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GEVO Stock News: Why Gevo Stock Is Taking Off Today

GEVO Stock News: Why Gevo Stock Is Taking Off Today

GEVO Stock News

GEVO Stock News This Week

In this article, we will share information about GEVO stock News, GEVO Stock Price Target / GEVO Stock Forecast 2025 and GEVO Stock Price Today. We researched and answered the most frequently asked questions for you by looking at graphs and data. Our research was done from official financial news sites like Yahoo Finance and Stocktwits.

We hope that this article will be useful for investors who cannot find suitable stocks in the stock market or who want to learn about GEVO Stock News and GEVO Stock Price Target / GEVO Stock Forecast 2025.

Please note that the graphics and data in this article may vary and the forecasts do not indicate a definitive result.

GEVO Stock News: Who is invested in GEVO stock?

Gevo, Inc. is a next generation biofuel and renewable chemical business focusing on the development and commercialization of petroleum-based renewable alternatives.

Gevo Inc. has its own share which is named as GEVO. Largest shareholders include State Street Corp, BlackRock Inc., Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETF, Vanguard Group Inc, etc. are investing in GEVO.

Is GEVO a buy or sell?

Is GEVO a buy or sell

According to analysis on MarketWatch, GEVO stock has had 14 Purchases (3,391,859 Shares) and 14 Sales (943,885 shares) in the last 12 months. For the last 3 months, these numbers turn to 13 purchases (3,349,655 shares) and 12 sales (930,534).

Looking at the numbers in MarketWatch analysis, the sale of GEVO stock has always been by a large margin.

So, it is obvious that GEVO is a BUY.

GEVO Stock News This Week

Insider transactions should not be mainly utilized for making an investment decision, but they may be a significant factor to consider by an investor.

Legally, an “insider” refers to any stakeholder who owns a company at least 10%. The insiders must inform the public via a Form 4 filing to be filed within two business days after the transaction.

If an insider from a company makes a new purchase, this is a sign of the growth in stock. In addition, insider purchases might be done for several reasons and may not always mean that the seller believes the stock will decrease.

According to the GEVO stock news on Yahoo Finance, notable GEVO insider, who is Geoffrey T. Williams Jr., Vp-General Counsel and Secretary, makes $411.34 thousand sale.

A Form 4 filing from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday stated that Jr, at a price of $8.02 per share, sold 51,316 GEVO shares. The transaction total was $411,339.

Jr. still has 370,135 GEVO shares worth $2,450,293 after the sale. And today, GEVO shares traded down 4.47% at $6.62.

Will GEVO Stock Go Up?

GEVO stock price today is $6.80, which is +0.31  today. Also, on the last day (Tuesday, 14th Sep 2021), the GEVO stock price fell by -6.35% from $6.93 to $6.49.

GEVO has received a rating of Buy. The average score of the company is 3.00, based on 3 buy rating, no hold and no sales. Moreover, GEVO stock price target is upside 126.0% from its current price of $6.80, which is based on an analysts’ average price target of $14.67.

Will GEVO stock go up in 2021?

GEVO stock fluctuated 5.43% from a day low at $6.08 to a day high of $6.41 last week. The price has increased on 6 of the last 10 days, also has increased in the last 2 weeks by 22.69%.

The GEVO stock price may fall from $6.80 (GEVO stock price today) to $0.950. According to the GEVO Stock Forecast and GEVO stock news on the financial sites, the stock will find some long-term support at about $5.96 on the fall.

What is the target price for GEVO stock?

What is the target price for GEVO stock

As we mentioned in our previous titles, although there is an expected decline for GEVO Stock Price Target, a long-term increase is likely to occur thanks to the support it will receive while it is on the decline.

The average GEVO stock price target is $14.67, with a high $18.00 GEVO stock forecast and a low $10.00 GEVO stock forecast, based on 3 analysts giving 12-month GEVO Stock forecasts in the past 3 months.

When it comes to long-term investment, we know that at least 4-5 years of investments are mentioned. There is currently no GEVO stock forecast for 2025. However, the GEVO stock price target for the next 12 months are as follows.

High $18.00
Median $16.00
Low $10.00
Average $14.67
Current Price $6.80

Is GEVO stock undervalued?

The cash flow or P/CF ratio is divided by cash flow per share. It is another way to assess whether the denominator is undervalued or overvalued by the cash flow of a company.

GEVO has a real value of $8.52 per share. The company’s current price is $6.80. The company seems to be undervalued at this point.

Is GEVO overvalued?

As we mentioned in the title above, GEVO stock is unfortunately undervalued. However, when we read investor comments on official financial sites such as Stocktwits and GEVO stock news about GEVO stock price targets, we can say that this stock will be overvalued soon.

There is no guarantee for this assessment. According to GEVO stock price targets and GEVO stock news, the rise may occur in the next 12 months. We recommend you follow the upcoming GEVO stock news closely.

Is GEVO a good long-term stock?

GEVO stock has a short moving average sales signal, while there is a long-term average buy signal at the same time.

But, Historical index on US Stock Market stated that, GEVO stock is a bad long-term investment, according to their live forecast system.

Is GEVO debt free?

GEVO expected the total amount of $12,7 million of the 2020/21 bills were paid off on 31 December 2020 thanks to its strong balance sheet and the cash it has available. On repayment of the debt remaining represented by the 2020/21 note, GEVO must not have any debt secured by all its assets.

We hope that this article we have prepared for you will help you with the question marks in your mind and contribute to your research for your investments. Please note that the data and graphs we share change every day and there is no 100% guarantee of the forecasts made. For this reason, we recommend that you follow these data from official sites up-to-date.