CTXR Stock Price Predictions: 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025

CTXR Stock Price Predictions: 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025

CTXR Stock Price Predictions: 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025

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CTXR Stock Price Forecast: 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025

CTXR which stands for Citius Pharmeceuticals has a lot of momentum right now. This CTXR stock is one of the most talked about stocks on the Penny Stock Subreddit. It is a Pharmaceutical company developing and commercializing new drug products for growing markets. They have a new product that is in phase 3 testing and that has been fast tracked by FDA therefore it can get clearance this year.

Their main drug is Minolok, and it is an antibiotic lock solution. Minolok is their main product and cash cow. Today CTXR stock price is $2.32. CTXR stock has gained nearly %75 over the year. This stock’s short term technical score is 45 while long term technical score is 80. Therefore, it means it has an overall score of 70.

It is an undervalued company with $313.6 million. They have very good and clear websites. Everything that they do have in their pipeline is innovative. They have different things in their pipeline. Minolok is their biggest threat because it is in phase 3. If you are curious about what Minolok is, it is basically an antibiotic which is a therapy for salvaging catheters that cause bloodstream infections.

There are some life-threatening infections such as CRBSI and CLABSI. For now, it is the only one therapy under investigation that can be used to salvage the infected CVC and this product is really needed. As I mentioned, Minolok is the most needed potential treatment for the patients that have CRBSI or CLABSI. There is no approved therapy for these now to salvage those infected CVCs. So, it can be the first and only product that solves these problems

CTXR Stock Price

ctxr stock price

In their Phase 2B trial, it has proven that Minolok demonstrated a %100 efficacy rate for its main purpose. They focused on the streamlined FDA approval process to get their product in the market quickly. If they get approval this year, there is no competition for it so that is really big. It can explode in a minute’s notice.

They have a major problem to solve for people. This will get approved as long as phase 3 data that should be out comes out positive. This CTXR stock should pop with that news. They can reach their goals by the third or fourth quarter of 2021. You should follow it, look at the charts, and data from trials. After your own investigation you can make your mind about this stock and make your own decision for investing.

Three Hot Stocks To Buy

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First undervalued stock is Chargepoint. After a massive 20% downfall in last month, it is around $25.33 today. This company has the world’s largest, most popular and most open EV charging network. Their main goal is having 2.5 million stations by 2025. You should keep an eye on this stock now.

The second hot stock is PLTR which stands for Palantir stock. Alex Karp is the CEO of this company.  It is like two different companies that have almost no relation. It has an enormous market opportunity. Palantir Gotham has been used by the US intelligence group,community and the department of defense for counter terrorism projects. If you compared to other software companies, you could see that this PLTR stock has a reasonable price.

After their direct listing September 2020, it saw many changes on the price. It was trading at $18.40 2 weeks ago but today it is trading at $22.70. It is still undervalued. You can follow their charts and jobs. Do not forget that you should be careful while investing because stock market is volatile just like crypto market.

This is not investment advice. You must do your own research and make your own decisions.