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BPCL Share Price: Government Oil and Gas Corporation of India

BPCL Share Price: Government Oil and Gas Corporation of India

BPCL Share Price

BPCL Share Price: Government Oil and Gas Corporation of India

BPCL share price today is 453.80 USD with a volume of 3,844,043. At the same time, its chart fluctuates between 449.00 USD – 485.00 USD. BPCL share price was a maximum of 493.90 USD and a minimum of 325.00 USD within 52 weeks.  Its average volume is 3,445,057 and it is ranked 98.440 in the MarketCap listings. The target point of BPCL share price at the end of 1 year is not clear yet. The face value of the share is 10 and its book value per share is 247.23. UC limit of the share is 499,25 and the LC limit of the share is 408,55.


What Has BPCL Share Experienced In the Last 10 Days And the Last Day?

What Has BPCL Share Experienced In the Last 10 Days And the Last Day

BPCL share price was up 1.32% on the last trading day, rising from $448.00 to $453.90. It was also the 3rd consecutive bullish day. We are wondering if this successive rise will continue in the coming days. During the day, the stock fluctuated 3.10% from the day’s low of $453.80 to a one-day high of $485.00.

The price has fallen 7 of the last 10 days. In total it fell 1.26% for this period. However, as the price increased day by day, the volume followed it. It is a good technical analysis result for volume to follow price performance. It lowers the risk. In total, 7 million shares were traded for approximately $3.34 billion, 4 million more shares were traded than the previous day.

BPCL share price is at the bottom of an uptrend, albeit broad and weak, in the short term. Normally we can consider this as a good buying opportunity. If the decrease trend base of $448.40 is broken, it’s going to mostly sign a slower uptrend, but may also be an early caution of a trend reversal. Given the contemporary short-time period fashion, the inventory is anticipated to upward thrust 8.94% over the subsequent three months, with a 90% opportunity of conserving a price between $488.49 and $557.08 at the quit of this three-month period.


Supports, Signals, Risks

Supports, Signals, Risks

When we examine the BPCL share price chart today, we see very mixed signals. This stock has a buy signal from short-term trades. But at the same time, long-term trades have a general sell signal. Long-term trades over short-term trades. Therefore, there is a general sell signal in the stock, which gives a more negative forecast for the stock. In the long run, we see the stock’s long-term resistance at $468.36.

On the downside, the stock could find some support from the short-term average at $450.83. A breakout of the long-term average gives another buy signal. A drop below the short-term average gives another sell signal. This strengthens the overall signal of BPCL share price. We received a sell signal from the pivot peak on June 09, 2021. On top of that, it has dropped 7.82% so far. It may experience further declines until a new low pivot.

On the last day, the volume increased along with the price. This allows us to get a good positive analysis result. Since there is no factor that will increase the risk, we can say that it is a quiet day for BPCL share price.


Accumulated Volume and Volatility

When we examine the BPCL stock chart, we see that it found support at $443.15 from the accumulated volume. Expect an upside reaction as support is tested. Therefore, this level can be a buying opportunity.

Overall, the stock doesn’t have much volatility. Also, with good liquidity, we can consider the risk very low in BPCL share price. Over the last day, the stock has moved between the maximum and minimum at $13.80 and 3.10%. Last week, it was 1.56%.

BPCL share price has a few negative signals. In addition, we do not think that the stock will show a strong performance in the upcoming period. Therefore, we cannot make a positive assessment of this stock.