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IIVI Stock

IIVI Stock

IIVI Stock

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IIVI is a manufacturer of optical materials and semiconductors. It is a company that works with lasers, optics, electrical devices, etc. The company was launched in 1971 and based in Pennsylvania. They went public in 1987 and IIVI stock is currently trading on the NASDAQ. IIVI stock ’s market cap is $7 Billion, and currently they are trading at $66.31 a share.

Free cash flow is cash flow from operations minus capital expenditures. They are growing their cash flow, so they are doing a good job. Net income is the profit and loss on the income statement which means revenue minus expenses. It was $88 million in 2018. However, it is $191 million now. Revenue is a sale for the company, and it also grew. IIVI stock closed at $77.85 a few days ago. It was down to -0.03% from the previous trading session.

The company bought back $50 million of stock in 2018 and when a company buys back a stock it decreases the shares outstanding, and it makes your shares more valuable. Looking at the operating cash flow is an important and better indicator of the financial health of the company. Debt minus cash which means the net debt is $770 million.

Some investors believe that this stock is undervalued. IIVI stock has more than doubled in the past few months. If you bought it four months ago you would have a very good return and profit and if you invested $10,000 into this company ten years ago, you could have more than tripled your money. It is more than doubled from its low level in March 2020. Although it is down today investors think that it has further upside potential. It could rise more than %20 so it can see its $76 per share price just like 2020.

IIVI Stock: Best Stock Trading Apps 2021

iivi price

Public App is one of the best stock trading apps for beginners. It is a 100% commission free stock trading platform. You can buy or sell any stocks on the platform without paying any fee. It is an easy to use and user-friendly mobile app. You can get started trading on the app with just $1. It is the best benefit for new stock traders. Public App gives you the access to investing and trading thousands of individual stocks and it lets you trade fractional shares of stocks. You do not have to buy a full share if you cannot afford it because you can trade pieces of stocks with this Public app.

The second-best trading app for beginners is Robinhood app. It is also 100% commission free like Public. You are able to trade and invest in fractional shares of these stocks on Robinhood. You can get started with Robinhood easily. Robinhood app’s best advantage is that you can also trade cryptocurrencies. It is not the same for many other apps. So many people know Robinhood, so it is one of the most popular stock trading and cryptocurrency apps. If you are a new investor that wants to trade both stocks and cryptocurrencies, this can be the ideal app for you.

IIVI Stock: The third app is Webull. What is Webull?


It also gives you access to trading and investing in so many individual stocks and ETFS just like other two apps. There is no commission fee for this app. If you are an active trader and investor, it is one of the best because it does offer the most extensive built-in data & analysis. You can make more determined stock trading decisions.

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