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8 Worrying Development

The crypto money market has been going through a very busy period lately. After the Thodex scam, the Vebitcoin scandal followed one after another, making users nervous. Another piece of news that caused users to worry, this time came from Trading transactions for GLDX Token, which was pre-sold recently, were stopped at once. In this case, users were worried about not being able to withdraw their investments. In addition, made a statement on the relevant website. The explanation was as follows; He reported that some repetitive and systemic problems were experienced and efforts to fix these problems were initiated. He also said that there was no loss, adding that users should not worry. Worrying Development

The glitch at started yesterday evening. In the statement made on his Twitter account, the following statements were included; They stated that they had a systematic problem in trading the Gldx Token on April 23, 2021, at 19.20. They also stated that as a result of the investigations, they detected duplicate transactions in some accounts. In the statement made, they stated that there will be no action as of April 23, 202119.20, in order not to cause any loss of rights by both the buyer and the seller. In addition to these, they emphasized that all other transactions are active. In the statement, they said that the users’ assets are kept in the cold wallet.

They also stated that there was no investor loss. Later, they said that they would return all of their investment to the users who wanted it. In addition, they informed the users that the Gldx Token will be opened to trade again after the necessary improvements are made in the system.

Striking Statement From has announced that it will file a criminal complaint. An additional statement was made by the company after the fake news about the inaccessibility of the platform in the press. The following expressions were used in the statement; They said that the “Site Unavailable” report in the media never reflected the truth. They stated that access to the site is available and only the part of the Gldx Token is closed for trading. They also gave users a message saying “Keep following us”. Closed? Worrying Development

The turmoil in the crypto money exchange markets continues at full speed. After the closure of Thodex and Vebitcoin sites, the latest shutdown of also became the agenda, worrying users. Is closed? Why won’t open? Users are eagerly waiting for the answers to their questions.

The detailed statement made by the company included the answers to these questions and many details; Some statements were made after the closure of, the crypto currency trading platform. In this statement, it was stated that the trading transactions for GLDX Token, which had pre-sold recently, were stopped for a while. Citizens who had problems accessing the platform and had deposited money began to worry about the issue and conduct research.

However, investors are not worried about the current statements., which has been closed due to the problem in the system, will be opened to users again after the problem is resolved. In addition, the money of investors who request a refund will also be refunded. In addition, the following statements were made in the statement made on Twitter today; “Dear Users, As of 19:00 today, the algorithm will be rerun and the Gldx Token will be reopened at 12:00 on 25.04.2021. After this announcement, investors are slightly relieved. All eyes are now waiting on Goldexcoin.

Every statement made is very important for users now. We will continue our explanations in case there is a further development on the subject that everyone is waiting for carefully.

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