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Fantom Crypto: Fantom Jumps 38% in Last Day; Here’s Why Fantom FTM is Going Up

Fantom Crypto: Fantom Jumps 38% in Last Day; Here’s Why Fantom FTM is Going Up

Fantom Crypto Fantom Jumps 38% in Last Day

Fantom Crypto: Fantom Jumps 38% in Last Day; Here’s Why Fantom FTM is Going Up

According to Fantom coingecko, Fantom is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency project that offers a framework for developing customized decentralized apps (DAPPs) and non-fungible tokens (NFT). The Fantom Foundation aspires to develop infrastructure for a more democratic and effective performance evaluation while addressing issues encountered by previous blockchain projects such as Bitcoin. Also, FTM wants to strengthen the speed, security, and scalability of decentralized currency according to Fantom coingecko.

When the whole cryptocurrency market was on a roll to complete the summer, Fantom crypto, which is also known as FTM coin, stood out as being one of the main movers. According to Fantom coinbase, the price of Fantom crypto increased throughout the whole month of August, reaching an all-time high of $1.93 on September 9, 2021. FTM coin has dropped since then, and this decline might be an excellent time to buy Fantom crypto for the traders who believe in it. The popularity on Fantom coinbase lies mostly from the possibility of Fantom crypto to be a better version of Ethereum (ETH), which is the second-largest coin.

If FTM coin is a crypto that you’re considering adding to your wallet, this article will help you. Also, we will teach you all you need to know about FTM coin, by answering the most asked questions like ‘Is Fantom crypto a good investment’.

Please note that the price estimates in our article are not guaranteed. Also, current FTM price (8 October 2021) data is taken from Fantom coinbase and Fantom binance, and may change slightly thereafter.

This article is not investment advice. It is written for information purposes only for investors who ask where to buy Fantom crypto.

What Is Fantom Coin Used For?

FTM coin is a public blockchain that can operate smart payment systems. These services let blockchains to do more financial transactions than just transferring bitcoin from one person to another.

According to Fantom coinbase, FTM coin is utilized for payments, staking, governance, and fees on the network.

What Is the Price of Fantom Crypto?

According to Fantom binance, the current price of FTM is $2.24, which is +24.79%. High price of today is $2.43 and the low is $1.73.

Does Fantom Crypto Have a Future?

Does Fantom Crypto Have a Future

The crypto martket has recently been on the increase, and many altcoins have gotten on board. According to Fantom coinbase, FTM is the most recent token to gain traction in this rise, and the token’s bullish movement appears to be strengthening by the day. After Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA) coin, FTM is the next cryptocurrency to be called the “Etherium killer”.

Also, according to Fantom coinbase, FTM is nicknamed as an Ethereum-killer, and it makes use of the Direct Acyclic Graph (DAG) smart contract technology.  FTM’s scale has increased and buying rates can now exceed almost 300,000 per second. Because of the platform’s speed and efficiency, prominent blockchain projects such as Chainlink, Raviton, and Band Protocol have cooperated with FTM, pushing the price to rocket. When we look at the Fantom binance analysis, we can say that FTM has been on the rise for more than a month.

Will FTM Be Listed on Coinbase?

FTM is available on certain cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States, such as Gemini, however it is not yet listed on Coinbase. Those who wish can look at the charts and analysis, but unfortunately, they cannot buy FTM here to invest.

Does Coinbase Support Fantom?

Currently, Fantom is not supported by Coinbase.

Can I Buy Fantom on Binance?

Can I Buy Fantom on Binance

The FTM coin, which was not sold on Binance at first, has also been listed here since 2019/06/11. According to an announcement on Fantom binance, they had an issue about the wallet integration for the FTM coin, which they completed now. Also, they have launched deposits and withdrawals for FTM.

Fantom Crypto Where to Buy

Let’s answer one of the most curious questions, Fantom crypto where to buy. We have listed the platforms below where you can invest by purchasing Fantom.

  • Gemini
  • Fantom Binance
  • io
  • OKEx Korea

However, the most known platform is Phantom Binance.

Note: Fantom CoinGecko is neither a cryptocurrency exchange or wallet service, nor do they allow cryptocurrency buy/sell services. You can only access price data and analysis on Fantom CoinGecko.

Is FTM Crypto a Good Investment?

Well, let’s move on to another curious question. Is Fantom crypto a good investment?

Fantom Binance shows that FTM has been in a bullish cycle for the previous 12 months, according to current statistics. Also, cryptocurrency experts claims that there will be a strong trend in the future, and the FTM may be a smart investment to make money. Investing in bull markets has always been better, therefore you may wish to favor these currencies in the current conditions, but if you are new to trading, always study on best investment techniques.

Paying attention to other people’s comments and opinions when investing is risky. For this reason, please do not make investments that you are not sure of.

Review the FTM information listed below and make up your mind whether to invest or not.

  • According to Fantom CoinGecko, price target in 14 days is $2.520 highest and $1.702 USD lowest.
  • In one year, the FTM price might rise from $2.221 to $2.240.
  • In one year, the long-term profit potential is +0.876 percent.

Here are the FTM price forecasts for the next days.

Date Price Min Price Max Price
2021-10-09 Price: 2.111 Min: 1.852 Max: 2.377
2021-10-10 Price: 2.094 Min: 1.837 Max: 2.356
2021-10-11 Price: 2.014 Min: 1.759 Max: 2.266
2021-10-12 Price: 1.967 Min: 1.702 Max: 2.208
2021-10-13 Price: 2.001 Min: 1.752 Max: 2.267
2021-10-14 Price: 2.202 Min: 1.938 Max: 2.445
2021-10-15 Price: 2.234 Min: 1.956 Max: 2.489
2021-10-16 Price: 2.145 Min: 1.883 Max: 2.400
2021-10-17 Price: 2.128 Min: 1.869 Max: 2.383
2021-10-18 Price: 2.048 Min: 1.800 Max: 2.321
2021-10-19 Price: 2.001 Min: 1.731 Max: 2.269
2021-10-20 Price: 2.035 Min: 1.761 Max: 2.286
2021-10-21 Price: 2.236 Min: 1.978 Max: 2.480
2021-10-22 Price: 2.268 Min: 2.000 Max: 2.520

What Will Fantom Crypto Be Worth In 2025?

According to some crypto experts’ comments for the most-asked question, ‘Is fantom crypto a good investment’, we can say that FTM worth will be $5.561 in 2025.

Also, when we take a look at research from another site, FTM has the backing of all industry crypto experts who fully think that the coin’s future value can increase to $1.75 in the long run if backed by a basic solid algorithmic logic and continuous performance.

Will Theta Be on Coinbase?

Currently, Theta is not supported by Coinbase.