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Today we will take a look at TAWNF Stock prices. These are not investment information. We recommend that you do your own research.

Do not take any of this content as a financial advice and do your own research. When one stock makes a noticeable move in a single day, people and investors start to talk about it and take a closer look at it.

TAWNF share made its major move a few days ago. It climbed around %26. This is a TAWNF share that went insane. In just one day it went from $0.16 to $5.95.  It ran up multiple %100 on the day. It still has the potential to run a lot more. At the beginning of the week, the company revealed the news about its new restructuring plan. They said that they need at least half of the creditors to give permission for its restructuring plan. Unfortunately, because of the Covid 19 Pandemic, this Thai Airways International Public Company and TAWNF share were damaged by the travel industry.

Therefore, they believed that this restructuring plan could save the company. It can be a good choice for interested people to keep an eye on the developments of the company. Thai Airways is the most popular airline of Thailand and behind this company they have Thailand’s finance ministry. This TAWNF  was trading for $2 2-3 months ago so it has seen significant change since then. If we see any news from this company and TAWNF , we will update you.

What is the Stock Market and How Does It Work?

tawnf stock

A lot of people are curious about how and why it moves up and down and who controls that. The stock market is a marketplace where buyers and sellers trade shares in companies therefore the stock means a piece of a company. You are going to be an owner for one of those companies. Basically, if you are making money, it means the company does well. The share price is based on the earnings.

There are different types of stock which are available. Common stock just like its name, it is the most common type of stock and it is basically you have ownership in a company, so you have the right to vote for the company’s decisions.

Preferred stocks do not give you any voting right and it is harder to lose or gain value because it not as volatile as common stocks. You do not have to buy or share individual companies’ stocks. You can also purchase shares of ETFs which means you are going to buy a small portion of a bunch of different companies.

The price we see, only represents what people are willing to pay for it. There is no magic. The price we see changed every time is not more than the last price that stock was bought at or sold at. If the stock prices going higher, it means there are more buyers than sellers therefore if there are more sellers than buyers the stock price will continue to decrease. This is all done automatically and completely invisibly through a digital database.

What is a Stock Market Index? 

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Stock market indexes are mathematical averages which tells you how the stock market is doing. As the prices change, the index would change too because its average. That is a calculated average of many different components can be considered in the index. The S&P 500 is the most common and widely used stock market index is the average of the 500 largest US companies. The level of this index is expressed as points. For instance, you can say that the S&P is up 20 points, down 10 points. The S&P 500 stands for Standard & Poor’s and 500 components in the index and this is the company that created the index. There are over 4000 stocks in the US, but it has 500 largest and most popular companies.