META Stock Forecast And META Stock Price: 2022 - 2030

META Stock Forecast and META Stock Price: 2022 – 2030

META Stock Forecast and META Stock Price: 2022 – 2030

After poor results, Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF price dropped a record 26 percent on Thursday, wiping down more than $200 billion in stock market worth.

META Stock ETF blamed Apple for the dismal quarter, suggesting during the results conference that the iOS advertising changes might cost Facebook $10 billion by 2022.

Why Did META Drop So Much?

MMAT Stock Nasdaq dropped 23% in after-hours trading on Wednesday after the business of META Facebook Stock announced dismal quarterly revenue and profitability that fell short of analyst META Stock Forecasts. META Facebook Stock officials blamed the loss in part on Apple’s new iOS security restrictions, which were implemented in October.

14 Days Historical META ETF Stock price Data

Date Opening META ETF Stock price Closing META ETF Stock price Minimum META ETF Stock price Maximum META ETF Stock price
2022-02-03 Open: 1.62 Close: 1.62 Low: 1.62 High: 1.62
2022-02-02 Open: 1.74 Close: 1.74 Low: 1.74 High: 1.74
2022-02-01 Open: 1.87 Close: 1.87 Low: 1.87 High: 1.87
2022-01-31 Open: 1.67 Close: 1.67 Low: 1.67 High: 1.67
2022-01-26 Open: 1.58 Close: 1.58 Low: 1.58 High: 1.58
2022-01-25 Open: 1.67 Close: 1.67 Low: 1.67 High: 1.67
2022-01-24 Open: 1.8 Close: 1.8 Low: 1.8 High: 1.8
2022-01-20 Open: 1.89 Close: 1.89 Low: 1.89 High: 1.89
2022-01-13 Open: 2.13 Close: 2.13 Low: 2.13 High: 2.13
2022-01-12 Open: 2.28 Close: 2.28 Low: 2.28 High: 2.28
2022-01-07 Open: 2.43 Close: 2.43 Low: 2.43 High: 2.43
2021-12-31 Open: 2.46 Close: 2.46 Low: 2.46 High: 2.46
2021-12-30 Open: 2.64 Close: 2.64 Low: 2.64 High: 2.64
2021-12-29 Open: 2.47 Close: 2.47 Low: 2.47 High: 2.47

Historical META ETF Stock price data:

  • MMAT Stock Nasdaq Volume (Previous Close): 3.44 M
  • META ETF Stock price in USD (Last): 1.690
  • 52 Week Change of Metaverse Stock Price: -1.510
  • 90-Day Moving Average: 3.213
  • Beta of MMAT Stock Nasdaq: 1.9369671882984
  • 52-Week High Metaverse Stock Price: 21.76
  • 52-Week Low META ETF Stock price: 1.38
  • 50 Day Moving Average of Metaverse Stock Price: 2.38
  • 200 Day Moving Average of Metaverse Stock Price: 3.86

Why Is META In Trouble?

MMAT Stock Nasdaq, which is the META Ticker, has previously believed that these features are financially destructive for platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. After all, company of MMAT Stock Nasdaq (the META Ticker) earns a lot of money by gathering your data and selling it to advertising. However, these security restrictions may endanger Facebook’s metaverse goals.

Why Did META Platforms Stock Drop?

META Stock Price plummeted Thursday after the social-media firm missed its quarterly MMAT Stock Forecast and described a laundry list of business concerns ranging from the growth of TikTok to Apple Inc.’s security improvements to macroeconomic limits on ad spending.

How Much Has Zuckerberg Lost?

How Much Has Zuckerberg Lost

The $29.8 billion loss suffered by Mark Zuckerberg is the second-largest single-day loss in historical past, trailing only the $35 billion loss suffered by the richest person in the world, Elon Musk, in November when he tweeted about having to sell 10% of his Tesla share. The week before, Musk’s personal wealth dropped by $25.8 billion, according to Bloomberg.

Wall Street Quotes: Is META a Good Stock to Buy?

Even after a collapse, MMAT Stock Nasdaq may be a good buy, but traders should proceed with caution and patience. MMAT Stock Nasdaq FB has missed earnings, operating profitability, and even its daily average number of users expectations. The business of MMAT Stock Nasdaq has also forecasted its weakest growth for the following quarter, the Metaverse Stock Forecast, which has investors concerned.

Why Is META Stock Dropping?

MMAT Stock Nasdaq (the META Ticker) once known as Facebook fell to an all-time low Metaverse Stock Price on Thursday as the social media company revealed a rare earnings loss owing to a strong increase in spending, unstable ad revenue performance, TikTok competition, and fewer daily U.S. users on its flagship network.

Is META Part of Facebook Stock?

Is META Part of Facebook Stock

For many years, META Stock ETF, originally known as Facebook, has been one of the world’s most valuable companies in the U.S. stock market.

Can You Buy Stock In META?

Since META Stock Nasdaq (the META Ticker) is offered to the public, it is also possible to buy META Stock Nasdaq.

But there is one question that generally confuses traders looking to buy META Facebook Stock.

Some traders argue that the Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF price is worth buying because it is currently undervalued. So, they say they will have a good investment in the future by buying now because META Stock price today is low.

Other traders, on the other hand, think the opposite and say that the low META Stock price today is a bad sign. They say there is a reason if the Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF price is low, and they may actually be right. If the META Stock price today is low, something important has happened.

Also, thanks to META Stock price today, MMAT Stock Forecast analysts have taken a step back and renewed their META Stock Predictions at a lower value.

META Stock Predictions & Metaverse Stock Forecast Metaverse Stock To Buy?

What’s more, the 3 month Moving Average Convergence Divergence of META Stock price today indicates a buy signal on the META Stock chart. Because of the META Stock price today, some negative indicators were also sent out, which may have an impact on the near-term growth. The short-term moving average of META Stock price today indicates a buy indicator for the Listed Funds Trust Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF price (META Ticker), while the long-term average indicates a general sell indicator, as per the META Stock chart.

Because the long-term average of Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF price is higher than the short-term average, there is a general sell indicator in the ETF, indicating a more bearish MMAT Stock Forecast for the company.

If the Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF price continues to rise, it will run into opposition from the long-term moving average around $14.01. If the Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF price falls, the short-term average around $12.75 will provide some support. A break above the long-term average of META Stock price today will provide another bullish indicator, while a break below the short-term trend will provide another sell indicator and enhance the overall signal.

On Thursday, February 03, 2022, a sell indicator was sent from a pivot top point, and the Metaverse Stock Price has since declined 0%. Further Metaverse Stock Price decline is predicted until a new bottom pivot is discovered, as MMAT Stock Forecast experts believe.

The volume on the META Stock chart declined on the last day, but the Facebook META Stock price remained unchanged. This does not result in a direct divergence, but it may serve as an early warning and a potential “turning point.” The extremely low volume of META Stock Nasdaq raises the danger and lowers the number of other technical warnings given.

  • Predicted Opening Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF price of Monday, February 7, 2022

The predicted opening META Stock Price is based on yesterday’s movements between high, low, and the closing Facebook META Stock price.

  • Fair opening Facebook META Stock price February 7, 2022: $13.00
  • Current Metaverse Stock Price: $13.00 (Undervalued)

MMAT Stock Forecast

Below you can see the META Stock Forecast data for the next years.

Date Opening META Stock Forecast price Closing META Stock Forecast price Minimum META Stock Forecast price Maximum META Stock Forecast price Change
MMTA Stock Forecast 2022
March 2022 Open: 2.425 Close: 2.288 Min: 2.196 Max: 2.425 Change: -5.97 %▼
April 2022 Open: 2.316 Close: 2.270 Min: 2.141 Max: 2.316 Change: -2.02 %▼
May 2022 Open: 2.268 Close: 2.336 Min: 2.187 Max: 2.336 Change: 2.94 % ▲
June 2022 Open: 2.337 Close: 3.219 Min: 2.337 Max: 3.247 Change: 27.4 % ▲
July 2022 Open: 3.238 Close: 2.975 Min: 2.932 Max: 3.238 Change: -8.85 %▼
August 2022 Open: 2.925 Close: 3.075 Min: 2.885 Max: 3.094 Change: 4.87 % ▲
September 2022 Open: 3.115 Close: 3.222 Min: 3.115 Max: 3.298 Change: 3.34 % ▲
October 2022 Open: 3.137 Close: 2.920 Min: 2.883 Max: 3.137 Change: -7.4 %▼
November 2022 Open: 2.934 Close: 2.562 Min: 2.562 Max: 2.956 Change: -14.52 %▼
December 2022 Open: 2.576 Close: 2.407 Min: 2.342 Max: 2.591 Change: -7.03 %▼
META Stock Forecast 2025
January 2025 Open: 3.967 Close: 4.271 Min: 3.967 Max: 4.271 Change: 7.12 % ▲
February 2025 Open: 4.313 Close: 4.852 Min: 4.313 Max: 4.865 Change: 11.12 % ▲
March 2025 Open: 4.775 Close: 4.678 Min: 4.595 Max: 4.775 Change: -2.07 %▼
April 2025 Open: 4.689 Close: 4.625 Min: 4.543 Max: 4.700 Change: -1.39 %▼
May 2025 Open: 4.662 Close: 4.732 Min: 4.576 Max: 4.732 Change: 1.47 % ▲
June 2025 Open: 4.799 Close: 5.606 Min: 4.799 Max: 5.655 Change: 14.4 % ▲
July 2025 Open: 5.609 Close: 5.331 Min: 5.309 Max: 5.609 Change: -5.23 %▼
August 2025 Open: 5.354 Close: 5.502 Min: 5.282 Max: 5.502 Change: 2.71 % ▲
September 2025 Open: 5.507 Close: 5.592 Min: 5.507 Max: 5.703 Change: 1.51 % ▲
October 2025 Open: 5.543 Close: 5.351 Min: 5.272 Max: 5.562 Change: -3.59 %▼
November 2025 Open: 5.319 Close: 5.037 Min: 5.012 Max: 5.339 Change: -5.6 %▼
December 2025 Open: 4.962 Close: 4.756 Min: 4.732 Max: 4.962 Change: -4.33 %▼


MMAT Stock Forecast data:

  • 52 Week High Metaverse Stock Forecast: 3.298
  • 52 Week Low META Stock Forecast: 1.862
  • 45-Day Moving Average of META Stock Forecast: 2.297
  • 90-Day Moving Average of META Stock Forecast: 2.269
  • As per the data of Meta Stock Forecast 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030 charts, the META Stock Price can increase from 1.690 USD to 2.681 USD in one year.
  • The long-term profit potential is +58.67% in a year.
  • According to 5-Year META Stock Predictions, the META Stock Price will be 5.820 USD in 5 years.

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