Solana Stock Price Prediction: 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

Solana Stock Price Prediction: 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

Solana Stock Price Prediction: 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

SOL Stock, the Solana Cryptocurrency, has been on a precipitous drop. Already battling with the cryptocurrency sell-off at the end of last week, the Solana Price dropped another 13% to $87.11 Monday (24 January).

That implies the Solana Coin has lost 57% of its price since December 27th.

The shock waves created by bitcoin’s (BTC) unexpected and dramatic 26 percent collapse last Friday extended across the altcoin industry, causing this current dip. Nevertheless, despite the fact that bitcoin had a decrease over the weekend, SOL Coin has continued. Part of the upheaval has been attributed to network instabilities.

Throughout $200 billion of value exited the speculative cryptocurrency sector, and stock markets around the world were also rattled, with the Nasdaq Composite falling roughly 6% as investors’ capital fled to stable ground in government securities.

Concerns about the Federal Reserve tightening US monetary policy and perhaps faster-than-expected interest rate increases sent bitcoin down 26 percent to a low of $34,349 on Saturday morning. Now, BTC has lost another 2% of its value.

The marketplace was also startled last week when Russia’s central bank proposed a cryptocurrency ban. Russia is known as one of the worlds largest cryptocurrency capitals, with approximately 12% of the population owning cryptocurrency and it being the third largest mining country.

Solana Cryptocurrency has now fallen to eighth place in the list of the major cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, trailing XRP and ADA, which are sixth and seventh, correspondingly. As of early this morning (January 28), the Solana Price of $87.11 is the lowest and has been since August of last year.

What Is the Future of Solana?

Most of the experts’ Solana Stock Price Predictions were positive, predicting that the SOL Price would rise to $419 in a year’s time. According to the Solana Stock Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030 data, the SOL Coin Price will rise to an average of $1,516 by the beginning of 2027.

DigitalCoin’s Solana Stock Price Prediction was less optimistic, predicting that the Solana Coin will remain significantly below $1,000 over the duration of the seven-year SOL Price Prediction period. According to its Solana Stock Price PredictionSOL Coin Price would reach $122 in 2022, rising to $196 in 2025 and $371 in 2029. The site makes Solana Price Forecasts based on past SOL Coin data.

Based on the PricePrediction’s SOL Price Prediction, the long-term Solana Price will be at $147 in 2022, $459 in 2025, and $2,802 by 2030.

Why Is Solana Going Down?

Why Is Solana Going Down

The Solana Cryptocurrency Price reduction might be due to factors other than the cryptocurrency itself. The cryptocurrency industry as a whole has suffered in recent weeks, with the values among many major cryptocurrencies, notably Bitcoin and Ethereum, plummeting.

Solana Stock Price Today

Currently, Solana Stock Price Today is 90.954 USD, (+0.573%).

14 Days Historical Solana Stock Price Data

Date Opening SOL Price Closing SOL Price Minimum SOL Price Maximum SOL Price
2022-01-27 Open: 92.0702 Close: 89.6414 Low: 86.2515 High: 94.06
2022-01-26 Open: 94.7133 Close: 92.2394 Low: 89.8583 High: 102.338
2022-01-25 Open: 91.6573 Close: 94.7033 Low: 87.7682 High: 99.634
2022-01-24 Open: 99.5379 Close: 91.6398 Low: 81.2387 High: 99.5379
2022-01-23 Open: 94.4269 Close: 99.6116 Low: 93.5935 High: 104.299
2022-01-22 Open: 112.754 Close: 94.2 Low: 89.2872 High: 112.817
2022-01-21 Open: 127.624 Close: 111.781 Low: 108.067 High: 128.378
2022-01-20 Open: 135.545 Close: 127.174 Low: 127.174 High: 143.415
2022-01-19 Open: 141.44 Close: 135.808 Low: 133.38 High: 142.294
2022-01-18 Open: 139.971 Close: 141.559 Low: 134.896 High: 142.466
2022-01-17 Open: 147.947 Close: 139.925 Low: 137.55 High: 148.206
2022-01-16 Open: 147.72 Close: 147.863 Low: 146.444 High: 151.692
2022-01-15 Open: 146.22 Close: 147.811 Low: 144.503 High: 149.187
2022-01-14 Open: 146.099 Close: 146.16 Low: 142.561 High: 150.31


Is Solana Coin a Good Investment?

Is Solana Coin a Good Investment

SOL Coin has multiple bad indications and is in a very broad and downward trend, therefore we anticipate SOL Cryptocurrency will continue to perform poorly in the coming days or weeks. As a result, we have a poor opinion on SOL Cryptocurrency. Since the last review, we have improved our analytical result for this cryptocurrencies from a Strong Sell to a Sell option.

The suitability of SOL Cryptocurrency for your portfolio is determined by your risk tolerance, asset diversification, and the amount of investment you intend to trade. When considering whether to trade in extremely volatile assets such as bitcoins, it is critical to conduct your own studies to discover if they are a suitable fit for your investment. Please never spend more than you can afford to lose.

Will Solana Stock Continue to Rise?

As per the forecast services’ Solana Price Predictions, the Solana Coin will continue to climb in the next years. Nevertheless, bare in mind that the tremendous volatility of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies makes precise price prediction impossible. Forecasting services may and do make mistakes, so you should conduct your own studies to prove informed trading choices. Remember that previous success is no guarantee of future success.

Solana Stock Price Predictions for the next days

Date Solana Stock Price Prediction Min Solana Stock Price Prediction Max Solana Stock Price Prediction
2022-01-29 Price: 85.521 Min: 71.628 Max: 100.134
2022-01-30 Price: 86.025 Min: 72.161 Max: 100.254
2022-01-31 Price: 80.206 Min: 65.652 Max: 92.624
2022-02-01 Price: 79.265 Min: 65.299 Max: 93.326
2022-02-02 Price: 80.732 Min: 67.211 Max: 93.909
2022-02-03 Price: 74.728 Min: 60.593 Max: 88.945
2022-02-04 Price: 68.699 Min: 54.646 Max: 82.272
2022-02-05 Price: 64.770 Min: 51.592 Max: 78.524
2022-02-06 Price: 65.274 Min: 51.746 Max: 79.854
2022-02-07 Price: 59.455 Min: 45.670 Max: 72.986
2022-02-08 Price: 58.514 Min: 43.435 Max: 72.235
2022-02-09 Price: 59.981 Min: 45.977 Max: 73.990
2022-02-10 Price: 53.977 Min: 40.777 Max: 67.728
2022-02-11 Price: 47.948 Min: 34.538 Max: 60.662


How Much Will Solana Be Worth?

  • The long-term Solana Price Prediction from the experts put the Solana Cryptocurrency Price at an average of $147 for 2022, $459 in 2025 and $2,802 by 2030.
  • As per the data of Solana Stock Price Predictions, the Solana Price can increase from 90.954 USD to 329.508 USD in a year.
  • In one year, the long-term profit potential is +262.28 percent.
  • Moreover, 5-Year Solana Price Forecast is 1279.820 USD.

Furthermore, the SOL Price fluctuated below $1 from its debut until July 2020, reaching $2 in January 2021. As the larger cryptocurrency markets rose, the SOL Price proceeded to rise, reaching an intraday high of $58.30 on May 18.

The Solana Cryptocurrency then retreated and bottomed out at $22.18 on July 19, in accordance with the stocks, which began a fresh rebound in midsummer. SOL Stock Price then surged in September, reaching a new intraday high of $214.96 on September 9th as uptake rose. The prices fell in late September before rebounding, and the SOL Stock Price recorded a new intraday high of $260.06 on November 6th. The price subsequently dropped back to $200 as bigger coins like as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) withdrew out of their own peak levels.

As per CoinShares’ weekly reporting, cryptocurrency portfolio inflows into Solana Coin were $0.5 million in the week ending January 7.