Starbase Coin Price

Starbase Coin Price

Starbase Coin Price

Starbase Coin Price

starbase coin price

After Elon Musk’s tweet about Starbase coin, this coin pumped over 3000%. It has been around for a long time in the coin market. You can check out the graph of starbase coin price.  It hit $1.60 in 2017. However, Starbase coin prices did not go up after that.

People usually do not talk about Starbase coin because it lost its popularity. Starbase coin price was around $0.003. Elon Musk’s tweet was good enough to pump Starbase coin by %3000. Elon Musk has a very big impact in the crypto community, and it shows that really well. Do not be surprised if Elon Musk starts talking about it like other coins. If Elon Musk tweet that they will accept the Starbase coin as a form of payment, this coin will go to the moon.

How to Buy It on Trust Wallet?


Firstly, you need to download the Trust Wallet app and coin market cap app. After you have done that you are going through the verification process on the Trust Wallet app.  Then you have to purchase Ethereum and the minimum amount of Ethereum that you can purchase is $50. After you have finished purchasing, you have to go to the coin market cap app, top on the search icon and find starbase to trade.  You can also look at the analytics and read more about the coin that you want to trade with this app.

You have to click on Ethereum toolboxes to copy the address and go back into Trust Wallet. You can choose UniSwap exchange from there. You will see the Ethereum exchange that you have purchased. You have to paste the link that you have copied earlier. You are ready to buy Starbase coin.

Elon Musk Effect on Crypto Market

Starbase Coin

Starbase platform was launched in 2018. It has gained its attention today from so many people. This not popular cryptocurrency called Starbase started to go up in price after SpaceX CEO Elon musk tweeted about it on Tuesday. Everybody knows that Elon Musk has influence in the crypto market and he did it with a photo of the word “starbase”.

After two hours Starbase coin price went from $0.005 to $0.2.  Before this change, the coin was unknown, and most people were not sure about what this coin is.

One day after Elon Musk’s tweet investors started to trade it more than before. Its market cap is about $4.8 Million. Some investors think that it will drop if Elon Musk does not tweet with the Starbase name anymore. Starbase coin price is currently $0.02499.

Elon musk is the person that has one of the biggest effects in the crypto market. When he tweets about some coins, some investors start to buy it right away because they know that that coin will become popular. We saw some examples like Dogecoin. Dogecoin is one of the most popular and biggest meme altcoins in the market and it became this popular thanks to Elon Musk.

We also saw that when Elon Musk said that Tesla will not accept Bitcoin as a form of payment, Bitcoin started to go down. We can see Bitcoin crash in 2021. A lot of people lost their money because of that. Therefore, we can say that Elon Musk has influence in the crypto market.

How to Buy It In India?

Unfortunately, it is unknown cryptocurrency therefore it is not available in India exchanges. However, it does not mean that you cannot buy it. You can buy Starbase coins from Metamask or Trust Wallet.

This is not a financial advice. Do your own research before putting your money and invest the money that you can afford.