Boeing Stock Price, News

Boeing Stock Price, News

Boeing Stock Price, News

How to Buy Boeing Stock?

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To buy Boeing stock, you must make an agreement with institutions that can trade on the New York Stock Exchange. International brokerage houses also allow you to trade stocks. In addition, you can do the necessary actions by using technology. You need to track the stock market performance of Boeing stock. You must also have knowledge of the New York Stock Exchange, where transactions will take place. Trading on the New York Stock Exchange is a little more difficult.

Apart from these, you can also invest in Forex. You can invest in Boeing shares at any time thanks to the market situation and ease of transactions. But one should not go into these things unknowingly. You can be more successful by taking trainings on these topics.

Boeing Company

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Its founder is William Edward Boeing. Educated at Yale University, William Edward Boeing did not complete his education. He’s not actually an aeronautical engineer either. He entered this path with a curiosity that started later. After college, he became interested in racehorses and lumbering. He contributed to the plane he was going to build after what he learned at this lumber company. William Edward Boeing encountered a plane belonging to the Glen L. Martin company in 1909 and was impressed. Then he bought a plane. He started flying lessons.

His plane malfunctioned and was said to take a month to build. Boeing was furious at this. Not wanting to wait, Boeing started making its own planes with his friend George Westervelt. Then they founded the B&W Flying Boat company. They began to manufacture seaplanes. William Edward Boeing later bought a shipyard in Seattle, which became a manufacturing facility. After a while, the company was renamed “Pasific Aero Products Co.” was changed to. and finally “Boeing Aircraft Company” remained.

Is It Right To Buy Boeing Stock?

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Boeing stock set a record in 2020. In total, 763 aircraft were delivered. If the stock you want to buy is making such regular increases, it should be bought. In this way, stocks that regularly rise every year reach record levels at the end of the year. If we examine Boeing Stock in recent years, it is seen that the highest level was $362.21 in February 2020. The lowest level is $85,850 in March 2020. A continuous increase was observed between these dates.

Boeing Analysis

Boeing stock started the previous year at 328 levels. In 2020, it went up to the level of 349.5. But due to the pandemic, travel restrictions came. This affected Boeing badly. It decreased to 88.6 in the same year due to quarantine practices. This corresponds to a decrease of almost 74%. Travel restrictions have decreased as the effects of the pandemic have subsided. With the impact of vaccine studies, Boeing recovered itself. The levels that went down to 88.6 rose to 278’s. That means Boeing stock rose almost 213%. Currently standing at 255.3, Boeing hopes to rise even higher.

Technical Prospects from Boeing

When Boeing share prices are analyzed, it started from the bottom with 102.04. Its movement is constantly rising. With this rise, the positive expectations continued and we came across with 132.08. However, Bollinger bands are also a reason supporting this increase. If the post-balance sheet rise stays above 132.08, it wouldn’t be too surprising. Probably the rise will continue until 142.00 145.00 levels. Likewise, when the market is monitored, it is expected that these levels will reach 129.30 126.34 levels. As a result, Boeing’s share price above 132.08 remains positive. On the contrary, if it falls below 132.08, it is understood that the rise has come to an end.

This is not a financial advice. Do your own research before putting your money and invest the money that you can afford.