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DFEN Stock Price Up 2.69% for the Weekend

DFEN Stock Price Up 2.69% for the Weekend

DFEN Stock Price Up 2.69% for the Weekend

DFEN Stock Price Up 2.69% for the Weekend

Over the weekend, DFEN stock news turned green. DFEN share price increased by 2.69% last weekend and managed to put a smile on the faces of its investors. Recently, DFEN MarketWatch had a very bad performance and experienced a big drop. However, with the attack he made over the weekend, he recovered this decline a little more. Let’s see how DFEN stock news will affect its investors in the coming period.

DFEN stock price rose 3.98% from $20.61 to $21.43 on the last trading day of August 23, 2021. We look forward to monitoring whether DFEN holdings can maintain its performance in the upcoming period. Throughout the day, DFEN share price fluctuated 2.93% from the day’s low of $21.02 to a one-day high of $21.64. DFEN ETF price has been down 6 of the last 10 days. And the DFEN ticker is down 7.07% overall for this period.

Volume followed the DFEN stock price movement on the last trading day. This is technically pretty good. The risk is reduced for DFEN holdings. A total of 8 thousand more shares were traded compared to the previous day, and 649 thousand shares were traded for approximately 13.90 million dollars.

DFEN stock portfolio has a very large and falling trend in the short term. There are further bearish signals within this trend. Considering the current short-term trend for DFEN share price, according to the DFEN stock forecast, the DFEN ETF price may drop by 14.20% for 3 months. Also, at the end of this 3-month period, it can hold a price between $15.41 and $20.37 with a 90% probability. If DFEN stock price can maintain its position or rank higher, DFEN stock forecast may result in more positive results.


What Stocks Are in the DFEN ETF?

DFEN ETF holdings hold multiple stocks. Thanks to its versatility, it is a stock that can be one more click away. The shares included in DFEN ETF holdings are as follows:

  • Dreyfus Government Secs Cash Mgmt Admin (18.88%)
  • Dow Jones U.S. Select Aero Def Index Swap (14.75%)
  • Boeing Co (14.4%)
  • Raytheon Technologies Corp (14.18%)
  • Lockheed Martin Corp. (4.14%)
  • Teledyne Technologies Inc (3.40%)
  • L3Harris Technologies Inc.
  • (3.37%)
  • General Dynamics Corp (3.33%)
  • Northrop Grumman Corp (3.31%)
  • TransDigm Group Inc (3.31%)



DFEN holdings is a daily 3x leveraged bet on the Dow Jones USA Selected Aerospace and Defense Index. Also, unleveraged exposure within this index can be found in ITA, a fund from BlackRock. DFEN holdings‘ gear 3x structure is not meant to return 300% of index performance over long periods of time.

It is designed to magnify the daily performance of the index. Due to its compound and daily reset function, the DFEN ticker aims to be a trading tool for investors to place short-term bets on the direction of the aerospace and defense industry.


Why Is DFEN Down?

The main reason why DFEN stock price dropped was Covid-19, which affected most companies and stocks. However, there were other reasons behind the decline of the DFEN share price. The poor performance for the DFEN ticker is due to two large holdings going bad in 2020. Boeing and Raytheon Technologies pulled down DFEN holdings‘ returns.


Is DFEN Stock a Buy?

DFEN ETF price has support at $21.20 from accumulated volume. According to the DFEN stock forecast, the DFEN ticker will show an upward movement while testing the support. Therefore, the current DFEN stock price can present a good buying opportunity.

When we examine the DFEN MarketWatch data, DFEN stock price may fluctuate a lot during the day. During the last day, DFEN share price has moved between the maximum and minimum by $0.62 and 2.93%. Last week, that rate experienced 4.53% volatility.

DFEN ETF price has several negative signals. DFEN stock portfolio is very large and is in a falling trend. Therefore, the DFEN stock forecast indicates that it will still perform poorly in the next few days or weeks. We cannot give a positive review for the DFEN ticker. And since we could not make a positive evaluation, we cannot determine any stop-loss level.


How Does DFEN ETF Work?

DFEN holdings 3X Shares objectives to triple the day by day go back of an index of protection enterprise shares like Boeing, United Technologies, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon. DFEN holdings, like several leveraged products, is designed for short-time period buying and selling through state-of-the-art investors.

The Fund seeks day by day funding results, earlier than prices and expenses, of 300% of the day-by-day overall performance of the Index. It invests as a minimum 80% of its internet assets in monetary contraptions that offer day by day leveraged publicity to the Index and/or ETFs that song the Index.

What Is 3x ETF

What Is 3x ETF?

Leveraged 3X ETFs are price ranges that song a huge kind of asset classes, along with stocks, bonds, and commodity futures, and observe leverage in an effort to advantage 3 instances each day or month-to-month go back of the respective underlying index. Such ETFs come withinside the lengthy and quick varieties.


Will DFEN Stock Go Up?

If you’re searching out finances with desirable return, DFEN ticker may be a bad, high-danger 12 months funding option. DFEN stock price is identical to 21.430 USD at 2021-08-24, however your present-day funding can be devalued withinside the future.

On August 19, 2021, we received a buy signal for the DFEN stock price from the pivot low. On top of this signal, the DFEN ETF price is up 6.78% so far. The stock could continue to rise until it receives a new upper pivot signal.

The volume is increasing following the fit-yacht movement. This is a good technical analysis result. The overall risk of the stock is reduced. However, besides this positive situation, there are also some negative signals. These negative signals can have an impact on DFEN stock price in the short term. The DFEN stock portfolio has both short-term and long-term sell signals.

On the upside, we are seeing some resistance from the lines at $21.52 and $22.75. If DFEN stock price can break any of these levels, it is a sign to buy.

Why Did DFEN Stock Drop?

Besides COVID-19 results on all stocks, the underperformance is because of massive holdings doing badly in 2020. Boeing because of air stoppages on pinnacle of protection worries and Raytheon Technologies’ merger with United Technologies in April. Both have dragged down returns