EMAN Stock News

EMAN Stock News

EMAN Stock News

eMagin Corporation EMAN Stock News

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eMagin EMAN stock price went by %30 few days ago. There was no specific news to drive the price. EMAN stock was trading at $3.20 on Friday. However, a report showed that Stillwater Holdings LLC owns 20,830,064 shares of their common stock.

There are some rumors that Apple is going to launch something in the AR space by the middle of the year. If you are curious about what Argumentative Reality is, it is basically a reality with a layer of technology being displayed on top of it. It is very important for so many applications. Apple and Android already have that augmented reality built into them. If you want an example, IKEA, one of the biggest furniture brands, has a great app for helping you to figure out if furniture fits in your room.

Therefore, it is a great time to invest in companies that build the hardware that enables augmented reality AR technology. eMagin EMAN stock is very important because of this point. Although we do not know if they are going to work with aMagin Corporation. EMAN stock has the potential in the future to grow more.

OLED is the future micro displays for military projects and many more and we know that aMagin is the leader in OLED.

As I mentioned, this company has been focused on the department of defense. They landed a $33.5 million contract, and it means that this company is not going to disappear easily like other penny stocks. Because of that reason it can be good stock to invest today but you should be careful while investing.

What Is eMagin Corporation?

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It was founded in 1996 and it has a market cap of nearly $250 million. The current price of EMAN stock is $.3.50. In March it was up approximately %14.3 percent. They announced that they have been awarded $5.5 million under the industrial base analysis.

They offer solutions for military, medical, consumer marketing and commercial industry. It has a small market cap, and it does not look like it is going up on momentum or speculation which means it is less likely for profit taking. Their quarterly operating loss declined from $2.9 million in 2029 to $1.3 million at the last quarter of 2020. Their revenue was up %44 year over year. They are planning to continue to ship a significant amount of product displays for the Trillion Dollars military F-35 Program. Although they have a contract with the government, their finances are not that good yet. So, their financial still have to improve.

Their products have applications in many sectors such as military, healthcare and industrial sectors. They agreed with the US Department of Defense to receive $33.60 million funding to expand the critical industrial based productions of OLED micro displays last July.

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They are the best when it comes to the high-performance OLED micro displays.  Their contract with the Defense Department makes this EMAN stock an attractive and helps it to gain attention, their shares have gained approximately %540 over the past year and 36.9% over the last month.

They also said that they have new equipment tools ordered for the dPd program and they are expected to be functional by q3 of 2023. They added that they have several contracts in place with Tier One customers and there is increased interest in dPd from those existing customers and new Tier One players. Some investors believe that this market is set to explode in the coming years. Some of their products are aircraft helmets, thermal scopes, night vision google etc.

You must do your own research and make your own decisions. We are not responsible for the problems that may arise from your investment.