margin is 2.66% and return equity is 17.76%. Their current total cash is $49.5 Million and current ratio is 0.94.

When it comes to the average analyst price target, it is $87.83 right now. They reported their earning results at the start of 2021. It was $2.49 per share. As you can see in some articles Penske completed the acquisition of Kansas City Freight liner. Therefore, it has potential. They continue to grow, so available the best stocks and cryptos to buy in May 2021 are in our article.

BitTorrent (BTT)


Best stocks and cryptos to buy another name in our article is PAG. BitTorrent, the world’s largest file sharing protocol, recently launched its own cryptocurrency in partnership with TRON. So, what exactly will the BTT token be used for and will it be successful?

The $ 20 million BTT ICO was one of last year’s most successful ICOs. After its launch on the Finance Launchpad platform on January 28, the first public token sale was completed within 15 minutes and a total of $ 7 million was collected. The demand for BTT was so high that constant technical problems on the site prevented some investors from making purchases. A separate AirDrop was carried out due to access issues on the site.

Interest in BTT went beyond the ICO, and its market value increased by 10 cards in the first week of its listing on stock exchanges.

BTT is a TRC-10 token built on the TRON platform. It is designed to work integrated with the BitTorrent protocol launched in 2001. BitTorrent remains one of the internet’s first decentralized networks and one of the most popular networks with over 100 million monthly users.

According to BTT’s white paper, BTT’s first major application is to make the file sharing process in BitTorrent more efficient for users. Sharing a file on BitTorrent involves several different peers, each downloading small pieces of a particular file from each other. Users who are the exact copies of the file are called seeds.

A new feature has been added to BitTorrent to increase the adoption rate of BTT. This feature was called BitTorrent Speed. With this new feature, users of the BitTorrent network have to pay each other more to move through the file queue and download files faster. Seeds are active on the network for a longer period of time, thus keeping the file active on the network. As a result, they earn BTT.

BitTorrent Speed ​​is designed as a way to use financial incentives to optimize the distribution of computing resources on the network. It will be simple and mostly automatic at first, but will be further developed with later versions and a bidding system will be used. With the BTT market to be created, users will be able to trade BTT in return for continuous and priority download access. What exactly is intended is for humans to be long-term seeds and achieve faster download speeds with better continuity. They continue to grow, so available the best stocks and cryptos to buy in May 2021 are in our article.

Tron (TRX)

tron trx

Best stocks and cryptos to buy another name in our article is TRON. TRON is an organization established to ensure the development and maintenance of the TRON distributed network established with the same name. Both the establishment and the protocol were revealed by TRON’s CEO Justin Sun. The energy of the TRON network comes from the TRON coin (TRX). Although TRX was originally developed with the ERC-20 protocol based on the Ethereum platform, it was later converted into an independent cryptocurrency based on the TRON protocol.

The aim of the TRON project is to be a decentralized platform in the digital entertainment industry. The main features of the project are based on being able to distribute awards and rights equally to content developers. The TRON mainnet was released in June 2018, after which it managed to enter the top ten in the cryptocurrency market. They continue to grow, so available the best stocks and cryptos to buy in May 2021 are in our article.

Chiliz (CHZ)


Best stocks and cryptos to buy another name in our article is CHZ. The Chiliz (CHZ) coin, released by in 2018, is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum network. Having blockchain-based tools, this coin allows its users to interact with entertainment and sports organizations and their audiences and make money from them. In this way, it is aimed that fans have a say in the decisions made in the team with the use of coins.

Aiming to establish connections between e-sports and sports clubs and their fans, Chiliz (CHZ) contributes to the fans to have a say in many issues such as who will choose the best player, product and jersey design of the club.

Chiliz (CHZ) has faced a demand that this coin has not seen until today, which has increased its value, especially in recent years. One of the underlying reasons is the increase in the value of Bitcoin. The increase in bitcoin has also caused movement in other crypto currencies.

With the Chiliz (CHZ) coin, users can have a say in the fan’s team with the fan tokens released through Chiliz (CHZ), as well as allowing sports clubs to buy licensed products with this fan token.

Allows the creation of Chiliz (CHZ) fan tokens that can be used as an exchange tool between sports teams and related organizations and fans. With this system, sports clubs both have the right to speak to their fans and enable the fans to use them as a payment method for licensed products.

Chiliz (CHZ) has made a name for itself in the agreements it has made with big football clubs. The agreements it started with important football clubs in World directed the investors to Chiliz (CHZ) investment. Considering such developments, Chiliz (CHZ) coin is expected to gain more value in the coming years. They continue to grow, so available the best stocks and cryptos to buy in May 2021 are in our article.

Ethereum Classic (ETC)

ethereum classic

Best stocks and cryptos to buy another name in our article is ETC. The cryptocurrency community is experiencing one of its best times in recent years. For this reason, investors earn almost no matter which cryptocurrency they are included in. However, there are some crypto currencies that make their investors rich within a few days. Another crypto that we will talk about in this content is Ethereum Classic (ETC), which has valued 300 percent in the last week.

Ethereum Classic, as the name suggests, is one of the extensions of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, Ethereum. Ethereum, which started to take place in the markets in 2015, faced a major hacking incident in 2016, and hackers stole 3.6 million Ethereum. While these discussions continue, two issues were focused on to ensure the security of Ethereum. This difference of opinion led to the fork of the Ethereum chain, that is to say, split into two.

To be clear, there are no developments that require Ethereum Classic to upgrade. In fact, many investment experts think this cryptocurrency is outdated. According to experts, the main reason for the rise is to keep up with the general bullish season in the cryptocurrency markets. It is not known how far this rise will continue and when the correction will be made. However, they continue to grow in the short term. That’s why in our article the best stocks and cryptos to buy in May 2021.

Enjin (ENJ)

enjin coin

Best stocks and cryptos to buy another name in our article is ENJ. Since its founding in 2009, Enjin has launched a gaming community platform called Enjin Network, reaching nearly 20 million users.

Following an ICO that was reported to have raised $ 18.9 million in 2017, Enjin created a user-centered package of Blockchain products. In this way, users can create, manage, trade and present Blockchain assets to others.

In addition, the Enjin ecosystem aims to empower players with ownership of digital assets and enables gaming industry businesses to increase their revenues. In addition, Enjin’s tools and services can be used by companies that want to create, buy, store, participate in the field and earn money on Blockchain products. These companies can also benefit from tokenized digital assets.

On the other hand, the Crowdfunding Model can also be used on the platform. In other words, game assets can be produced in advance and presented to players as a reward. You can also grow your gaming community with the Enjin platform. By offering your own products as a reward to the participants in exchange for online participation, you can ensure that your community grows in a short time. In addition, in Enjin, players can use the game characters they create in different games. That’s why in our article the best stocks and cryptos to buy in May 2021.

That’s all for now from our article about best stocks and cryptos to buy. We will also touch on stocks and cryptos that have a different and more robust future in the future. It is useful to wait for June. Check out our other articles to stay informed about the crypto market. Do not lag behind the changes in the crypto market, developments in stocks and many other issues related to the stock market.

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