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What happened to GameStop stock? GME Stock Price

What happened to GameStop stock? GME Stock Price

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GME Stock Prices

We talking about today about GME stock prices. This company becomes the hottest money maker of 2021. Like the name would suggest this is a retail gaming shop that sold, video games, consoles.

and many other things. They began offering subscription services at the beginning of the year. It means you can rent games for fixed price every month. One investor decided to go on Reddit’s wall street bets to begin turning things around. And he was very lucky. One people invested $50,000 into GameStop call options in September 2019.

GME stock prices saw its lowest level. After few months famous investor Michael Burry announced his optimistic position in the company for just one reason: discs. He believed this would be good for GME stock prices. It was trading for $3-$4.  GameStop announced that they saw very high percent jump. It was about 519%.

Then GameStop announced that they are going to be partnership with Microsoft. Digital sales increased thanks to these actions. After all this news we learn that reddit user was right about his thoughts. We saw short squeeze with GameStop. It is very risky. For instance, if you buy a $100 stock the most you could lose is that $100. But if you short a $100 stock and it goes to $1000, it means you are losing 900$ for every $100 you are investing in.

The GME stock prices started to go up. It is the perfect storm of short selling.  Since there has been much news about GME stock prices, that has caused more retail investors to pile into the stock, therefore GME stock prices increased so much. Elon Musk tweeted with writing a “Gamestonk”. Now today that first guy who decided to take a chance on GME, became very rich. As I mentioned, Reddit User invested $50,000 into GameStop price in 2019. It is now worth over $22,8 Million. Investing in GameStop is one of the riskiest things now. This could be profitable, but many people will not suggest because of the risks.



We saw the sudden increase of AMC stock price when the price was $20 per share.

We saw a gamma squeeze from AMC when the stock price hit up to about $20 per share because of the fact that retail investors were buying call options. We did not see any short squeeze with AMC. Thanks to that gamma squeeze, AMC stock became a very popular option for people who missed GameStop first. AMC’s price is more affordable than GameStop GME price. Therefore, people started to choose to invest in AMC instead of GME. We can see another gamma squeeze from AMC.

What Will Happen After AMC Squeezes?

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We saw AMC push back down finishing up the week right over $10 it was not the thing that we wanted but AMC price is still rising. The AMC management team has hit the 500 million shared proposal on May 4th. It was likely going to be a major selling push for hedge funds.

If you have taken your time to come up with a complete exit strategy to take your profits slowly, it comes with taxes. If you sell a big number of shares and take good profits, do not forget that you have to pay taxes on that money. If AMC and GME go through the roof expect the broader market to take a hit. We can see some of the more expensive stocks sell off and it can come with some bad days for index funds. Do not worry if you see some dips among the market’s most popular stocks.

After the first squeeze of GameStop Price, they quickly hold a committee meeting therefore it will happen again if we get the squeeze again. With so much of the market likely to be disrupted by these two stocks, government investigations will follow it. We can see some political actions in response.

Note: You should not do anything that is written in this article. I am not financial advisor, and you must do your own research about your own investment.

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