TELUS Stock Price

TELUS Stock Price

TELUS Stock Price

TELUS Stock Price

telus stock price

TELUS stock price today is 27.51 USD with a volume of 1,414,650. At the same time, its chart fluctuates between 27.42 USD – 27.60 USD. TELUS stock price was a maximum of 27.60 USD and a minimum of 22.04 USD within 52 weeks.  Its average volume is 3,317,820 and it is ranked 37.276B in the MarketCap listings. The target point of TELUS stock price at the end of 1 year is 29.33 USD.


Telus Communications Inc (TCI) is a company that provides many different telecommunications products and services, including internet access, audio, entertainment, health, video and IPTV television. The company is the main wholly owned subsidiary of Telus Corporation, which is the Canadian national telecommunications company.

The company, which is based in Vancouver, Britain, Columbia, was based in Edmonton, Alberta before its merger with BC Tel in 1999. At the same time, Telus is a local currency carrier company based in British Columbia and Alberta. One of Telus’ toughest competitors is Shaw Communications. It also competes with Rogers Communications and Bell Canada in the mobile industry.

Telus aims to build a better future for all Canadians by using its technologies for good.

Canadian Income Stock

Telus is a large and important revenue stock for Canada. However, TELUS stock price fell as Telus indicated in its announcement its $1.3 billion secondary equity offer and $500 million debt offer. Despite this, it offers a good point of entry opportunity, especially for new investors.

With the secondary offering, Telus will gain an opportunity to complete the creation of high-quality fiber optic broadband across its entire network. The best network in this field will support Telus as it can deploy its 5G wireless network widely across Canada. In addition, accelerated infrastructure spending will provide a substantial cash flow to the company as capital expenditures decrease after 2023.

Telus Is Not Just A Telecom Business

telus corp

Telus’ network is not only well positioned for 5G services. It also has many digital growth verticals that will directly benefit from 5G. Telus also invests in many areas such as digital customer experience, data analytics/machine learning, virtual/tele-health, agriculture technology, security and the internet of things.

Telus International is a great example of digital technologies that are transforming the future. Telus has been quietly advancing its plans and targets since 2005. But last February, it went public in Canada and the United States. It was the largest of the technology public offerings made within the TSX Exchange.

In the process, in addition to these developments, Telus Health is growing into a large business. Telus Health is one of Canada’s largest owned telehealth and virtual health services providers. Although this company was generating revenues of close to $1 billion, the majority of the market was unaware of this. The management announced that they will provide more information on the subject in the coming time periods. Given its current position, the popularity of virtual healthcare stocks is making a positive contribution to Telus valuation metrics.

A minor problem is that there is a lot of fundamental growth in Telus’ business that the market has yet to respect. Telus is not just a company that offers wired/wireless services. It is also a business established to operate and lead in order to maintain its continuity and popularity in the increasingly digital society. It uses these verticals as a tool to create positive change in society (through social impact investment, etc.).

Today and Future of TELUS Stock Price


TELUS stock pays a 5% dividend today. The company plans to increase this dividend paid by 7-10% annually until 2022. However, this ratio they are targeting is more than a Canadian dividend stock. Telus is an innovative company with many possibilities and plans of its own. Over time, the TELUS stock price will provide large returns to its investors with low risk for the next three, five and ten years.