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Nike Stock Price: Should You Buy Nike Stock Right Now?

Nike Stock Price: Should You Buy Nike Stock Right Now?

Nike Stock Price

Nike Stock Price: Should You Buy Nike Stock Right Now?

Today, in this article, we will talk about NKE Stock forecasts and Nike stock price history.

For our readers who want to invest or are looking for stocks to invest, we have reviewed the Nike stock price history one by one and thoroughly researched the NKE stock forecast comments.

Please note that this article is written for NKE stock forecast information only and is definitely not an investment advice.

Nike Stock Price Live

When we look at Nike stock price live from the official financial sites, we see that Nike Stock now is rising and falling. Although this may seem confusing, there is actually nothing to be afraid of. As with any stock, the numbers can move back and forth by small amounts.

Also, on the sites where you view Nike stock price live, you can see the NKE Stock forecasts made in addition to the price. What’s more, you can also access Nike share price history and Nike stock dividend history on most such sites.

Nike Stock Dividend

Quarterly Nike stock dividends are paid on or about January 5, April 5, July 5, and October 5 of each calendar year as declared by the Board of Directors. All Nike stock dividend amounts have been adjusted to reflect all Nike share price history splits and have been rounded to the nearest thousandth.

Board of Directors of NKE announced that they declared a quarterly cash Nike stock dividends of $0.275 Nike stock price today per share.

NKE Stock Forecast 2022, 2025, 2030

Nike originally set a goal in 2015 to reach $50 billion in annual revenue by that year. The company was forced to push that goal back to 2022 after previously stumbling against adidas, but the company is on track to reach that goal despite setbacks from the pandemic. To reach that goal, the company would need to grow its revenue from fiscal 2019 ($39.1 billion) at a compound annual growth rate of about 9%.

Like the rest of the apparel sector, the company appears poised to capitalize on pent-up demand once the pandemic is over. Stores will reopen, Summer Olympics should continue after a delay this year, and there’s sure to be a surge of spending on streetwear like the classic Nike sneakers.

Nike’s future looks bright. With rising profit margins, tailwinds from the end of the pandemic, and a clear leadership position in the industry, the stock should continue to be one of the winners over the next five years.

Is NIKE, Inc. (NKE) a buy, sell, or hold?

Looking at the Nike stock price today per share and the NKE stock forecasts made, we can say that Nike Stock is a ‘Strong Buy’.

What is NIKE, Inc.’s stock price today?

Nike stock price today per share is $145.95, which is -0.070 (0.048%). Nike stock price today per share opened at $145.88, with a high $147.88 and a low $145.44.

What is Nike Stock News Today?

According to Nike Stock news today, after publishing their first quarter of income September 23, Nike share price today decreased by 4%. However, the NKE stock forecast is expected that the second quarter’s sales increase would be low.

Nike share price today, which is at $145.95, was prepared to decrease for technical traders without news since the stock had set a bear flag on the daily chart with the lower pole that was produced between September 10 and September 20 and the rise of the flag channel that formed the next four days.

Between September 24 and Sept. 28, Nike stock price history dipped by almost 9% lower than the percentage pole of the Bear flag length (the expected measured move). On Wednesday, the stock increased around 1,75% and the high day on Tuesday was cleared.

There are two shortcomings within Nike’s stock, and since there are 90% gap, stock will probably trade into both areas at some point in the future. Nike share price today has a gap underneath, partially between about $134 and $145 and a gap between the levels of $151 and $158.

The positive rise on Wednesday caused the relative strength index (RSI) of Nike share price today to rise over the 30%. On Tuesday, the RSI of the stock fell to around 25%, calling it over-selling. If a stock RSI falls below the 30% level, this is an acquisition signal for technical traders.

Nike stock now trades below the exponentially moving averages of eight days and 21 days with the eight-day EMA trend below 21 days, both of which are unusual signals. Nike stock now trades beyond the overall sentiment of the 200-days simple, rising average. On Tuesday, NKE tested and bounced the level.

Bulls want to see Nike share price today rise above a $150 level of resistance to retrieve the 8-day EMA to negate another probable pattern of bear flags, according to Nike stock news today. If the Nike share price today can regain support, then the gap can be filled.

Also, bears want to see huge bearish volume coming in and Nike share price today to drop under the 200-day SMA with 145$ in support or slowly rising the in an ascending channel to generate a bear flag. Nike stock now has support for $139 below $145 level.

Nike Stock Price History

Nike stock price today per share is $145.95. If you want to get an NKE Stock Forecast other than the NKE Stock Forecasts we mentioned in our article, you can check the Nike stock price history list for September 2021 below.

Date Open High Low Close Adj Close Volume
Sep 30, 2021 145.71 147.48 145.63 145.71 145.71 2,355,572
Sep 29, 2021 145.71 147.94 145.69 146.02 146.02 7,790,700
Sep 28, 2021 147.34 147.53 145.00 145.30 145.30 10,692,300
Sep 27, 2021 149.51 149.91 147.29 148.04 148.04 11,479,300
Sep 24, 2021 151.04 151.85 148.00 149.59 149.59 26,900,700
Sep 23, 2021 158.71 160.29 158.27 159.58 159.58 11,981,500
Sep 22, 2021 156.79 158.00 155.60 157.44 157.44 6,844,800
Sep 21, 2021 155.09 156.13 153.58 155.02 155.02 5,857,900
Sep 20, 2021 153.73 155.27 152.32 154.25 154.25 7,041,200
Sep 17, 2021 157.96 161.00 156.07 156.42 156.42 7,944,800
Sep 16, 2021 157.59 159.01 157.20 157.60 157.60 5,085,900
Sep 15, 2021 157.50 158.32 155.67 157.91 157.91 6,827,100
Sep 14, 2021 159.17 159.39 157.07 158.76 158.76 5,323,900
Sep 13, 2021 161.56 162.92 158.33 159.52 159.52 8,814,500
Sep 10, 2021 164.25 165.66 163.44 163.59 163.59 4,250,300
Sep 09, 2021 165.26 166.15 163.20 163.34 163.34 8,414,800
Sep 08, 2021 162.00 162.09 159.75 160.71 160.71 6,591,700
Sep 07, 2021 163.70 163.86 161.91 162.64 162.64 5,648,800
Sep 03, 2021 163.20 164.17 162.22 163.29 163.29 4,254,500
Sep 02, 2021 165.24 165.43 162.79 163.67 163.67 4,632,100
Sep 01, 2021 164.92 166.62 164.08 164.56 164.56 4,706,500

When examining the Nike share price history list above, we see that the price is constantly changing. There is no need to worry about the Nike stock now, which is still constantly moving throughout the day. But at the same time, when examining the NKE Stock forecasts, it seems impossible to hope for the rise of this stock.