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Google first launched Finance Google on March 21, 2006. Google launched this service to feature business and corporate headlines from many companies, along with financial decisions and major news events. In addition, information on stocks such as Adobe Flash-based stock price charts was also included in the service.

Finance Google allows you to follow the finance and foreign exchange market. In addition, it allows you to tabulate the stocks you follow and retrieve historical securities data. It is very easy to reach and benefit from Google Finance‘s services. Like all other Google apps, it can be searched from the Google menu or Finance Google can be accessed by searching for any stock in Google.

What Does Finance Google Do?


An analyst or an investor usually needs to visit a financial market website or database to research any stock. In order to facilitate these steps, what needs to be done is to transfer the collected data to the table.

Normally, this would require copying the collected data one by one and pasting it into a spreadsheet, or using customized scripts to pull such information. The first option is both a waste of time for the person performing the operation and carries a great risk for possible errors. While the second option is faster, it has other disadvantages because acquiring a coder for scripting is quite expensive, complex, and not very flexible for any changes that need to be made.

Finance Google offers you a cheaper, easier, faster and higher quality service by keeping only the positive features of both options. For those working with financial market data, Finance Google can save a significant amount of time and automate data retrieval.

How to Use Finance Google?

First you have to visit Finance Google website and type “AAPL” in the search box. So you can see all available stock indicators for Apple Inc. You can do this for any stock you are curious about or follow.

Google Sheets can be ‘on’, ‘off’, ‘high’, ‘low’, etc. Provides a number of historical data features such as You can examine them individually, or you can examine them all as a whole.

Common Errors

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Occurs when calling historical data #REF! error occurs when it encounters cells containing data. It has to overwrite this data when extracting information over multiple cells. Dealing with the # REF error is pretty easy. All you have to do is make sure that there is a blank cell below and next to the cell where you entered the Finance Google formula. In this way, you can export the results to multiple fields.

Finance Google‘s placement of historical information in multiple cells is often helpful because it adds clarity to the information provided. However, in some cases, a single data will do the trick. If you were to ask, “What is this single data?”, for example, you could ask for the maximum price of a stock on a given day without the date and price.

Obtaining Historical Stock Information

It’s easy to fetch information that corresponds to a single day so far. Now we will tell you how you can do this in the shortest way.  Let’s do this for Apple stock first. The formula you need to use to perform the transaction: Finance Google (“AAPL”, ”Price”, date (2016,6,1), date (2016,12,31), ”Weekly”).

Making a chart of the weekly closing price is pretty easy with Google Sheets. By using Finance Google to call attributes over different time periods, you can create datasets and charts to help you analyze stock data in many different ways.

Finance Google saves your time and makes your work fun. You can tabulate the data you researched in a cheap way and risk-free without getting bored and you can continue your analysis more accurately.