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IOC Share Price: Address of Oil and Gas in India

IOC Share Price: Address of Oil and Gas in India


IOC Share Price: Address of Oil and Gas in India

IOC Share Price today is 105.85 USD with a volume of 7,274,654. At the same time, its chart fluctuates between 105.20 USD – 106.55 USD. IOC Share Price was a maximum of 117.85 USD and a minimum of 71.65 USD within 52 weeks.  Its average volume is 8,453,695 and it is ranked 99.648 in the MarketCap listings. The target point of IOC Share Price at the end of 1 year is not clear yet. The face value of the stock is 10 and its book value per share is 120.08. The UC limit of stock is 116.15 and its LC limit is 95,05.


Is IOC Share a Long-Term Investment?

While the government deregulates fuel prices, investors turn to these sectors. As the industry leader, Indian Oil is a very good stock to invest in. Because it has gained a lot of value when compared to other sectoral competitors. The IOC operates 8 refineries with a total refining capacity of approximately 50 million tons per year across the country.

Indian Oil is a leading manufacturer of downstream petrochemicals such as linear alkylbenzene (LAB) and purified terephthalic acid (PTA) in India. The company has recently started operations to produce polyethylene and polypropylene in Panipat. The IOC has a 52% stake in Chennai Petroleum, which has two refineries with a total capacity of 10.2 mt. He also has shares in 12 domestic E&P blocks, including 2 CBM blocks, apart from 9 blocks abroad. Developments of the company in this direction will also put the IOC Share Price in a positive upward trend.


What Is IOC Share in the Future?


Tomorrow’s motion Prediction of IOC Share Price as of 20 Jul 2021 seems indecisive. It may be Bearish or Bullish. You need to watch for the primary 1/2 of to make a choice in this stock. If it suggests symptoms and symptoms of weak spot withinside the latter 1/2 of, then this fashion can hold the next day as well. Similarly, if it suggests symptoms and symptoms of power withinside the latter 1/2 of, then this fashion can hold withinside the subsequent buying and selling consultation as well.

IOC Share Price calls to buy with a target price of Rs 152. Currently, the current market price of Indian Oil Corporation is Rs 112.1. The timeframe analysts predict is 1 year for it to go from Rs 112.1 to Rs 152.

It is a great advantage for the company that it operates in the Gas and Oil sector. The earnings of companies that provide work in these sectors are quite good for today. With the increase in demand for these sectors, the IOC Share Price will rise.

The risky part is what will happen to the company and its shares if these resources are exhausted. We do not know whether this process of depletion of resources coincides with the existence of the company. However, if the resources are exhausted, the company will suffer a great loss.

Financial Evaluation of IOC Share


The company shared its financial information for the quarter ending March 31, 2021. The company posted a 17.03% increase compared to its total revenue of 102928.47 Crore in the last quarter of 2020. Also, total revenue increased to 120460.02 Crore. In addition, it increased 1.01% compared to the same quarter of the previous year to 119255.60 Crore. The net profit of the company after tax is 8577.37 Crore.

We believe that the company will be on the rise with even more confident steps in the future. The rise of the company generally affects the stock perform well. Therefore, the future looks bright for the IOC stock price for now.