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John Deere Stock Price: John Deere CEO Sold More Than $72,000 in Stock Before The Strike

John Deere Stock Price: John Deere CEO Sold More Than $72,000 in Stock Before The Strike

John Deere Stock Price

John Deere Stock Price: John Deere CEO Sold More Than $72,000 in Stock Before The Strike

John Deere created the first steel plow in 1837, which was supposed to cut through sticky prairie dirt, leading in a five-year demand for DE (John Deere stock symbol) to manufacture more. Despite the vehicle’s effectiveness, some may wonder, “Why was the steel plow significant?” Prior to 1837, farmers had to take frequent stops to clear the prairie dirt from their cast-iron plows. Dirt and soil would readily slide off the moldboard with the advent of the John Deere steel plow, boosting overall productivity.

When the United States experienced a global recession in 1858, Deere’s 21-year-old son, Charles, took over as manager. After his father passed away in 1886, Charles took over as president and ran the firm for the next 21 years until his death in 1907.

The Deere Leader, Deere Roadster, and Moline Special were produced for a few years after that, but manufacturing ceased as the craze died down.

The firm planned to establish operations in Mexico, Germany, and Spain beginning in 1956. France, Argentina, and South Africa were added to the mix for the next several years. There are currently 104 John Deere offices worldwide, including 43 in the United States alone.

In 1998, the firm set a record of financial transactions by earning $1 billion in revenue. It was a first not only for DE (John Deere stock symbol), and the farm equipment sector world in general.

Whilst John Deere is best remembered for its farm products, the business has grown over the last century to fulfill the requirements of customers in a variety of sectors. Personal mowing, golf and grass, Gators and UTVs, industrial projects, and forestry are all included.

In this article, we will talk about John Deere stock in detail. We will write in detail the company’s features, news, John Deere Stock dividend fees, and all price analysis up to several years, such as John Deere Stock price forecast 2030.

Is John Deere Stock Going to Split?

When a firm, such as Deere, splits its stocks, the market cap remains steady following the initial split, implying that the shareholders now own more stocks, but each is priced at a decreased trading price.

Last month, the firm was planned to release quarterly results before the opening, and traders were eager to learn if its investments in robotics and technology had paid off. Deere just paid $250 million for Bear Flag, a producer of self-driving tractors.

According to last data released, John Deere Stock price is anticipated to earn $4.58 in the third quarter ended July, up from the ex-John Deere Stock price of $2.57 a year ago. Experts predict a 31% increase in revenue for John Deere Stock price.

In addition, the total price objective of John Deere Stock price is $420. Its agricultural and turf division accounts for 63% of overall sales.

Does Bill Gates own Deere stock?

According to Bill Gate’s investment company, disclosed last trading day in a statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission that it now owns 24.5 million stocks of Deere after purchasing stocks in recent months.

What is the age of Bill Gates?

Bill Gates has reached the age of 65. In 1987, Bill Gates was declared the world’s youngest billionaire.  In contrast, at the age of 31, Bill Gates became the world’s youngest billionaire. With only a net wealth of $12.9 billion in 1995, he became the richest person in the world.

Where can I buy John Deere stock?

Broadridge, the company’s transfer agent, is where you may buy registered stocks such as DE (John Deere stock symbol). Listed shares appear on Deere & Company’s share register, which is kept by Broadridge, and may be accessed by Deere & Company for stockholder base inquiries.

Why is John Deere stock falling?

Why is John Deere stock falling

Over the previous several trading days, the John Deere Stock price has declined by 5%. The latest drop for John Deere Stock price can be due to the increasing concerns about China’s slowing development if Evergrande, China’s largest real-estate business with over $300 billion in debt, defaults.

Who owns the most stock in John Deere?

Below, you can find the top 5 owners of Deere.

Stockholder Stake Shares
Total value ($) Shares
bought / sold
The Vanguard Group, Inc. 6.82% 21,132,912 7,081,004,824 +167,486 +0.80%
BlackRock Fund Advisors 4.42% 13,699,116 4,590,162,798 +654,451 +5.02%
SSgA Funds Management, Inc. 3.99% 12,362,126 4,142,177,559 -45,366 -0.37%
JPMorgan Investment Management, I. 3.31% 10,266,320 3,439,935,842 +2,552,956 +33.10%
Wellington Management Co. LLP 2.51% 7,783,838 2,608,130,599 +210,177 +2.78%

Is John Deere stock a good buy?

So far, we have written a lot of information about the company and the John Deere Stock price. Now, let’s look at the most curious questions of those who are considering investing in DE (John Deere Stock symbol) or who are looking for a stock of their own.

One of the most frequently asked, ‘Is John Deere Stock a Good Buy?’, id taking the first place. As with any investment research, other investors’ opinions and analysis of the stock are curious. In second place is research on John Deere Stock price target (Charts, reviews, ratings, historical prices). Very interestingly, unlike the others, John Deere Stock price forecast 2025 appears to be one of the least searched titles.

So now, let’s answer the most popular question, ‘Is John Deere Stock a Good Buy?’

Deere & Co. might be a good investment decision if you are seeking for companies with a high profit. Currently, John Deere Stock price is $331.840. The John Deere Stock price forecast 2025 is $689.348, based on the most forecasts of a long-term rise. The income for DE (John Deere Stock symbol) is anticipated to be about +107.74% after a 5-year investment. To be clear, your present $100 investment may be worth up to $207.74 as per the John Deere Stock price forecast 2025.

What all does John Deere make?

Deere & Company, the American business, produces farm equipment, construction machinery, forestry machinery, diesel engines, drive systems (axles, transmissions, gearboxes) used in construction machines, and lawn care equipment under the brand name John Deere.

How many John Deere tractors are sold per year?

How many John Deere tractors are sold per year

Since John Deere’s first plow in 1837, around 690 various tractor types have been created, built, and sold. This comprises 38 backhoe-loader tractors, 45 farm vehicles, 8 Waterloo Boy tractors, and 70 Lanz farm vehicles.

Does John Deere make their own engines?

Just about all the time, John Deere manufactures their own engines for their machines. Nevertheless, engines for lawn mowers and other machines requiring less Horsepower are manufactured elsewhere, mostly by Kawasaki, Briggs & Stratton, and Yanmar.

John Deere Stock Price Forecast 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

  • The current DE (John Deere Stock symbol) stock price is $331.840.
  • According to John Deere Stock dividend fillings, the firm will pay dividends of $1.05 per share on Nov. 1, up from a prior payout of 90 cents a share.
  • As per the John Deere Stock price target for one year, it can increase from $331.840 to $403.252. (We can say to the investors who ask ‘Is John Deere Stock a good buy?’, this information can help)
  • The long-term gaining profit (John Deere Stock price forecast 2030) is +21.52% as per the experts’ analysis about the John Deere Stock price target.
  • As per the charts of John Deere Stock price forecast 2030, the share price will be $689.348, which is also expected in John Deere Stock price target analysis.

Below, you can check the lists of forecasted prices.

John Deere Stock Price Forecast 2022

January 2022 Open: 353.632 Close: 360.375 Min: 353.632 Max: 360.375
February 2022 Open: 360.634 Close: 367.043 Min: 360.634 Max: 367.043
March 2022 Open: 367.259 Close: 370.180 Min: 367.259 Max: 370.180
April 2022 Open: 370.687 Close: 378.066 Min: 370.687 Max: 378.066
May 2022 Open: 378.113 Close: 380.920 Min: 378.113 Max: 380.920
June 2022 Open: 381.081 Close: 384.132 Min: 381.081 Max: 384.132
July 2022 Open: 384.537 Close: 390.965 Min: 384.537 Max: 390.965
August 2022 Open: 391.165 Close: 396.513 Min: 391.165 Max: 396.513
September 2022 Open: 396.707 Close: 400.532 Min: 396.707 Max: 400.532
October 2022 Open: 400.539 Close: 405.461 Min: 400.539 Max: 405.461
November 2022 Open: 405.767 Close: 414.808 Min: 405.767 Max: 414.808
December 2022 Open: 415.060 Close: 423.638 Min: 415.060 Max: 423.638
John Deere Stock Price Forecast 2023
January 2023 Open: 424.660 Close: 432.016 Min: 424.660 Max: 432.016
February 2023 Open: 432.174 Close: 438.690 Min: 432.174 Max: 438.690
March 2023 Open: 438.812 Close: 441.994 Min: 438.812 Max: 441.994
April 2023 Open: 442.360 Close: 449.457 Min: 442.360 Max: 449.457
May 2023 Open: 449.556 Close: 452.461 Min: 449.556 Max: 452.461
June 2023 Open: 452.623 Close: 455.971 Min: 452.623 Max: 455.971
July 2023 Open: 456.037 Close: 462.538 Min: 456.037 Max: 462.538
August 2023 Open: 462.804 Close: 468.047 Min: 462.804 Max: 468.047
September 2023 Open: 468.527 Close: 471.992 Min: 468.527 Max: 471.992
October 2023 Open: 471.977 Close: 477.090 Min: 471.977 Max: 477.090
November 2023 Open: 477.296 Close: 486.326 Min: 477.296 Max: 486.326
December 2023 Open: 486.866 Close: 494.667 Min: 486.866 Max: 494.667
John Deere Stock Price Forecast 2024
January 2024 Open: 495.681 Close: 503.560 Min: 495.681 Max: 503.560
February 2024 Open: 503.716 Close: 510.365 Min: 503.716 Max: 510.365
March 2024 Open: 510.763 Close: 513.320 Min: 510.698 Max: 513.320
April 2024 Open: 513.643 Close: 521.205 Min: 513.643 Max: 521.205
May 2024 Open: 521.321 Close: 524.450 Min: 521.321 Max: 524.450
June 2024 Open: 524.609 Close: 527.423 Min: 524.609 Max: 527.423
July 2024 Open: 527.443 Close: 534.344 Min: 527.443 Max: 534.344
August 2024 Open: 534.508 Close: 539.865 Min: 534.508 Max: 539.865
September 2024 Open: 540.117 Close: 543.425 Min: 540.117 Max: 543.460
October 2024 Open: 543.629 Close: 548.826 Min: 543.629 Max: 548.826
November 2024 Open: 549.324 Close: 558.128 Min: 549.324 Max: 558.128
December 2024 Open: 558.542 Close: 567.248 Min: 558.542 Max: 567.248
John Deere Stock Price Forecast 2025
January 2025 Open: 567.697 Close: 575.544 Min: 567.697 Max: 575.544
February 2025 Open: 575.754 Close: 582.203 Min: 575.754 Max: 582.203
March 2025 Open: 582.187 Close: 584.944 Min: 582.187 Max: 584.944
April 2025 Open: 585.265 Close: 592.756 Min: 585.265 Max: 592.756
May 2025 Open: 592.876 Close: 595.831 Min: 592.876 Max: 595.831
June 2025 Open: 595.992 Close: 598.870 Min: 595.992 Max: 598.892
July 2025 Open: 599.090 Close: 605.885 Min: 599.090 Max: 605.885
August 2025 Open: 606.335 Close: 611.200 Min: 606.335 Max: 611.200
September 2025 Open: 611.464 Close: 615.078 Min: 611.464 Max: 615.078
October 2025 Open: 615.183 Close: 620.642 Min: 615.183 Max: 620.642
November 2025 Open: 620.975 Close: 629.370 Min: 620.975 Max: 629.370
December 2025 Open: 629.830 Close: 638.718 Min: 629.830 Max: 638.718


We hope that the detailed information we have shared, such as John Deere Stock dividend price and many price forecasts, has been useful to you.