eToro / Three Year Deal with Rugby Australia and Listing Dogecoin

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At the beginning of May, eToro signed a three-year deal with Rugby Australia. They will be partners until the end of 2023.

Dogecoin has been listed on eToro platform thanks to its popularity and huge fanbase. eToro Platform’s CEO Yoni Assia revealed that they do not take Dogecoin as seriously as before because it is a meme coin therefore Elon Musk’s support played a big role in the listing.

What is eToro?

eToro was founded in 2007 and today they have over 20 million users worldwide. eToro is a unique platform that you can sign up for the app easily. They have a list of countries on their website. You can use eToro from almost all over the world. The platform combines regular investing, cfds and crypto into the same. It gives you access not just to stocks but also to commodities and cryptocurrencies. It is very unique and useful platform. It ıs simple and very easy to use.

eToro Features

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There are no transaction fees and commission that you have to pay. However, if you withdraw the money out after you load into the platform you have to pay a fee and an extra $5. Some fees depend on your country, and you can check that on their website. You can make a deposit with converting money into dollars somewhere else first before you go and deposit it into eToro to avoid the fee that you must pay. However, do not forget that it allows you to withdraw money with the same method that you have used to deposit first place.

They have some deposit limits, and it changes for every country. For instance, if you are in the US, it is $50 but if you live in the UK, it is $200. It can change but as I write this article numbers are like these. The best benefit of ETORO is that you do not have to pay any transaction fee every time you buy and sell stock but if you stop using eToro for a year, you must pay an inactivity fee which is $10.

You can see all the currencies, cryptos, commodities, stocks, etfs and whatever you want to invest in. Unlike any other platform, eToro allows you to follow and copy other traders. It is really interesting. It is like a social media platform because you can talk to people, comment on their posts and see what people are posting about each individual stock. You can look at people’s portfolios including the popular traders. It also offers you a mobile cryptocurrency wallet that is available for both iOS and Android.

eToro has analyst ratings research. It has got a page for each of the stocks. It gives you the information, price targets, fund activities that you have to know.

How to Copy Other Investors in Etoro Platform?


You can see a very popular investor and think that if I get a chance to see his/her portfolio it would be great. This platform is great for you. There are various types of investors such as long-term investors and multi strategy investors that you can copy. You can check the profits that they have made. If you want to copy their investment, all you have to do is press the copy button and write down how much as you want.

You can copy the traders’ portfolios and make your portfolio exactly the same as theirs. Every time they make a trade, buy or sell anything, your money will be mimicked with it.

This is not a financial advice. You must make your own decisions and you are responsible for your decisions.