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Freshworks Share Price: Freshworks IPO Generated 500 Crorepatis – Top Ratings

Freshworks Share Price: Freshworks IPO Generated 500 Crorepatis – Top Ratings

Freshworks Share Price

Freshworks Share Price: Freshworks IPO Generated 500 Crorepatis Top Ratings

The start-up journey of Freshworks started with a broken TV and an insufficient customer service experience. Soon afterwards, the help desk software named Freshdesk was founded by Girish Mathrubootham and his co-founder, Shan Krishnasamy. Six years later, it was renamed Freshworks, an IT, Sales, Marketing, and HR cloud-based customer and employee engagement software.

Many people wish to generate personal profits and make money at Freshworks. We all do.  But most of them want to work on something that could survive; something important; they want to leave an inheritance. It is quite clear to see how significant their work is and the lives it impacts.

In this article, we will talk about Freshworks share price (NSE) and what’s going on with Freshworks stock price today. Please note that the data in this article may vary on the upcoming days and the forecasts do not indicate a definitive result.

Freshworks Share Price

Current Freshworks share price (NSE) is 44.05 USD, which is -2.70 (5.78%) today. The opening of Freshworks stock price today was at 47.34 USD, with a high 47.48 USD, and a low 43.25 USD.

On Wednesday at the end of Freshworks IPO date, it made a first great debut at Nasdaq at a price of $13 billion. Freshworks, India’s first Nasdaq-listed software as-a-service company, raised $1.03 billion and sold 28.5 million shares, which amounts Freshworks share price (NSE) to $36. The shares began trading at an IPO price of 21% and came to a 32% increase of $47,55 at the Freshworks IPO date.

What does Freshworks do?

What does freshworks do

Freshworks delivers innovative software for clients, for companies of all sizes, making the acquisition, closure, and life-long maintenance of teams easier. SaaS products from Freshworks offer the consumer a 360-degree perspective, are ready to go, easy to operate and offer fast return-on investment. Also, the software of Freshworks supports customer management companies and includes a customer support artificial intelligence chatbot.

Is Freshworks an American company?

Freshworks is currently the first decacorn to be valued at over 10 billion dollars, with a total Freshworks IPO valuation of more than 13 billion dollars presently. It was also the first Indian SaaS to be listed on the American Nasdaq stock exchange after a billion-dollar Freshworks IPO valuation.

Who is the CEO of Freshworks?

In 2010, Girish Mathrubootham founded Freshdesk, and as the CEO, and since it was founded, he set the vision and direction for this company.

Girish’s passion for developing things to please consumers and staff and assisting others on his journey was never lost. He invested in more than 60 start-ups and is an established member of SaaSBOOMi, the largest founding and producing community in Asia that shapes India’s SaaS business. He also established FC Madras, a grassroots youth football team in Chennai, India to promote potential and give local kids and young people a good outlet via sport.

Is Freshworks going public?

Is Freshworks going public

This week will be one of the warmest weeks for initial public offerings (IPOs). The very next Freshworks IPO is only the newest among a myriad of late listings.

While Freshworks share price (NSE), which is going public, is down today, it has been doing great since the Freshworks IPO date.

Freshworks is the first Indian SaaS company to get listed in United States and is expected to increase Freshworks IPO valuation to US $103 billion from their IPO.

Freshworks Stock Forecast

Freshworks, which is currently in a popular position on news sites about Freshworks stock price today, reported sales of $250 million and net income of $57 million by 2020. It had sales of $169 million for the first half of this year and a net loss of $10 million.

In a total of $120 billion worldwide cloud application services industry, Freshworks offers a suite of cloud-based business software products. It placed five years consecutively on Forbes Cloud 100, the leader of the world’s 100 private cloud businesses, from 95 to 10 this year.

Freshworks share price (NSE) recently raised its IPO range according to recent reports. The firm had targeted Freshworks stock price today at $28 to $32. However, Freshworks share price (NSE) has raised to $32 at the lower end of the scale and with an upper end about $34.

The business intends at this higher level, at the top of its portfolio, to raise over $970 million. The company’s whole stock offer is expected to decline as anticipated to 284,3 million.

In addition, Freshworks stock price today will have an evaluation of about $10 billion at the upper end of this range. That would make it one of the largest from the Freshworks ipo date, to the end of this year as well.

When did Freshworks go public?

Freshworks IPO date is scheduled for this week, as we have said before. On Nasdaq market under the symbol “FRSH,” Freshworks is scheduled to begin trading four days ago. From now on, Freshworks is a public stock and Freshworks stock price today is around $44.

How much is Freshworks worth?

While the Freshworks share price (NSE) is slightly down today, Freshworks has over 50,000 clients, including Vice Media, Bridgestone and Klarna. Investors like as Accel and Tiger Global Management have raised a total of $325.5 million, with a Freshworks IPO valuation of $3.5 billion.

Who owns Freshworks Inc?

Tiger Global and Accel India, which have about 26% and 25% respectively, are among Freshworks’ main owners. Accel was the initial investor to support Freshworks and has supported Freshworks throughout the company.

Who is funding Freshworks?

You can find the funding rounds (including those after the Freshworks IPO date) of the Freshworks share price, which is exactly $44.05 at the moment, with their dates and values in the table below.

Freshworks Funding Rounds

Date Amount Raised Post-money Valuation Investors
Series A Dec 2011 $1 m Accel
Series B Apr 2012 $5 m Tiger Global Management, Accel
Series C Nov 2013 $7 m Tiger Global Management, Accel
Series D Jun 2014 $31 m Tiger Global Management, Accel, CapitalG
Series E Apr 2015 $50 m Tiger Global Management, Accel, CapitalG
Series F Nov 2016 $55 m Accel, Sequoia Capital India
Series G Jul 2018 $100 m $1.5 b Sequoia Capital, Accel, CapitalG
Series H Nov 2019 $150 m $3.5 b Sequoia Capital, Accel, CapitalG
Secondary Jul 2020 $85 m Steadview Capital

Freshworks Funding Rounds Summary

Founding Date 2010
Freshworks total Funding $484 m
Freshworks latest funding size $85 m
Time since last funding a year ago
Freshworks investors Sequoia Capital, Steadview Capital, Tiger Global Management, Accel, CapitalG, Sequoia Capital India

Source: TechCrunch

Keep in mind that while the Freshworks stock price today chart is red, it will soon be green. There are no negative comments for Freshworks share price, which has not been missing from news sites for almost a week.