HDFC Retirement Savings Fund

HDFC Retirement Savings Fund

HDFC Retirement Savings Fund


HDFC Retirement Savings Fund

Thanks to the HDFC Retirement Savings Fund, people are investing in their retirement while saving taxes. Retirement features are postponed and underestimated for the younger age group. However, this situation begins to change as you get older and enter the business life. People often put off planning for retirement early in their careers, but as time progresses they realize how wrong it was. On top of this awareness, the idea of ​​investing in tax savings funds is inevitable. This is a normal and understandable thought.

Tax is an expenditure that can consume a large part of the income earned or invested money. That’s why people nowadays spend most of their money on tax-saving ELSS schemes, NCS, RPF, etc. is investing. With these investments, people still make a profit, even if the beginning of their retirement is delayed. They are also prepared for retirement and savings taxes. HDFC Retirement Savings Fund is a mutual fund program that aims to kill two birds with one stone. It is a program approved under section 80 C of the Income Tax Act 1961. Investors can contribute to their tax savings and retirement by investing in the fund.

Why is Early Retirement Important?

HDFC Retirement Savings Fund

Retirement planning becomes even more important in India because of the underdeveloped retirement issue and the weak social security structure. With the high population in India, the costs in health, food and social areas are increasing.

Even if the amount invested for a 10-year delay is large, the hours you don’t work can affect your retirement by 50%. mutual funds can generate huge profits in the long run and HDFC Retirement Savings Fund provides investors with a convenient platform to meet their retirement needs.

3 Different Plan Options

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Every investor has different earnings, so not everyone can afford every payment. At this point, HDFC Retirement Savings Fund is a platform that offers its investors 3 different plan options in total: Equity Plan, Hybrid Equity Plan and Hybrid Debt Plan. Thus, every investor can ensure their future without shaking their own budgets.

In the Equity Plan, up to 35% of the total assets should be invested primarily in equity and equity-related instruments, and the investment plan also provides the opportunity to invest in debt instruments and money market instruments.

In the Hybrid-Equity Plan, up to 50% of its total assets will be invested primarily in equity and equity-related areas. In addition, AMC offers opportunities to investors such as controlling risk and from money market instruments earning income.

In the Hybrid Debt Plan, total assets must first be invested in the Debt and Money Market. AMC will invest net assets in Equity and Equity related instruments. This Investment Plan has low risk and long-term gain.

Change in the market may affect the current investment form strategy.

Advantages of HDFC Retirement Savings Fund

It simplifies and speeds up the retirement process. It promises good profits in the long run with low risk. It thinks of every little detail for you. HDFC Retirement Savings Fund wants investors to reach their retirement goals more easily. For this, it invests in a mix of equity and debt instruments, providing long-term returns with low risk.

It offers the opportunity to experience a retirement process that appeals to everyone by creating 3 different plans suitable for every budget. It is reliable as it is an approved platform.

With more than 20 years of equipment, HDFC Retirement Savings Fund has the expertise to manage the plans she has and constantly develops them. The platform, which tries to provide a suitable pension for every budget, after the economy is badly affected by population growth and wrong policies, also wants people to ensure their entire future by making plans today and once.