NVIDIA Stock Split

NVIDIA Stock Split

NVIDIA Stock Split

NVIDIA Stock Split

nvidia stock price

Nvidia is basically an American technology company that designs graphic processing units for the gaming and professional markets. If you are into PC’s Nvidia is one of the biggest and most popular brands. They are a computer design company which is very strong. People believe that it is a great company for the long term.

NVIDIA is a really popular and standout performer, therefore their stocks more than doubled last year and they are increasing now as well. Actually, this is not the first time for NVIDIA to go stock splits. Their first two for one NVIDIA stock split was in 2000 and it was a successful move. After that they experienced their second two for one split in April 2006. After these two two-for-one splits, they went with three for two splits in September 2007. These 3 splits have increased the number of shares owned by holders and investors. After this last NVIDIA four for one stock split news, if you have owned their stock since the early 2000s, you will own 48 shares for one individual.

Nvidia announced a potential NVIDIA stock split (four-for-one) . This news made some investors excited. Stock price is up about 2.52%. In March 2020 the stock was trading at between $250-$300. After the crash it dropped all the way down to $180. However, this stock was nonstop moving in an upward direction. This was a strong move by Nvidia. Then it’s kind of stabled out around $500-$550 before taking off again and went to the $600 level.  It pumped up after the news. The stock price jumped from $590 to $610 after the news within 5 minutes.

What is Nvidia 4 For 1 stock Split?

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The company is growing bigger, they want to entice you to buy this share because $600 is very hard to purchase for a single person. Therefore, the Nvidia stock split (four-for-one) will give you the chance. If you own one individual share today, they will give you three more. This means you get 4 shares. If you cut $600 by four it will be worth $150 stock.

NVIDIA stock split is announced. The company’s directors approved that move which says they will make their shares more accessible for investors. This NVIDIA stock split will come with a stock dividend. For every share they will give 3 additional shares. However new shares will come after July 19.

What Is A Stock And How To Start Investing?

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When you buy a stock from a company, you own a small little share of that company. If that company grows, it means your share also grows as well. You can invest for companies that have been around for decades for a long term or you can invest for new companies if you see the potential in them to grow more. You have to buy their stocks when their stock price is down because it is the right time to buy. You can sell it when it is high or hold it for a long term and wait to grow more. You can use Robinhood to buy your stocks.

When it comes to getting started to buy and invest in stocks, the first thing that you are going to need is a brokerage account. It is like an online bank account. You can buy and sell stocks through that. These accounts take a fee for every trade that you have made. Your brokerage account is based on your opinion and country. You have to choose the account first. Some of them are giving one or two free stocks as a bonus. You can do paper trading if you are a beginner. It is basically you are buying and selling stocks and getting experience from that.