Raven Coin Price 2022 - 2030

Raven Coin Price 2022 – 2030

Raven Coin Price 2022 – 2030

rvn coin price

Raven Coin Price 2022 2030

Raven coin allows users to integrate their assets into the blockchain Raven coin. It also provides a messaging system for those who own this cryptocurrency and the Raven coin network allows recording of personal assets. Raven coin price has increased greatly since the year it was launched.

Raven Coin Price: What Is Raven Coin ?

what is raven coin

Raven coin is a project started and developed under the leadership of Bruce Fenton. Raven coin is named after the bird distribution system in the novel “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George RR Martin. Although it was mined on October 31, 2017, mining became liberal on January 3, 2018, the 9th anniversary of the creation of the first Bitcoin block.

Raven coin, developed using Bitcoin’s hard fork, is seen as an alternative to ERC-20 protocols.

Raven coin has a similar mechanism and idea to Bitcoin. The difference is that it has a different hash algorithm from Bitcoin. Security is one of the top priorities for Raven coin. Raven coin has a bright future for users to create digital assets on this network and prepare the ground for them to continue trading.

Purpose of Raven Coin

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The general purpose of Revan Coin is to ensure the free and safe movement of various assets by using an open source code that can be continuously developed.

Developers argue that if the global economy is affected by actors using various blockchains, the way capital markets operate today could change. According to them, as frontiers and jurisdictions become more able to trade assets, and trading transactions across borders grow more and more, they may be less relevant. In an era where people can instantly move significant amounts of assets using Bitcoin, developers think global consumers will likely demand the same efficiency in securities and similar assets.

Raven coin debuted on October 31, 2017. Its mining, on the other hand, was launched on January 3, 2018, to coincide with the ninth anniversary of the launch of Bitcoin.

Raven coin has a phased development program and work on the creation of its platform and the new mining algorithm x16r is ongoing.

Raven coin is not pre-mined and its mining is done with proof of work.

The developers include many use cases in the project’s white paper. However, many of these are just a simple proposition yet. In addition, physical assets such as physical value stores, fiat currencies, real estate, in-game currencies or e-tickets for sporting events can be sent and transported through Raven coin. Each asset to be sent is represented by an intangible token created by the Raven coin platform user.

Is Raven Coin Safe?

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Security is one of the key points that Raven coin cares about. Since the blockchain itself works similarly to Bitcoin, the more secure Bitcoin is, the more secure Raven coin can be considered. The source of this secure market value is the strong mining community. In this context, it also shows that the future in the market is bright with the increase in Raven coin price.

Raven coin provides privacy as well as secure. Raven coin distinguishes between a token holder’s address and their real identity. This prevents the true identity of the Raven coin owner being known.

The developers also emphasize that they will incorporate new and better technologies to secure their systems and protect the privacy of their users.

Raven Coin Price

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Raven coin saw its highest price with $ 0.080258 on June 3, 2019, and its lowest price on March 13, 2020, with $ 0.008794. The circulating supply of the crypto currency with a total supply of 21 billion RVN is 7.465.525.000 RVN.

Today, Raven coin price is 0.153280 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of 211,452,797 USD. However, Raven coin has dropped by 0.02% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap rank is 89 with a live market value of 1,345,045,129 USD. Today Raven coin price averages 0.13570-0.15778 USD and the price is constantly updated.