Polygon Price In May/2021

Polygon Price in May/2021

Polygon Price in May/2021

Polygon MATIC is Flying

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Polygon is a protocol and network, and it connects with Ethereum blockchain Network

Polygon price (MATIC) has very strong impulse to the upside. It quickly grows in just a few short weeks. Matic network was founded in 2017 by Jayanti Kanani and Anurag Arjun and Sandeep Nailwal. This trio were software developers. Matic network was designed to be blockchain agnostic. It means any other blockchain can serve as the parent chain. Moreover, MATIC network incorporates a second blockchain in its architecture.

This second blockchain is Heimdall. This uses proof of stake consensus mechanism. When it comes to market cap Polygon can be the largest scaling protocol. Matic token is also used to pay for transaction fees on the plasma chain. Polygon Matic Crypto is not a competitor to Ethereum like others therefore you cannot compare them. This network is still alive. The Matic token is the token which powers the entire Polygon ecosystem.

Polygon Price and Predictions

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Ethereum is one of the biggest blockchain development platforms however it has very limitations like gas fee and slow system. Polygon started to come into the picture and this move effect Polygon price (MATIC). Everything that Ethereum meant to do has to be run on Polygon. It means all of d5s and all of nfts are going to be run on Polygon.

 We all know that transactions in Ethereum are very slow and expensive. However, there is one project that fixed this problem. It is Polygon. It is becoming the scaling solution for Ethereum. We are seeing a lot of price movement of Polygon MATIC. It is up %34 and the Polygon price (MATIC) is $1.70 today. It is already 112xed. It is ranked 35th on market cap. Polygon price (MATIC) is likely to continue to pump in the future because of its network.

However, as I said, do not forget that the crypto market is very volatile, and everything can change in a few days. It has a $9 Billion market cap but If it makes into the top 10 cryptocurrencies, it would be around $30 Billion. It means you can nearly 4x your Polygon (MATIC) investment.

There are some sellers at $1.50 level. Polygon has a market cap approximately $9 Billion however numbers can change anytime. On today’s chart we saw a huge pump to the upside. It was %27. During the last 90 days, it has been going up.  Polygon offers the most attractive set of futures and it will be more user friendly. They said that they will get zero gas fee for transactions therefore it will be easier for people and investors to create their own project on their network. They have user experience, security, developer experience and many more and they say all of these futures are in one particular crypto Polygon MATIC. Experts believe that it will become a huge project in 2022.

Polygon Updates

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The Graph supports the Polygon, and this move makes it possible for developers to index data from the DApps that are built in the Polygon network. There are so many DApps that use the Polygon such as Aave, QuickSwap, SushiSwap, Augur, chainlink and many more. Polygon also partnered with Chainlink. It will help to introduce verifiable randomness to the polygon ecosystem. Atari partnered with Decentraland to build a cryptocurrency casino and this partnership will be powered by Polygon too.  Coinbase’s listing of the Polygon MATIC token was one of the biggest news that happened in March. This move had an effect on Polygon price (MATIC) movement.

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