NVDA Stock Price

NVDA Stock Price

NVDA Stock Price

NVDA Stock Price

nvidia stock price

NVIDIA Corparation is a company that designs and manufactures computer graphics processors, chipsets and related multimedia software for gamers.

Today, NVDA stock price fluctuates between 595-605 USD. It is ranked 357.98B in the MarcetCap listing. With a volume of 16.82M USD, NVDA stock price averages 600USD.

In the last year, NVDA stock price reached the highest 648 USD, while the lowest 319 USD.

What is Nvidia Corporation?

nvidia stock price

Nvidia Corporation is a technology company based in California and aimed at gamers. It contributes to the gaming industry by producing graphics processors (GPU) for gamers, mobile devices and on-chip systems (SoC) for the automotive market. GeForce is the company’s main family of graphics processor products and is the biggest competitor of AMD’s Radeon products. Nvidia technological products include SHIELD Portable, SHIELD Tablet and SHIELD Android TV products.

Nvidia’s biggest focal points since 2014 have been gaming, professional visualization, data centers and automotive. As well as providing GPU production, Nvidia provides researchers and scientists with parallel processing capabilities to run high-performance applications efficiently and well. NVIDIA is one of the world’s fastest CPU system manufacturers and supports over 130 supercomputer brands in the TOP 500 list.

Their success in the semiconductor market started with GeForce and NForce. This situation has continued with the recent production of graphic processors for game consoles such as PlayStation 3 and Xbox. In addition, it has become one of the biggest brands in the sector with its memory size, increase in processing capacity and mobile GPUs designed for mobile devices that need innovative graphics solutions.

Establishment of Nvidia

nvda stock price

Nvidia was founded in 1993 by Jen Hsun Huang. Jen Hsun Huang also worked at AMD for a period. It launched its first product named “NV1”, 2 years after its establishment. The name nVidia was created by combining the Latin “N” (highest degree) and “Vidia” (opinion) meanings.

It launched the first GPU in 1999. In 2002, it reached a total of over 100 million sales, and in 2005 it started working with PlayStation 3 and provided them with graphics processors.

In 2007, it collaborated with DirectX 10 and launched the 8800 series GPUs with the G80 chipset before its rival ATI. G80 ultra series competitor ATI 2900XT has achieved higher success although it is 90 nm and contains fewer transistors while it is 80 nm.

What Has Nvidia Done?

  • 1993 Establishment of Nvidia
  • 1994 Partnership with SGS-Thompson
  • 1995 Launch of the first product
  • 1996 Introducing the First Microsoft Direct Drivers
  • 1997 Launch of RIVA 128 and 1 million sales in the first four months
  • 1998 Partnership with TSMC
  • 1999 The invention of the GPU
  • 2000 Acquisition of graphics pioneer 3DFX
  • 2001 Entry into the graphics market integrated with NForce
  • 2002 NVIDIA’s selection of America’s fastest growing company
  • 2003 Buying Media Q
  • 2004 SLI launch and increase in graphics power of personal computers
  • 2005 Development of the processor of the Sony Playstation 3
  • 2006 Presenting the Cuda architecture
  • 2007 Company of the year by FORBES
  • 2008 Launch of Tegra Mobile Processor
  • 2009 Powering the world’s most powerful supercomputer
  • 2010 First GPU technology conference and introduction of Fermi architecture
  • 2011 1 billionth processor
  • 2012 Kepler architecture based GPU
  • 2013 Tegra 4 Mobile Processor Family
  • 2014 Tegra K1 Shield Tablet Launch
  • 2015 Nvidia Drive
  • 2016 PASCAL, DGX-1, DRIVE PX 2
  • 2017 New GPU Architecture Volta
  • 2018 – Turing Architecture
  • 2019 High Performance Computing Mixing, Data Center Autonomous Vehicle, Professional Graphics Marketplace
  • 2020 Addition of Mellanox, Purchase of Arm, Plans, Ampere GPU Architecture

Market Value

The market value of NVIDIA shares is $ 330 billion. It is traded on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange and is included in the cfd product group of GCM Forex with the NVDA code.

Stock Price of All Time

NVIDIA’s data and daily share price chart are available since 1999. NVDA stock price is currently 599.67 USD.

In the period up to this day, NVDA stock price reached 645.49 USD on April 15, 2021. With this rise, it made a big impression at that time. The highest NVDA stock price in 52 weeks is $ 648.57, which is 8.2% above the current stock price. The lowest NVDA stock price in 52 weeks is $ 319.87, which is 46.7% below the current stock price. During these 52 weeks, the average NVDA stock price is 507.87 USD.