Huge Altcoin Season Is Coming

Huge Altcoin Season Is Coming

Huge Altcoin Season Is Coming

Firstly, I have to say that these ideas are just personal opinions for entertainment purposes only. I am not financial advisor, and these are not accounting advice. You are responsible for your own decisions.

I know there are so many people curious about why Bitcoin had the worst month of April since 2015. Bitcoin is still at just under $53,000. If you take a look at the current bitcoin dominance you can also see many investors are taking their money to other projects such as Ethereum and even more riskier investments like Dogecoin. Despite these Bitcoin movements, many more coins are gaining traction this year. Therefore, today there are still so many opportunities to find lower cap coins that will make great returns.

Huge Altcoin Season Is Coming


Altcoin season” is that when Bitcoin decreases, there are some alternatives to Bitcoin to look at. These days, investors take their bitcoin profits and give it to altcoins. These cryptocurrencies tend to move up much easier because it takes much less money. Small Cryptocurrencies explode with any small news. We got the craziest alt season of all time. It is the right time where you need to understand that altcoins especially Ethereum being the king of all altcoins are going to do well.

PancakeSwap had increased nearly 60%.  Waves had increased 77.44% and Fantom had increased 79.87% for the week. Waves is a blockchain platform which is built for launching small contracts. PancakeSwap is an exchange that allows you to swap tokens. These coins are under the Ethereum Ecosystem. You have to prepare yourself for the huge altcoin season. Bitcoin dominance continues to go down into other altcoin projects so we can see a massive run in the altcoin season. With bitcoin dominance continuing to decrease this is a really good sign if you are invested into any other altcoin besides bitcoin at the moment.

Dogecoin and Ethereum

dogecoin and ethereum

People inside crypto are always very fascinated with the new stuff and almost all of that innovation happens on Ethereum or its competitive chains. Getting into Ethereum is like a gateway to what is the magic of crypto d5.

Ethereum although it is down 0.46%, it is up for the week 23.38%. Dogecoin is officially ranked number four on the whole crypto market. It can seem like a joke to you, but you cannot ignore the movement that you are seeing. You can enter with Dogecoin (DOGE) as long as you enter knowingly. Dogecoin is not a typical ordinary investment like Bitcoin. Ethereum Classic (ETC) has been up 81.51%. It is surprising.

There are so many new investors in the market, and they thought Ethereum Classic (ETC) as Ethereum, so they ended up investing into Ethereum Classic by accident. It can be the reason why Ethereum Classic has increased this much. You can have Ethereum Classic on your watch list. Ethereum is a natural next move and natural next evolution for the market.  It is primed to be the next institutional target for investment into crypto after Bitcoin.

The money as it is leaving Bitcoin that has a trillion dollars in it, goes into Ethereum. It does a ton of growth because Ethereum is much smaller than Bitcoin. Once it starts hitting those small caps which are just in the tens or hundreds of millions of dollars that is where we start seeing some crazy stuff happen. Because of that fact, despite small or mid cap crypto’s risks, getting into one of these before an altcoin season starts can change your life completely. You can make a thousand dollars or more therefore do not forget that now the opportunity is in front of you.

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