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TIGR Stock

TIGR Stock

TIGR Stock

tigr stock 

TIGR Stock, UP Fintech Holding Limited Company (NASDAQ: TIGR) is one of the most notable companies with a worldwide reputation. The online institution, which is known to complete its financial reports for the first quarter of the year preceding May 25 (2021) is in operation for international investors.

Always aiming to be the #1 online broker on a global scale, Tiger Brokers argues that we should take maximum advantage of the opportunities provided by technology and that will make trading easier. The company, which has 60+ exclusive U.S IPO subscription services and 20x maximum financial leverage supported for Hong Kong Stock IPO subscription, aims to be the leading company in the sector.

The system allows you to communicate with other investors, and it is a set of educational programs. It is designed to target customers with a variety of experience levels. Also, there is no minimum deposit, which means you can open an online account as fast as you can. In addition, Tiger Brokers provides wealth management services and the company offers a diversified line of fund products to meet the specific needs of investors.

Thanks to the company’s proprietary online trading software, investors can deal with many exchanges. Among the services offered by the company, it offers a wide range of professional services such as IPO subscription, margin financing, trading, ESOP management, investor training and customer support. Prioritizing mobile operations, the company stands out with its innovative ideas and user-friendly applications.

tigr price

TIGR Stock previous close ratio was 17.14. Today, TIGR Stock has opened with a ratio of 18.75. Day’s Range is recorded as 18.70-21.00, while 52 week range is reported as 3.20-38.50. Average Volume is 8,800,640. It is known as TIGR Stock Market Cap 2.8B.

UP Fintech Holding Ltd TIGR Stock is quoted equivalent to USD 19.94 during the GMT-4 timeframe at 09.34 on May 26, 2021. Looking at the TIGR Stock 1-Year Change rate, which increased by 3.30% compared to the rate before the stock market opening, we see a change of 539.61%.

Choosing a reliable broker is critically important. With its licenses in U.S.A, Singapore and other countries, Tiger Brokers are protected strictly. TIGR Stock, which is stated as P / E Ratio 176.52, is on a serious rise in May 2021. Still, its highest peak was in March.

News About The Company

tigr stock price

Wu Tianhua, CEO of UP Fintech Holding Limited (TIGR), recently called for an earnings call conference to announce the results for the first quarter of 2021. The conference call participants were Han PU (CICC), Jacky Zuo (China Renaissance Securities) and Zhuojia Zhang (Citigroup). In addition, the company participants were Clark Soucy (Investor Relations), Wu Tianhua (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer) and John Zeng (Chief Financial Officer).

The ongoing meeting was recorded. It started with a presentation and then continued with a question-answer session. Clark Soucy, who made the first speech after the moderator, stated that the earnings release was distributed and is available on Globe Newswire services and the IR website.

Wu Tianhua stated during his speech that they reported non-GAAP profit of US $ 81.3 million. This increase is 22 times higher than last year. As well, it is a sum that exceeded the total for the fiscal year 2020. Another achievement is that they have reached 117,000 funded accounts. This is a new high record for a Q1!

Wu Tianhua, who stated that they received positive feedback from Tiger users recently, emphasized the ESOP service intensively. Nevertheless, he stated that Tiger can provide services to many companies thanks to its global licensing opportunities. Saying that they have always been working in the race, Tianhua stated that they will roll out more partnerships.

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