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Southwest Airlines Stock: LUV Stock Underperforms on Friday Compared to Rivals

Southwest Airlines Stock: LUV Stock Underperforms on Friday Compared to Rivals

Southwest Airlines Stock: LUV Stock Underperforms on Friday Compared to Rivals

Southwest Airlines Stock (LUV:NYSE) declined 0.51 % to $40.99 on the last trading day, while Delta Air Lines Inc. DAL, -0.51 % declined 0.51 % to $40.99, United Airlines Holdings Inc. UAL, +0.19 % increased 0.19 % to $48.00, and American Airlines Group Inc. AAL, +1.73 % increased 1.73 % to $19.98. Volume of trading (7.6 million) surpassed the 50-day average volume of 6.8 million.

Today, in this article, we will take a glance at the well-known Southwest Airlines Stock (LUV:NYSE). On the NYSE, the Southwest Stock has seen significant stock price volatility in recent months. The Southwest Airlines Stock price was soaring to highs of $55.06 and declining to lows of $47.36. Some stock price changes might provide traders with a better opportunity to enter the stock and perhaps buy at a cheaper price. The question is whether the current Southwest Airlines Stock price of $51.25 reflects the company’s real value. Or is it now undervalued, giving the chance to buy?

What Is Southwest Airlines Company?

Southwest Airlines Co. is a passenger airline that offers planned air travel services in the United States and nearby overseas markets. The firm operates a total fleet of 718 Boeing 737 airplanes as of December 31, 2020, and provided 107 locations in 40 states, the District of Columbia, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and also ten near-international regions, including Mexico, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Aruba, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Belize, Cuba, the Cayman Islands, and Turks and Caicos. The firm also includes Colorado, Miami, Hilo, Hawaii, California, Cozumel, Mexico, Steamboat Springs, Florida, Palm Springs, and Montrose, Colorado.


Furthermore, the business offers in-flight entertainment and connection options on Wi-Fi-enabled airplanes, as well as the Rapid Rewards loyalty system, which allows members to earn credits for dollars spent on Southwest base prices. Additionally, the business offers a suite of digital tools to help consumers with their travel requirements, including, a mobile platform and applications, and SWABIZ, an online reservation tool. It also provides additional services such as Southwest’s EarlyBird Check-In, enhanced boarding, and pet and unattended minor transportation. The firm was established in 1967 and is based in Dallas, Texas.

What is Southwest Airlines Worth?

The SWA Stock (LUV:NYSE) is still trading at a decent price, which is wonderful news for traders. As per our estimate, the SWA Stock has an intrinsic value of $80.51, but it is currently being listed on the stock market for $51.25, signaling that there is still time to buy. Nevertheless, because the SWA Stock is extremely volatile (i.e., Southwest Stock price movements are exaggerated in comparison to the rest of the stock market), Southwest Stock price might decline further, providing us another opportunity to buy in the future. This is due to the increased beta, which is the measure of Southwest Stock price volatility.

4 Things You Need to Know About Southwest Airlines (LUV)

Southwest Airlines has been a mainstay of domestic flights in the United States. Whilst other airlines claim more accommodating services and extravagant additions, Southwest Airlines has committed to a business strategy of shorter, cheaper flights that appeal to customers seeking quick and easy trip plans.

While Southwest Airlines has become associated with airplane travel, there are a number of facts about the firm that most people are unaware of. Let’s discover four facts about Southwest Airlines that every customer should be aware of.


  • Southwest Airlines was founded with just three planes and a timeline that demanded four planes in 1972, which meant the firm obliged to complete a rapid turnaround in order to preserve its timelines on track.
  • Southwest Airlines concentrates on two efficiency and logistics among one of its main distinctions, serving to U.S. consumers who demand fast, reduced flight costs.
  • During the first nine years of Southwest Airline’s operation, the company worked as a passenger airline with only three destinations in Texas: Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio.
  • Southwest Airline was one of the first airline companies to provide customers with a webpage, an online reservation system, and full access to discount coupons.
  • When Southwest Airlines actually started, it performed a love-themed marketing strategy, which inspired the LUV ticker symbol (ticker of the Southwest Stock).

The efficiency of Southwest Airlines’ processes is one of its remarkable features. It’s significant to note that its fast turnaround duration was born out of failure. It’s noted for having a great gate-to-gate cycle times and constant on-time operations.

Earlier in 1972, once the company was just getting started, it had to sell one of its four Boeing 737s, one of its planes, to cover bills and stay in business. Despite selling one of its planes, Southwest maintained their four-aircraft program. Southwest Airlines developed a 10-minute turnaround to satisfy the demands of a four-plane program with only three flights.

Southwest Airlines maintains operating effectiveness as one of its main distinctions to this day, continuing to improve rapid turnaround so customers can go from point A to B as soon as possible.

  1. During Its First Nine Years of Business, Southwest Only Has Three Locations

Whilst Southwest Airlines nowadays can take customers all throughout the United States, this has not been the case. Earlier in 1966, a bunch of Texas businessmen decided to deviate from the standard airline sector and offer a commuter airline service to passengers.

  1. The Firm Was Founded with A $500,000 Investment Projects

The founders of Southwest intended it as a Texas passenger airline covering Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.

Southwest Airlines developed a no-frills strategy to flying due to the nature of the business strategy. Rather than attempting to be all over at the expense of economy, Southwest Airlines concentrated about becoming exceptional in the destinations it covered.

As competition and revenues increased, Southwest planned to increase in 1975, eventually becoming the dominating airline that customers currently know.

  1. Southwest Is a Leader in Consumer-Helping Technology
  • Southwest Airlines Is a Leader in Consumer-Helping Technology.

Southwest Airlines is much more than a leader in passenger airplane travel. Southwest also was one of the first airline companies to offer a webpage and an online reservation system.

Southwest Airlines developed its first public webpage, “Southwest Airlines Home Gate,” in 1995.

Whilst customers could not yet reserve flights online using Home Gate, they could get up-to-date details and airline routes. Fu ticUVrthermore, web customers of the Home Gate may be eligible for coupons and discounts on airline travel.

Southwest Airlines offered a business trip reservation service in 2000. This was an amazing addition to its web features, and it appealed to the sort of customer that used Southwest Airlines the most: business travelers. This enabled business travelers to get discounts immediately from Southwest Airlines instead of through corporate discounts.

  • Why Is South Stock Called LUV?

Southwest became one of the first airline companies that can provide customers with a webpage, an online reservation system, and full access to coupons and discounts. Once Southwest Airlines first launched, it launched a love-themed advertising strategy, which inspired the LUV ticker symbol (ticker of the South Stock).

What Is the Type Of LUV Stock?

Southwest Airlines Stock, also known as LUV Stock, is a type of Common Stock.

What is the Highest LUV Stock Has Been?

Historical daily chart of LUV Share Price and data for LUV Stock since 1980, adjusted for divisions. The latest closing Southwest Airlines Stock price is $50.36, as of October 15, 2021 (last trading day).

  • On January 2, 2018, the closing Southwest Airlines Stock price was $66.29.
  • The 52-week high Southwest Airlines Stock priceis $64.75, which is 26.3% higher than the current Southwest Airlines Stock price.
  • The 52-week high Southwest Airlines Stock priceis $64.75, which is 26.3% higher than the current Southwest Airlines Stock price.
  • The average Southwest Airlines Stock price over the previous 52 weeks is $52.37.

Does Southwest Airlines Stock Pay Dividends?

Southwest Airlines Stock (LUV:NYSE) does not pay a dividend.

What Kind of Expansion Will Southwest Stock (LUV:NYSE) Experience?

Traders seeking to diversify their portfolios may wish to examine a company’s prospects before buying its stock, such as LUV Stock. Whilst stockholders would claim that the intrinsic value compared to the Southwest Stock price is the most important factor, a more appealing investment strategy would be strong potential for growth at a low Southwest Stock price. In the case of Southwest Airlines, earnings are anticipated to double over the next few years, signaling an extremely positive future. If prices of SWA Stock do not soar at the very same pace or higher, this upper-line expansion should result in greater cash flows, resulting in a higher Southwest Stock price.

What this implies for you:

Are you a stockholder? Because LUV stock price today is at a low value, and this might be an excellent time to increase your investment in the company. With such a positive outlook on the future, it appears that the LUV stock price today has not yet properly reflected in this increase. Nevertheless, there are other things to examine, such as financial stability, which might explain the present loss in LUV stock price today.

Are you a potential trader? If you’re already watching LUV share price for a while, this could be a good moment to buy. Its bright future prospects aren’t completely represented in the LUV stock price today, which indicates it wouldn’t be too late to invest at this value of LUV share price.

LUV Share Price Forecast

Based on the previous 30 days, the LUV Share price forecast for tomorrow and the following two weeks is shown below.

LUV Share Price Forecast for the Upcoming Days

Date Avg. Price Min. Price Max. Price
2021-10-18 Price: 51.401 Min: 49.499 Max: 53.436
2021-10-19 Price: 51.190 Min: 48.987 Max: 53.129
2021-10-20 Price: 50.960 Min: 48.835 Max: 53.175
2021-10-21 Price: 50.981 Min: 48.904 Max: 53.023
2021-10-22 Price: 51.177 Min: 49.026 Max: 53.363
2021-10-25 Price: 52.078 Min: 50.027 Max: 54.233
2021-10-26 Price: 51.867 Min: 49.818 Max: 54.096
2021-10-27 Price: 51.636 Min: 49.566 Max: 53.712
2021-10-28 Price: 51.658 Min: 49.567 Max: 53.683
2021-10-29 Price: 51.854 Min: 49.700 Max: 54.007

LUV Share price target in 14 days is $54.233 highest and $48.345 lowest.

LUV Share Price 14 Days Historical Data

Date Opening price Closing price Minimum price Maximum price
2021-10-15 Open: 51.76 Close: 50.36 Low: 50.36 High: 51.76
2021-10-14 Open: 51.72 Close: 51.51 Low: 51.455 High: 52.04
2021-10-13 Open: 51.42 Close: 51.25 Low: 50.91 High: 51.495
2021-10-12 Open: 52.13 Close: 52.18 Low: 51.915 High: 52.41
2021-10-11 Open: 52.505 Close: 51.67 Low: 51.67 High: 53.24
2021-10-08 Open: 53.84 Close: 53.92 Low: 53.56 High: 54.3
2021-10-07 Open: 54.46 Close: 54.04 Low: 54.04 High: 54.895
2021-10-06 Open: 53.43 Close: 54.45 Low: 53.24 High: 54.45
2021-10-05 Open: 54.76 Close: 54.47 Low: 54.47 High: 55.325
2021-10-04 Open: 55.36 Close: 55.06 Low: 55.06 High: 55.555
2021-10-01 Open: 54.24 Close: 54.35 Low: 53.03 High: 54.58
2021-09-30 Open: 51.83 Close: 51.43 Low: 50.995 High: 51.83
2021-09-29 Open: 52.75 Close: 52.54 Low: 52.54 High: 53.305
2021-09-28 Open: 53.43 Close: 53.05 Low: 52.76 High: 53.435


  • Southwest Airlines Stock price today is $51.25.
  • The Southwest Airlines Stock price can decline from $51.25 to $50.20, which means the percentage of change will be -0.3052.

LUV Stock price forecasts from 2021 to 2026 are shown below.

Date Opening price Closing price Minimum price Maximum price
November 2021 Open: 52.460 Close: 53.920 Min: 52.460 Max: 53.920
December 2021 Open: 53.917 Close: 53.468 Min: 53.398 Max: 53.986
January 2022 Open: 53.438 Close: 53.545 Min: 53.438 Max: 53.598
February 2022 Open: 53.609 Close: 53.916 Min: 53.605 Max: 54.128
March 2022 Open: 53.916 Close: 52.322 Min: 52.322 Max: 53.916
April 2022 Open: 52.363 Close: 51.956 Min: 51.956 Max: 52.412
May 2022 Open: 51.707 Close: 51.301 Min: 51.079 Max: 51.707
June 2022 Open: 51.279 Close: 50.077 Min: 50.077 Max: 51.313
July 2022 Open: 50.116 Close: 49.943 Min: 49.925 Max: 50.203
August 2022 Open: 49.787 Close: 49.853 Min: 49.526 Max: 49.853
September 2022 Open: 49.888 Close: 50.660 Min: 49.888 Max: 50.758
October 2022 Open: 50.505 Close: 50.094 Min: 50.013 Max: 50.515
November 2022 Open: 50.161 Close: 51.550 Min: 50.160 Max: 51.550
December 2022 Open: 51.567 Close: 51.122 Min: 51.068 Max: 51.634
January 2023 Open: 51.086 Close: 51.248 Min: 51.086 Max: 51.258
February 2023 Open: 51.240 Close: 51.634 Min: 51.240 Max: 51.790
March 2023 Open: 51.564 Close: 50.035 Min: 49.998 Max: 51.564
April 2023 Open: 49.959 Close: 49.691 Min: 49.691 Max: 50.075
May 2023 Open: 49.449 Close: 48.936 Min: 48.744 Max: 49.449
June 2023 Open: 48.934 Close: 47.791 Min: 47.757 Max: 48.983
July 2023 Open: 47.712 Close: 47.488 Min: 47.488 Max: 47.862
August 2023 Open: 47.502 Close: 47.499 Min: 47.193 Max: 47.502
September 2023 Open: 47.588 Close: 48.354 Min: 47.588 Max: 48.414
October 2023 Open: 48.209 Close: 47.796 Min: 47.674 Max: 48.221
November 2023 Open: 47.792 Close: 49.198 Min: 47.792 Max: 49.198
December 2023 Open: 49.273 Close: 48.781 Min: 48.733 Max: 49.300
January 2024 Open: 48.736 Close: 48.880 Min: 48.736 Max: 48.916
February 2024 Open: 48.891 Close: 49.231 Min: 48.891 Max: 49.456
March 2024 Open: 49.232 Close: 47.713 Min: 47.680 Max: 49.232
April 2024 Open: 47.624 Close: 47.172 Min: 47.172 Max: 47.735
May 2024 Open: 47.082 Close: 46.644 Min: 46.410 Max: 47.082
June 2024 Open: 46.571 Close: 45.473 Min: 45.446 Max: 46.600
July 2024 Open: 45.377 Close: 45.146 Min: 45.146 Max: 45.517
August 2024 Open: 45.108 Close: 45.200 Min: 44.862 Max: 45.200
September 2024 Open: 45.267 Close: 45.910 Min: 45.267 Max: 46.064
October 2024 Open: 45.924 Close: 45.442 Min: 45.340 Max: 45.924
November 2024 Open: 45.514 Close: 46.902 Min: 45.514 Max: 46.902
December 2024 Open: 46.905 Close: 46.441 Min: 46.389 Max: 46.968
January 2025 Open: 46.424 Close: 46.597 Min: 46.424 Max: 46.597
February 2025 Open: 46.606 Close: 46.953 Min: 46.606 Max: 47.129
March 2025 Open: 46.738 Close: 45.294 Min: 45.294 Max: 46.738
April 2025 Open: 45.332 Close: 44.823 Min: 44.823 Max: 45.391
May 2025 Open: 44.754 Close: 44.299 Min: 44.061 Max: 44.754
June 2025 Open: 44.244 Close: 43.049 Min: 43.049 Max: 44.281
July 2025 Open: 43.085 Close: 42.809 Min: 42.809 Max: 43.178
August 2025 Open: 42.827 Close: 42.815 Min: 42.519 Max: 42.827
September 2025 Open: 42.873 Close: 43.624 Min: 42.873 Max: 43.729
October 2025 Open: 43.568 Close: 43.147 Min: 43.011 Max: 43.568
November 2025 Open: 43.164 Close: 44.523 Min: 43.164 Max: 44.523
December 2025 Open: 44.547 Close: 44.075 Min: 44.046 Max: 44.639
January 2026 Open: 44.077 Close: 44.239 Min: 44.077 Max: 44.245
February 2026 Open: 44.236 Close: 44.667 Min: 44.236 Max: 44.792
March 2026 Open: 44.470 Close: 43.003 Min: 42.970 Max: 44.470
April 2026 Open: 42.970 Close: 42.495 Min: 42.495 Max: 43.048
May 2026 Open: 42.481 Close: 41.946 Min: 41.719 Max: 42.481
June 2026 Open: 41.909 Close: 40.758 Min: 40.728 Max: 41.953
July 2026 Open: 40.723 Close: 40.528 Min: 40.511 Max: 40.849
August 2026 Open: 40.376 Close: 40.483 Min: 40.176 Max: 40.483
September 2026 Open: 40.570 Close: 41.267 Min: 40.570 Max: 41.401
October 2026 Open: 41.232 Close: 40.997 Min: 40.985 Max: 41.249

In this article, we have explained in detail the information you need to know about Southwest Airlines Stock and its company. We hope we have been able to assist investors who are considering investing in Southwest Airlines Stock or looking for a suitable stock.

Please note that this article is not investment advice. It is written for informational purposes only. If you are going to invest, you have to decide with your own logic after research.