Revain Coin Price In May/2021

Revain Coin Price in May/2021

Revain Coin Price in May/2021

Revain Coin Price

revain coin price

Today we will walk about Revain details and Revain coin price. However, these are definitely not investment advice. This article has been prepared for informational purposes only.

Along with the new and changing world, terms that we did not know before were added to our lives in all areas. Of course, this innovation has also happened in the field of Economics. In recent days, terms such as cryptocurrency are often included in our lives. Although people prefer the old methods, especially when it comes to money, they ask questions such as what cryptocurrencies are, are they safe etc.

As the days passed, the value of cryptocurrencies also increased with increasing demands for various reasons, and people began to invest in this area. As demand and requests increased, the varieties of cryptocurrencies also increased among themselves. One of them is the Revain Coin. In this article, we talked about what is Revain Coin, what is Revain Coin price, and general information about Revain Coin.

What is this Revain?

revain coin

Revain is an Ethereum blockchain-based online platform designed to enable developers to get constructive feedback on their projects. It is usually a concept that includes token reviews. This platform was also established to provide high-quality assessments of authors.

Revain is known as the first platform to combine the features of all traditional review sites and blockchain technologies. The goal of the Revain platform is to create a legal and real feedback structure for all global products and services that use new technologies such as blockchain.

Revain implements a variety of AI tools and manual inspection systems to ensure and maintain the high quality of the reviews it contains. The main features of the protocol it contains include:

  • Various legal reviews: Revain uses only original content from experts in its field on its website.
  • Stable system structure: there are two different tokens that ensure the proper functioning of the system. These are REV and RVN. The RVN token is used to facilitate interactions between users on the platform.
  • Immutable information systems: the system does not allow regular users and Revain to modify and edit the information that other users have already been present.

RVN is the internal token of the Revain platform. All operations in Revain are done via RVN. Review authors write high-quality reviews and earn rvn tokens as rewards if they keep them in their Revain accounts.

RVN is a stable token, and its value is calculated using the following formula:

1 RVN = (1 USDT + 1 USDC + 1 TUSD) / 3

REV token, on the other hand, is Revain’s main token. It can be accepted and traded on many popular exchanges such as Erc-20 and OKEx and KuCoin. With REV tokens, they can purchase RVN tokens from other companies and use them as a reward for review authors.

Revain Coin Price

revain price

Of course, Revain Coin prices vary according to demand, but let’s look at the statistics together.

Revain Coin price today; its value was observed as $0.02652. Revain Coin price change was 9.38% in the last 24 hours. The lowest and highest values in the last 24 hours were recorded as $0.02373/ 0.02731 respectively. Trading volume was set at $7,409,690 in the last 24 hours. Volume /market capitalization was 0.003272, while market dominance was 0.09%. The market ranking was recorded as #70.

If we look at the Revain Coin price history, the lowest and highest figures in the last seven days are $0.01288 /$0.05607, respectively. The lowest and highest figures of the last thirty days were again observed as $0.0128 /$0.05607, respectively. Revain Coin prices are the lowest and highest in the last ninety days $0.01208 /$0.05607. All-time high Revain Coin price Feb 18, 2018 (3 years ago) $4.49 while the lowest Revain Coin price is Nov 11, 2020 (6 months ago) registered as $0.01013.