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Robinhood Stock Price Prediction – 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

Robinhood Stock Price Prediction – 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

Robinhood Stock Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

Robinhood Markets Inc’s stock plummeted as investors worried about the company’s slowing growth, high losses, and impending regulatory issues.

Robinhood Markets Inc’s income increased by 245 percent in 2020 as more individual investors piled into joke shares and cryptocurrencies across the Covid outbreak. However, as per the Robinhood Stock Price Forecast experts, it anticipates sales to increase by around 88 percent in 2021.

While this is still a remarkable growth rate, Robinhood Markets Inc’s monthly active users (MAUs), funded accounts, assets under custody (AUC), and average revenue per user (ARPU) all decreased significantly last quarter.

HOOD Stock attributed the decline to the market’s declining interest in Doge Coin (CRYPTO:DOGE), which represented for 40% of its cryptocurrency transaction-based profit as during the quarter. Competitors from other free trading sites is also likely to have worsened the slowdown.

After making a little income in 2020, Robinhood Markets Inc lost a lot of money in the first nine months of 2021. Those losses may be ascribed to a convertible note issuance it made in terms of staying solvent during the Reddit-fueled price correction in early 2021, along with huge stock-based compensation expenditures for its top executives and employees.

Last quarter, Robinhood Markets Inc serviced 18.9 million MAUs, although its average account size was just approximately $3,500. Schwab (NYSE:SCHW), which serves 32.9 million active investment accounts in the most recent quarter, had a $240,000 average account size. As a result, while Robinhood Markets Inc has a large user base, its marketplace is still dwarfed by established brokerages.

However, regulators in the United States are looking into the payment for order flow (PFOF) concept, which subsidizes Robinhood Markets Inc’s commission-free trades. PFOF transactions are already prohibited in some nations, and a prohibition in the United States would compel HOOD Stock to begin collecting fees.

Robinhood Stock Price Forecast experts predict that HOOD Stock’s revenue will increase by 91 percent in the end of 2021, but only by 22 percent in 2022 as it remains profoundly unprofitable. On the plus side, the HOOD Stock is trading at less than seven times next year’s revenues, suggesting that its downside potential may be limited at existing levels.

What Does Robinhood Markets Inc Do?

Robinhood Markets Inc is a financial services network based in the United States. Its system provides users to trade in shares, marketplace funds, options, gold, and cryptocurrencies. In addition, Robinhood Markets Inc provides a variety of learning and education services, which include Snacks, a digest of company news stories; Learn, a bundle of approximately 650 publications, such as guides, feature tutorials, and a financial glossary; Newsfeeds, which provide free premium headlines from sites such as Barron’s, Reuters, and The Wall Street Journal; and lists, that also enable users to create custom watchlists to track stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies, along with payment services. Robinhood Markets Inc was founded in 2013 and is located in Menlo Park, California.

HOOD Stock Price Today

Currently, the HOOD Stock Price is 18.26 USD today.

14 Days Historical HOOD Stock Price Data

Date Opening HOOD Stock Price Closing HOOD Stock Price Minimum HOOD Stock Price Maximum HOOD Stock Price
2021-12-29 Open: 17.47 Close: 17.11 Low: 16.78 High: 17.47
2021-12-28 Open: 18.15 Close: 17.45 Low: 17.45 High: 18.38
2021-12-27 Open: 18.665 Close: 18.44 Low: 18.305 High: 18.665
2021-12-23 Open: 18.01 Close: 18.9 Low: 18.01 High: 19.13
2021-12-22 Open: 18.25 Close: 18.38 Low: 18.09 High: 18.85
2021-12-21 Open: 18.39 Close: 18.93 Low: 18.3 High: 18.93
2021-12-20 Open: 18.7 Close: 18.03 Low: 17.61 High: 18.7
2021-12-17 Open: 17.375 Close: 19.1 Low: 17.375 High: 19.165
2021-12-16 Open: 19.75 Close: 18.14 Low: 17.92 High: 19.75
2021-12-15 Open: 18.97 Close: 19.5 Low: 18.095 High: 19.59
2021-12-14 Open: 19 Close: 19.13 Low: 18.6 High: 19.435
2021-12-13 Open: 20.05 Close: 19.7 Low: 18.995 High: 20.05
2021-12-10 Open: 21.59 Close: 20.13 Low: 19.855 High: 21.59
2021-12-09 Open: 23.44 Close: 21.91 Low: 21.78 High: 23.44


Historical HOOD Stock Price data:

  • Robinhood Markets Inc’s Market Cap (Previous Close): 13.33 B
  • HOOD Stock Price in USD (Previous Close): 17.110
  • Share Volume of Robinhood Markets Inc (Previous Close): 8.41 M
  • HOOD Stock Price in USD (Last): 18.265
  • 90-Day Moving Average of Robinhood Markets Inc Stock: 30.952
  • 52 Week High HOOD Stock Price: 85
  • 52 Week Low HOOD Stock Price: 17.08
  • 50 Day Moving Average of HOOD Stock: 25.88
  • HOOD Stock’s 200 Day Moving Average: 37.76

Is Robinhood (HOOD Stock) Legit?

Is Robinhood (HOOD Stock) Legit

Yes, Robinhood Markets Inc and its HOOD Stock are completely secure. Because Robinhood Markets Inc is a participant of the SIPC, your investments are secured up to $500,000 for stocks and $250,000 for cash payments. Moreover, Robinhood Markets Inc is a financial firm, which are controlled by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Can I Buy HOOD Stock?

Because Robinhood Financial supports Fractional Shares, you may invest in stocks and ETFs in fractional part amounts in contrast to all of the share quantities. On Robinhood Markets Inc, fractional shares can be less than 1/1000000 of a stock, and buying fractional stocks is real-time and commission-free.

Is HOOD Stock a Buy?

HOOD Stock completed the most latest trading day at $17.11, down 1.95 percent from the prior session. This movement behind the S&P 500’s 0.14 percent rise for the day. The Dow increased 0.25 percent, but the Nasdaq, which is heavily weighted with technology, lost 0.34 percent.

The firm’s stock has dropped 32.73 percent in the previous month as of today. Over the same period, the financial industry increased by 2.58 percent, while the S&P 500 increased by 4.32 percent. As it approaches its next revenue announcement, Robinhood Markets Inc will be trying to show strength.

Recent revisions in analyst Robinhood Stock Price Predictions may also be of importance to marketers. These recent changes seem to reflect the changing nature of short-term industry developments. As a result, upward adjustments to estimates show analyst confidence about the company’s operations and profitability, as with the Robinhood Stock Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030 data.

According to Robinhood Stock Price Forecast research, these estimate changes are directly tied to near-term HOOD Stock Price momentum. To capitalize on this, we created the Zacks Rank, a unique methodology that considers these estimate changes and delivers an actionable grading system.

The Zacks Rank methodology, which levels stocks from #1 (Strong Buy) through #5 (Strong Sell), has a remarkable outside-audited proven history of out-performance, with #1 stocks earning a +25 percent average yearly return since 1988.  Robinhood Markets Inc’s HOOD Stock has a Zacks Rank of #2 (Buy) right now.

The Finance category includes the Financial Investment Bank industry. This sector has a Zacks Industry Score of 15, putting it in the top 6% of all 250+ businesses.

The Zacks Industry Score assesses the strength of some industry groupings by calculating the average Zacks Rating of the securities within the groupings. According to our Robinhood Stock Price Prediction and also to the other analysis, the top half of graded businesses outperform the bottom half by a margin of two to one.

Make sure of to keep track of all these stock-moving variables, as well as others, throughout the next trading sessions.

Robinhood Stock Price Forecast Stats

Robinhood Stock Price Forecast Stats

In general, HOOD Stock investors profit each quarter when Robinhood Markets Inc develops faster than Wall Street expected and boosts its Robinhood Stock Price Prediction above the average.

Through that logic, it’s no surprise that HOOD Stock Price has plummeted in the aftermath of its last earnings report. HOOD Stock Price plummeted as its third-quarter income fell “far short of estimates on weaker crypto trading,” as per CNBC. In particular, Robinhood’s cryptocurrency, HOOD Stock, income fell 78 percent from the second quarter to $51 million in the September-ending quarter.

This dampened Robinhood Markets Inc’s overall revenue, which increased 35% yearly but declined 18% short of the Refinitiv projection at $365 million.

Robinhood Markets Inc’s net loss of $2.06 was 50% more than the Refinitiv’s Robinhood Stock Price Prediction.

The company offered a pessimistic HOOD Stock Forecast. It advised traders to expect “seasonal headwinds and reduced retail trading” in its results for the December 2021-ending quarter.

According to CNBC, it advised shareholders to anticipate revenue of little more than $325 million, with 660,000 new customers acquired.

These outcomes did not bother Robinhood Markets Inc. “Q2 was sort of one of those anomalous market circumstances where there’s this enormous demand just in doge,” Robinhood Markets Inc CFO Jason Warnick told CNBC. When those times occur, we are ecstatic. It’s an excellent technique to attract a large number of new clients to the platform.”

Robinhood Stock Price Prediction

Robinhood Stock Price Predictions for the next days

Date Robinhood Stock Price Prediction Min Robinhood Stock Price Prediction Max Robinhood Stock Price Prediction
2021-12-31 Price: 15.559 Min: 14.460 Max: 16.691
2022-01-03 Price: 15.321 Min: 14.191 Max: 16.345
2022-01-04 Price: 15.530 Min: 14.419 Max: 16.611
2022-01-05 Price: 15.442 Min: 14.379 Max: 16.488
2022-01-06 Price: 15.050 Min: 13.986 Max: 16.201
2022-01-07 Price: 13.855 Min: 12.711 Max: 14.973
2022-01-10 Price: 13.617 Min: 12.457 Max: 14.737
2022-01-11 Price: 13.826 Min: 12.679 Max: 14.949
2022-01-12 Price: 13.738 Min: 12.555 Max: 14.819

Robinhood Stock Price Prediction data:

  • 52 Week High Robinhood Stock Price Prediction: 15.665
  • 52 Week Low Robinhood Stock Price Forecast: 0.000001
  • 45-Day Moving Average of HOOD Stock Forecast: 11.232
  • 90-Day Moving Average of Robinhood Stock Price Prediction: 6.678
  • According to Robinhood Stock Price Forecast 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030 data, future HOOD Stock Price may decline from 18.265 USD to 0.000001 USD. This change of Robinhood Stock Price will be -100.00%.

Below you can check the Robinhood Stock Price Forecast data for next years.

Date Opening Robinhood Stock Price Forecast Closing Robinhood Stock Price Forecast Minimum Robinhood Stock Price Forecast Maximum Robinhood Stock Price Forecast Change
Robinhood Stock Price Forecast for 2022
February 2022 Open: 8.955 Close: 2.889 Min: 2.889 Max: 9.741 Change: -209.95 %▼
March 2022 Open: 3.032 Close: 0.0362 Min: 0.0362 Max: 3.818 Change: -8278.74 %▼
April 2022 Open: 0.0271 Close: 0.000086 Min: 0.0000861 Max: 0.0271 Change: -31433.7 %▼
May 2022 Open: 0.000065 Close: 0.000001 Min: 0.000000154 Max: 0.0000646 Change: -41944.99 %▼
June 2022 Open: 0.000001 Close: 0.000001 Min: 0.000001 Max: 0.000000115 Change: -41944.77 %▼
July 2022 Open: 0.000001 Close: 0.000001 Min: 0.000001 Max: 0.000001 Change: -31433.76 %▼
August 2022 Open: 0.000001 Close: 0.000001 Min: 0.000001 Max: 0.000001 Change: -55959.81 %▼
September 2022 Open: 0.000001 Close: 0.000001 Min: 0.000001 Max: 0.000001 Change: -41944.92 %▼
October 2022 Open: 0.000001 Close: 0.000001 Min: 0.000001 Max: 0.000001 Change: -31433.78 %▼
November 2022 Open: 0.000001 Close: 0.000001 Min: 0.000001 Max: 0.000001 Change: -41944.88 %▼
December 2022 Open: 0.000001 Close: 0.000001 Min: 0.000001 Max: 0.000001 Change: -41944.98 %▼
Robinhood Stock Price Forecast for 2023
January 2023 Open: 0.000001 Close: 0.000001 Min: 0.000001 Max: 0.000001 Change: -41944.99 %▼
February 2023 Open: 0.000001 Close: 0.000001 Min: 0.00000001 Max: 0.000001 Change: -23550.29 %▼
March 2023 Open: 0.000001 Close: 0.000001 Min: 0.000001 Max: 0.000001 Change: -55959.81 %▼
April 2023 Open: 0.000001 Close: 0.000001 Min: 0.000001 Max: 0.000001 Change: -23550.31 %▼
May 2023 Open: 0.000001 Close: 0.000001 Min: 0.000001 Max: 0.000001 Change: -55960.08 %▼
June 2023 Open: 0.000001 Close: 0.000001 Min: 0.000001 Max: 0.000001 Change: -41931.23 %▼
July 2023 Open: 0.000001 Close: 0.000001 Min: 0.000001 Max: 0.000001 Change: -35999.98 %▼