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GWH Stock Price: ESS Tech 11 Things to Know When Starting Trading Today

GWH Stock Price: ESS Tech 11 Things to Know When Starting Trading Today

GWH Stock Price

GWH Stock Price: ESS Tech 11 Things to Know When Starting Trading Today

ESS Inc. (GWH.W Stock) develops, manufactures, and deploys eco-friendly, low-cost iron battery technology for long-term commercial and infrastructure energy storage devices needing 4 to 12 hours of variable power capacity. The electrolytes in the Energy WarehouseTM and Energy CenterTM is composed of earth-abundant iron, salt, and water, giving in an ecologically friendly, long-life power storage technology for the world’s renewable energy systems. ESS Inc., founded in 2011, assists project developers, utilities, and industrial and commercial facility managers in transitioning to more flexible non-lithium-ion storage that is best placed for the network and the planet.

GWH Stock Price Today

ESS Tech (GWH.W stock) is the most recent specially designed acquisition firm (SPAC) initial public offering (IPO) to reach the stock market today. ESS Tech debuted on the NYSE today with a GWH stock price rise. GWH.W stock has had an unbelievable day, rising more than 170% as of the time of this post.

Just like with any significant IPO, some volatility is to be foreseen. Nevertheless, an opening day like this one is absolutely extraordinary.

Moreover, the strategic planning that underpins ESS Tech is appealing to growth investors. This firm focuses on marketing and selling iron-based battery technology. This enables long-term energy storage, which is becoming increasingly important for renewable energy companies.

With the electrification trends that have recently emerged, traders are beginning to consider this secular event at a higher scale. Investing in firms that support this trend helps investors with long-term exposure to this powerful secular event while possibly reducing risks. This is the type of risk-reward scenario that many traders are seeking for in their search for volatility.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important facts investors should know about GWH.W stock right now.

Why Is ESS Tech and GWH.W Stock Rising?

Why Is ESS Tech and GWH.W Stock Rising

  • ESS Tech is an Oregon-based producer of a unique form of energy storage made mostly of iron, salt, and water.
  • The firm wants to be a more ecologically responsible battery provider by employing widely available materials for short-term energy storage.
  • Because these batteries can store electricity for four to twelve hours, they are ideal for renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.
  • Following a reverse SPAC combination with Pangaea Ventures, W Stock now trades on the NYSE under the symbol “GWH.”.
  • As a result of this transaction, ESS Tech gained about $308 million.
  • No revenue has been recorded by the firm.
  • ESS Tech, on the other hand, intends to utilize the cash to grow its business.
  • According to GWH stock price predictions of traders, ESS Tech will be profitable by 2023.
  • Also, Bill Gates’ fund has invested in ESS Tech.

GWH Stock Price Transaction

The transaction offers private funding of public stock as well as $308 million in pro forma net cash to the merged firm (PIPE). Fidelity Management & Research Company LLC, Koch Industries, Tortoise Capital Advisors, SB Energy Global Holdings Ltd, an entirely owner subsidiary of SoftBank Group Corp., Breakthrough Energy Ventures, BASF Venture Capital, and the others are among the investment firms in the PIPE.

Eric Dresselhuys, Chief Executive Officer; Craig Evans, President and Co-Founder; Julia Song, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder; and Amir Moftakhar, Chief Financial Officer will continue to support the ESS executive management group.

Chairman Michael R. Niggli, Eric Dresselhuys, Craig Evans, Raffi Garabedian, Rich Hossfeld, Shirley Speakman, Kyle Teamey, and Daryl Wilson will become one of the eight members of the ESS Board of Directors.

Historical Data of GWH Stock Price (20-days)



10/12/21 2.25 3.18 1.98 2.80 3.33 M
10/11/21 1.04 1.44 1.00 1.31 555,709
10/08/21 1.30 1.30 0.99 1.00 140,036
10/07/21 1.16 1.18 1.03 1.03 27,729
10/06/21 1.26 1.26 1.07 1.13 98,305
10/05/21 1.24 1.34 1.24 1.25 10,691
10/04/21 1.35 1.35 1.21 1.21 87,729
10/01/21 1.35 1.40 1.27 1.31 149,029
09/30/21 1.38 1.38 1.24 1.24 14,295
09/29/21 1.46 1.46 1.33 1.37 84,851
09/28/21 1.36 1.37 1.24 1.26 134,437
09/27/21 1.42 1.45 1.35 1.35 20,555
09/24/21 1.50 1.50 1.41 1.42 51,878
09/23/21 1.45 1.45 1.41 1.45 216,091
09/22/21 1.43 1.44 1.43 1.44 18,887
09/21/21 1.40 1.43 1.40 1.41 9,003
09/20/21 1.39 1.41 1.35 1.41 86,460
09/17/21 1.34 1.38 1.33 1.38 107,773
09/16/21 1.30 1.34 1.30 1.34 16,165
09/15/21 1.27 1.33 1.27 1.33 70,321
09/14/21 1.25 1.28 1.15 1.20 8,672


GWH.W Stock News

GWH.W Stock News

Creates the first publicly listed long-duration storage company in the United States; starts listing on the NYSE under the symbol “GWH”

According to GWH Stock Yahoo Finance, the company of GWH, ESS, a producer of long-duration battery systems for advertising and utility-scale energy storage systems, and ACON S2 Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: STWO) (“ACON S2”), a publicly listed specific purpose acquisition firm, recently confirmed the accomplishment of their announced earlier business combination (the “Business Combination”), likely to result in ESS to become a publicly listed company. The merged firm will continue to be known as ESS Inc., and its shares and warrants will begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”) under the revised ticker codes “GWH” and “GWH.W,” in both.

Some other headline from GWH Stock Yahoo Finance is that the Bill Gates backed ESS, which manufactures massive batteries out of iron, salt, and water, has begun trading.

Key points to know:

  • The battery firm ESS came out publicly via a SPAC with Acon S2 Investment Corp. and will begin listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker name GWH on Monday.
  • The ESS battery is largely composed of iron, salt, and water, all of which are widely available and safe materials.
  • The battery can store the energy for four to twelve hours, which works well with renewable energy sources like wind and solar power.
  • According to GWH Stock Yahoo Finance, ESS is attempting to tackle a fundamental challenge in renewable energy: how to store the energy from wind and solar systems while the wind is not blowing, and the sun is not shining.
  • According to GWH Stock Yahoo Finance, ESS is attempting to tackle a fundamental challenge in renewable energy: how to store the energy from wind and solar systems while the wind is not blowing, and the sun is not shining.
  • The firm’s suggested answer is long-duration energy-storage batteries consisting of iron, salt, and water, that are way cheaper and more easily accessible than current battery components such as lithium and cobalt.
  • According to GWH Stock Yahoo Finance, GWH stock price’s early progress drew $57 million in financing from strong supporters such as Bill Gates and Softbank.
  • It will now go publicly listed via SPAC and begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker name GWH. The first GWH stock price prediction expects to raise $308 million from the transaction.

Where Can I Buy GWH Stock?

Where Can I Buy GWH Stock

When we see a lot of positive GWH stock price predictions and awesome GWH stock forecasts, we find it hard not to investigate this investment. Because we know that everyone wants to make a profit with investment, and they are looking forward to realizing it as soon as possible.

As in every stock investment, after the two most researched subjects, GWH stock price and the GWH stock forecasts, we see the question ‘Where Can I Buy GWH Stock?’

Well, let’s see where to buy GWH Stock.

You can buy GWH stock, which has just been listed on the stock market, from RobinHood and Benzinga for now. Of course, the number of sites we can buy will not only be ‘2’ but will increase.

Also, please note that there are not many GWH stock forecasts as the stock is new. Moreover, the GWH stock price predictions we mentioned in our article belong to the company’s own comments and may change in the future. For this, please do research about this stock frequently and do not forget to review the current GWH stock forecast charts.

In Conclusion

The firm began in the garage of co-founders Craig Evans and Julia Song, a husband and wife as well as corporate partners, in Portland, Oregon, in 2011. It first relocated to the Portland State Business Accelerator before settling into its present 200,000-square-foot offices, according to GWH Stock Yahoo Finance.

GWH stock price did not earned any profit, as per financial filings dated September 8 on GWH Stock Yahoo Finance. Dresselhuys, on the other hand, stated it had supplied equipment to clients such as TerraSol Energies in Pennsylvania and Siemens-Gamesa in Denmark; investor filings also list numerous additional unidentified utilities as customers. SB Energy and Enel Green Power Espana have placed orders with ESS.

In the very first six months of 2021, the firm lost $245.3 million, but operational losses were just $18.4 million; the balance was attributable to losses on reevaluations of warrant and convertible obligations. Financial losses in 2021 were $17.4 million, and according to GWH Stock Yahoo Finance experts’ GWH stock forecasts, the business intends to turn a profit in 2023.

According to many GWH stock forecasts, the average GWH stock price prediction is $220.00, with a highest GWH stock price prediction at $230 and a lowest GWH stock price prediction at $195.

In this article, we have covered the GWH Stock Forecast and detailed company information for investors looking for new stocks. We hope that the information in our article will be useful to you.

Please note that this article is not an investment advice, it is written only for detailed investment information such as GWH stock price prediction. Also, as for every stock, the values in our article have the possibility of changing at any time. For this reason, please do not forget to follow the current GWH stock forecasts.