Dash Coin Price

Dash Coin Price

Dash Coin Price

dash coin price

What is Dash Coin and Dash Coin Price?

This is one of the top coins in 2021. Dash has continued a slow mover. It made Its Debut in January 2014 therefore it has been on the works for a long time. Dash has remained as one of the highest ranked coins based on market cap. Dash stands for digital cash. It is also one of the longest running decentralized organizations. Software developer Evan Duffield created Dash and he was the CEO for Dash Group until 2017. It offers a peer-to-peer electronic cash system.

There are over 2000 Dash Atm’s all over the world. Nearly 5000 merchants accept Dash as a form of payment. Dash partnered with Mexican cryptocurrency exchange to release visa debit cards backed by cryptocurrency. You can also use Dash coin price to pay your hotel cost on Travala.com.

From the past 5-6 weeks Dash coin price is showing that they will be super pumps. Dash price went from $100 to $300 in a single week in February. Dash coin price can be able to close over $400 this week.

Dash coin price exploded to %94 since its critical level of $228. The price action of DASH coin on charts can be predictable for financial advisors. But you must do your own research before investing and this is not financial advice. DASH coin currently ranked 48th with its $3,156 Billion market cap.

Differences Between Dash Coin and Bitcoin

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Dash is faster than Bitcoin. People can do around 56 transactions per second, while Bitcoin can do 7 and it takes less than 2 seconds to complete your transaction. We all know that Bitcoin’s transaction time is more than that especially when the network is busy. Dash is much cheaper than Bitcoin. Transactions fees are less than Bitcoin’s transaction fees. Bitcoin transactions can cost a few dollars, but Dash transaction fees are less than a cent.

Dash Coin Platform

It is a layer two smart contract network powered by Dash Masternodes. This platform was proposed in 2015 by Evan Duffield, the original creator. A white paper for this Dash Platform went public by the Dash Core Group in 2017 and they renamed the Dash Platform in 2019 and it was finally launched. This platform consists of four main elements. First one is a Dappy which means Decentralized Api. The second one is Dash Drive, and it is a decentralized cloud storage system. The third one is the name service that turns Dash wallet addresses into people usernames. The last one is the Dash Platform Protocol.

Conclusion Dash Coin

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You can see the Dash roadmap on their website. The Dash core team wants to accomplish their goals. Dash is not a privacy coin. It just gives users the option to use privacy technology just like Bitcoin and Bitcoin based cryptocurrencies.

It is user friendly currency that could be used for a lot of things such as day to day transactions. Max supply with Dash is 18.9 Million. Dash also has a lot of great security features. It has a hashing algorithm to scale the network. It has the potential to grow. We are trading just under $300. Dash coin price went up to $340 but it came back down. Some people believe and predict that it will follow other coins that are going up.

However, some people believe that it is completely useless at the same time. If it is able to gain traction as to go to for digital payments, the ceiling could be much higher. It is an interesting project and worth looking into. It is easier and faster to transact and more secure.

You must do your own research before putting your money into something. This is not a financial advice.