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MDX Crypto

MDX Crypto

Mandala Exchange News and MDX Crypto

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Mandala Exchange is powered by Binance, and it uses Binance liquidity to be able to add their own pairs. It makes fees cheaper than Binance therefore it is a great selling point for Mandala Exchange. As we all know Binance is one of the largest and most popular crypto currency exchanges in the world.Thanks to Binance cloud they have great features. It has hundreds of digital assets. It is stable and you can use it right now. It is also regulated and trusted as a global exchange. Being partnered with Binance is people’s security. They operate under the same set of security parameters that Binance does. People can transact in a safe way.

CEO of Mandala Exchange Joseph Reiben and CO Founder of Flashcoin gave an interview two weeks ago. In that interview Joseph Reiben said that Mandala worked as the first privately held non-Binance owned exchange. He also added that they are working with Binance cloud team and developers. If you and your friends signed up, you can share some of the trading rebates that you earn back through your trades on a monthly basis. Co-Founder of FlashCoin James Jr said that they choose to list on Mandala Exchange.

Flashcoin has been listed on Mandala Exchange. Flashcoin is not a currency coin, he said it is a community coin. It is a useful token that people can use. Mandala is easy to use and get connected and people can log in from all over the world. It is good for both Flashcoin and Mandala Exchange.

MDX Crypto: Mandala Exchange and Binance

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Mandala has launched an exchange at the end of 2020 and their crypto is MDX token. As I mentioned Binance helped them to build the exchange and the token which means if Mandala does well, Binance stands to gain. This is the main important point for most of investors because there is no better company than

Binance to have your back. Thanks to Binance help, Mandala offers low fees and innovative features and as you can think it is very similar to Binance. The main differences between Binance and Mandala is that Mandala has lower trading fees which is very important. You are going to pay nearly 0.005-0.008% in Mandala while you are going to pay 0.3% on UniSwap. You are going to pay a lot more on Binance. When you think like this you can understand that it is huge difference. In addition, their branding is also different.

MDX Token

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If you buy and hold MDX crypto you are going to get a rebate. For instance, if you buy 40,000 tokens and lock them for one month, you get a 0.02% rebate therefore it makes it cheaper to use the entire exchange. If you want to get a rebate you have to buy and lock your coins in Mandala. It is more user friendly and cost effective to trade on than Binance. You can save your money while trading and lock up your MDX crypto tokens to get rebates. It is an interesting project, and it will gain more popularity in the near future.

MDX crypto token announced that they are available with Coinmarketcap and coin gecko. Currently the price of MDX crypto is about $.01557.Their current rank is 3033. It can be a great opportunity before the world catches on. You should keep an eye on Mandala Exchange and MDX crypto. You can join their social media and follow them if you are interested to find about their news and updates.

You should always do your own research before investing. This is not a financial advice.