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TSLA Stock

TSLA Stock

TSLA Stock

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Tesla is a company that designs and manufactures electric vehicles. It’s Headquarters Are in California, United States. Tesla is listed on the NASDAQ Exchange under the name TSLA Stock. Tesla, a publicly traded company, made its first dividend distribution to shareholders in 2013. In July 2003, two successful engineers, Martin E. and Marc T. it was established together with. And they called it Tesla Motors.

The reason for this is that they wanted to keep the name of Nikola Tesla, the genius/famous inventor who made a great contribution to electrical technology. As of 2014, Elon Musk has been chairman of Tesla. Elon Musk was the company’s first financial supporter. Musk also led the company financially. By March 2007, the company managed to increase its capital to over 60 million with the financing it provided.

What Is The NASDAQ Stock Exchange?

tesla stock

The NASDAQ stock exchange ranks 2nd in the list of the largest exchanges in terms of market value of the traded stocks in which they are traded. NASDAQ Exchange stands for “National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation”. The NASDAQ Stock Exchange was first established in 1971. And the first transaction on this exchange is dated February 8, 1971. On the NASDAQ exchange, transactions are accepted electronically and the stock exchange’s headquarters are located in New York. The NASDAQ Stock Exchange contains the shares of the 100 largest companies. Some of the major companies that the NASDAQ Stock Exchange hosts are: Apple stock, Facebook stock, TSLA stock, Starbucks stock, Google stock…

How To Buy TSLA stock?

TSLA Stock

It should be known before buying TSLA stocks that you must have already traded large in such financial markets. TSLA Stocks are traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange, the world’s largest technology exchange. This exchange is very risky for small investors as it is an exchange used by large funds and large companies from all over the world. For inexperienced small investors entering the NASDAQ stock market, it looks like a small fish swimming in dozens of whales. So, it is quite dangerous and risky.

In order to buy TSLA stocks and enter / invest in the NASDAQ stock exchange, an overseas investment account must be opened. In order to open this account, you must go to the bank branch that you are constantly using. Here you must explain that you want to open a foreign account and buy TSLA Stocks. After the branch has provided you with the necessary documents, your account will be opened and you can get the shares you want. Here’s what you need to do before buying a TSLA stock;

  • You have to be someone who knows about the world economy and the American economy.
  • You must have enough knowledge and experience about domestic and international stock exchanges.
  • Having a solid psychology is quite important because trading on panic is quite risky in the stock market.
  • You must constantly monitor industry news and company information about Tesla.
  • You must learn to use the trading platform that your intermediary institution (such as a bank) gives you.

If you believe that you have provided this list, all you need to do is buy as many TSLA stock as you want with a stock exchange code through your trading platform. No matter what stock you buy, it should be remembered that the stock market is an investment tool, not a gambling table. For this reason, you should never make the money you will earn/earned in the short or long term because of the panic that develops in an instant.

If we look at the prices of TSLA stocks over the past 5 years;

  • 2015 End of December Stocks Price: 46$
  • 2016 End of December Stocks Price: 40$
  • 2017 End of December Stocks Price: 61$
  • 2018 End of December Stocks Price: 67$
  • 2019 End of December Stocks Price: 75$

The reason why TSLA stocks increase in price each year is that they have also increased their turnover every year. So, this means that; Tesla company met people’s expectations and at the same time set new expectations. This causes the stock prices to increase continuously.