2022: Internet Explorer Retirement  

2022: Internet Explorer Retirement  

2022: Internet Explorer Retirement  

Internet Explorer Retirement  

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In the past, Internet Explorer had over 60% market share but now that title goes to Google and its Chrome browser. Today Microsoft Edge has about 3-4% market share. Microsoft Internet Explorer design of the website is not suitable for today. People have moved on to Google because it is the dominant browser now. Firefox and Safari have more market shares than Explorer. There are a lot of Apple users that use Safari, and they are not going to use Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Internet Explorer retirement will happen next year after more than 25 years.

People are shocked about the Microsoft Internet Explorer retirement news because over the years, Internet Explorer allows people to stay connected with their friends and family around the world. Internet Explorer was one of the most popular web browsers in early 2000s developed by Microsoft. Microsoft Internet explorer retirement is announced for June 15,2022.

This browser was old and outdated, so the company said that the Microsoft Internet Explorer retirement date is June 15, 2020. However, they added, Internet Explorer based websites will still work in Edge until 2029.

Today Chrome has the %65 share of the market, so it is the most used internet browser. Safari is created by Apple and got second place with %19 when it comes to market share.

Internet Explorer Retirement: What is a Web Browser?

Internet Explorer Retirement

Basically, it is the thing you use to browse the web. Most of the people use Chrome all the time. People get their internet from cable or phone companies but then they browse the web which is a subset of the internet using a browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Firefox. These are free web browsers. They offer them free because they gently sculpt your computing habits and make their other money-making products. Internet access and web browsers are not the same thing. With internet access, you can play online games, make video calls and many other things. These are the things that you do not need to use the browser.

How Do They Work?

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We all know that with an Internet Browser you can do so many things. You can follow your friends on Instagram, Twitter and like their photos, you can watch videos on YouTube easily because there are standards and protocols that allow you to do these activities. At the top of nearly all web browsers there is an address bar. You should type in the site that you want to visit. If you want to go, see your Instagram account you type in www. instagram.com and hit the enter button. After you hit that button, it takes seconds to open the page for you.

Firstly, browsers find a location of a server where the website you want is stored. The browser uses a worldwide database called DNS which stands for domain name system and they matched the name that you typed in the bar. The browser checks its cache of addresses first and DNS helps speed up the request. Then the computer sends a request to the server and if the server is open for new connections they connect. Computers request web pages by using http which stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol.

Best Web Browsers in 2021

Google Chrome in the top spot coming at number one. It is very simple and easy to use therefore most people use it every day. It offers excellent cross platform support allowing you to sync your passwords and many other things. You can use light or dark mode. They have the largest number of extensions available to enhance your browser experience. The biggest reason of its popularity is its simplicity.