Cryptocurrency: Pube Coin Price

Cryptocurrency: Pube Coin Price

Cryptocurrency: Pube Coin Price

pube coin price

Pube Coin Price

In our changing world due to digitalization, we have recently encountered terms that we have never heard in the field of economics. We have been doing banking transactions online, which we have been used to doing face-to-face before.

Then the economy was moved to another dimension with virtual currencies, completely digital and encrypted, which can be used for clearing. Pube Coin, on the other hand, is a decentralized and blockchain-powered digital currency that ushers in the era of payment with “pubes” in financial transactions, rather than paying with cash that we all use.

In fact, we can see it as a digital concept of the concept that we have been using since ancient times. Although it is actually very new in the field of cryptocurrency, PubeCoin gives you a unique advantage when viewed together with its fun concept. In this article we will examine what is PubeCoin, which actually sounds like a joke but is actually a very serious project, what is its value, what is Pube Coin price.

What is Pube and How Much Value It Has?

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Pube Coin aims to make payments with as many as possible, with the aim of realizing what we have all thought of once in the digital world. PUBE Token is a local ERC-20 standard cryptocurrency that functions as both a value store and an auxiliary asset. You can sent, spend, store or trade Pube Coins to price and other digital assets. Pube Coin price is determined according to the laws of supply and demand. In other words, the higher the use of coins, the greater the value of the coins.

High demand, high Pube Coin price. Perhaps Pube Coin’s biggest plus may be that it has a concept that will never get old and timeless, unlike cryptocurrency startups based on just other company name and promises.

What is Pube Coin Price?

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As we mentioned earlier, Pube Coin price can vary according to demand. If we want to look at the Pube Coin price in the form of a table in summary;

Pre-sale price: 1 PUBE = 0.08 USD

Acceptance: ETH, BTC, FIAT

Soft cap: 1,000 ETH

Hard cap:20,000 ETH

Bonuses :

Presale -40% discount

1st week of Token Sale: +30%

2nd week of Token Sale: +20%

3rd week of Token Sale: +15%

4-5th week of Token Sale: +10%

6th week of Token Sale: +5%

Where and How to Buy Pube Token?

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First of all, you usually need to buy from big cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Bitcoin (BTC), Binance (BNB). After we finish this process. They will ask to add a payment method. Here you can choose to pay by credit/debit card, use a bank transfer or generally choose to purchase one of the major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT), Binance (BNB), Ethereum (ETH).

If you make a purchase using Metamask or ETH as a payment method, you’ll instantly receive PUBE tokens at the wallet address you use to send payments. You can also store your tokens at this wallet address or send them to another wallet of your choice. All you have to do is make sure you have a fully ERC-20 compatible Ethereum wallet like Trustwallet!

Because PubeCoin is a reliable payment method. Regardless of their gender, age, gender, race, class, status, religion, ethnicity and language, the main concept is designed to appeal to users and has a fun concept.

To get better information about Pube Coin price and earnings, you should check the information instantly. Today, Pube Coin price $8.06 e $10, with no 24-hour trading volume available. Pube finance has fallen 7.91% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #5089 and has no live market value.