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Toyota Financial

toyota financial

Toyota Financial Services is an organization coordinated by the Toyota Financial Services Corporation (TFSC) covering more than 30 countries and territories and has overall responsibility for financial services subsidiaries globally.

The first Toyota Financial Services was established in Sydney, Australia in 1982. It then continued its development in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

The Toyota Financial Services network covers approximately 90% of the markets where Toyota sells its vehicles. TFS focuses more on auto loans, leases, and Toyota dealer floor plan requirements. Globally, it has approximately 11.6 million customers. Additionally, Toyota Financial Service owns Toyota Financial Savings Bank.

The Toyota Financial Services aims to achieve the best and positive results in the areas it focuses on. Although TSF products and services differ from country to country due to market situation and regulatory requirements, the common thread in each country is aiming for the best. TSF is also a company focused on providing quality products that meet the needs of customers everywhere.

TSF is also a well-established organization. TSF has been serving since the 80s. After the Toyota Motor Credit Corporation opened in October 1982, the first TFS team members began working for the company in 1983.

Toyota Financial Services has a total of 3 customer service centers spread across the country, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Owing Mills, Maryland.

Vision of Toyota Financial Services Global

Vision of Toyota Financial Services Global

The company’s vision is to seek new ways to deliver financial products, services or experiences, and to deliver quality service through innovation, business transformation and new technology to meet the needs of all customers.

By taking advantage of different needs from different customers, they try to deliver products and services to them in the easiest and most high quality way that customers can reach. TSF’s declared vision is “Creating value by providing Freedom of Movement”.

Why TFS?

why TFS

Flexibility is the biggest proof of why you should choose Toyota Financial Services first. TSF, which has many different financing solutions such as classical loan solutions or long-term leasing programs, aims to find the most suitable solution for you. With the monthly fixed repayment opportunity, your monthly repayments will remain the same, even if there are changes in interest rates.

Its affordable price is another feature that appeals to every budget. Deposit is the key to the contract, so Toyota Financial Services can offer a product that does not require a substantial deposit. Toyota, which wants to create solutions to the problems of its customers at any time, provides service for 15 hours a day.

TSF deserved to be the largest automobile loan institution in the country by winning the most new vehicle financing contracts among all financial companies for seven consecutive years. 4 million active financial accounts and more than 8 million insurance agreements in effect also provided great support in obtaining this right.

TFSB (Toyota Financial Services Bank) opened in Henderson, Nevada in 2004 to allow the company to offer its products and services to customers in another way. In order to deliver quality and satisfactory service to its customers, TSFB also launched Lexus Pursuits Visa and Toyota Rewards Visa so that customers can earn points that can be used at the dealership.

Toyota Financial Services currently employs more than 3,200 people nationwide. In addition, most of the full-time workforce is transferred to TSF dealers and customer service operations. TSF is an organization that values ​​and supports its employees as much as it values ​​its customers.

The Way to Guarantee Your Future: Insurance

TSF has established an insurance center with the highest quality insurance products in order to provide support to its customers in possible situations. The Toyota Insurance Management center aims for the best, working with insurers to fully meet Toyota customer standards. TSF manages insurance plans across Europe with more than 1,200,000 policies.