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TSX today stock price is 20,029.19 USD. At the same time, its chart fluctuates between 19,973.24 USD – 20,050.36 USD with its 7.61% volatility. TSX stock price was a maximum of 20,050.36 USD and a minimum of 17,297.75 USD within 52 weeks.  The target point of TSX stock price at the end of 1 year is not clear yet. In the 5-day change, it increased by 0.89%, adding +177.01 to its value, reaching TSX today stock value.

TSX Today: S&P/TSX Composite Index

The S&P/TSX Composite Index is a Canadian index. It represents roughly 70% of the total market capitalization on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), which includes approximately 250 companies. TSX is comprised of more than 1,500 companies and hit an all-time high close of 18,492.72 on February 16, 2021. In addition, the intraday record was set at 18.579.68 on the same day.

Why Should You Buy The TSX Today?

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Major Canadian bank stocks are a good indicator of the economy or perceived future economy. According to statistics, Canada’s nominal gross domestic product fell by 4.6% last year, accompanied by a downturn. In this case, the impact of Covid-19, which affects the whole world, is high. But the government’s bailout of Air Canada will tidy things up at the company. In addition, the spread of the vaccine across the country could reduce restrictions for commercial activities.

Investors must not have noticed this decline in many of the major Canadian banks last year. The decrease was mainly due to higher loan losses. Banks had set aside more cash in anticipation of higher percentages of bad loans, which did not materialize for most, but the predictions proved wrong.

TSX’s fiscal 2020 PCLs increased from $1.86 billion in fiscal 2019 to $4.35 billion. Fiscal 2020 PCL ratio was 0.63% against PCLs in bad loans of 0.24%. This is proof of the high quality of RBC’s core loan portfolio.

Why Should Not You Buy The TSX Today?

Positive or negative developments in the economy may affect the sales situation in banks. For example, a negative impact on the market of vaccines or social distancing and economic restrictions could negatively affect the economy in the near term. In this case, investors may stay away from the idea of ​​depositing new money in banks.

TSX Today: TOP 10 TSX Stocks

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Various changes have been observed in the name of TSX components over the past 10 years. Many negative developments, such as the end of the cannabis ban, Canadian business, the increase in the popularity of exchange-traded funds, droughts in initial public offerings, devastating decreases and the collapse of historic retailers, are among these changes.

However, some investors or companies can turn some crisis situations into opportunities. In this process, there were investors and companies that benefited positively from these crisis situations.

Investors who invested in some of the companies listed below 10 years ago and turned the crisis into an opportunity may be having an arbitrary reading session right now.


Dollarama is a company that has generated almost 10x returns for its investors over the past decade. Investors who invested $10,000 in Dollarama 10 years ago now have $113,000. The 10-year period resulted in an increase of 1,030%.


Enghouse Systems is a giant software company made up of multiple senior technology executives. Investors who invested $10,000 in Enghouse Systems 10 years ago now have $128,000. The 10-year period resulted in an increase of 1,180%.


Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc is a consolidation company. Investors who invested $10,000 in ATD/B 10 years ago now have $129,000. The 10-year period resulted in an increase of 1,190%.


Constellation Software Inc. is a diversified software company whose products are used by many Canadians. Investors who invested $10,000 in CSU 10 years ago now have $416,000. The 10-year period resulted in an increase of 4,060%.


Kırkland Lake Gold Inc is a Toronto-based gold mining company. It owns gold mines in Canada and Australia and also processes them. Investors who invested $10,000 in KL 10 years ago now have $683,000. The 10-year period resulted in an increase of 6,730%.