What Is Humming Bird?

What is Humming Bird?


Humming Bird Finance

Humming Bird Finance is almost 20xed in one month. Now it is sitting at over 55,000 addresses but do not forget and never invest more money than you are willing to lose. Humming bird Finance’s market cap is nearly $28 Million. It is designed to only apply a 3% tax. 1.5% of this 3% tax is distributed to holders and the other 1.5% is burnt forever. There are about 360 species of them. They occur all the way from Alaska. They have 52,000 holders. Numbers can change while I was writing this article. You can join the community on their website. Humming Bird Finance has Twitter, Facebook, Discord accounts. They have all of their social media links in their website. You can click and join them.

Most information updates are coming from their social media accounts. They usually announce updates for the first time on Twitter. Most investors are following them on Twitter, they have over 8500 followers on their original Twitter account and it is going to keep growing because they are active and posting every day. They have a big Youtuber that mentions them on YouTube. Their mission is to leverage Defi to contribute positively. You can see their roadmap on the website.

In May 2021, they are going through their market cap, they are going to be doing farming, nfts, partnerships with Hummingbird Charities, more marketing campaigns and many more. They launched on PancakeSwap last month.BANKCEX and Vindax exchanges are listed. You can buy it on Windswap. Check out its top news.

How to Buy Humming Bird?

You can go to Binance smart chain and log in. You have to make sure that you have some bnb in your wallet. You are going to purchase some bnb with Trust Wallet app. The minimum amount you can purchase is $50. After you have made your purchase, you have to go into the Coin Market Cap App. You can look at the Hummingbird analytics from there. Binance has the lowest fee to buy any crypto. If you have a binance account, you have to send bnb on the bep 20 network. Then you are going to be ready to trade. You can connect your wallet through Humming Bird Finance. Windswap is safe but you can also do it with PancakeSwap.

What is it?


This is a new project therefore people do not know much about them and they do not have a history. You should be careful and decide if this is worth the investment. It is almost 400% up. Today they shot up %600. This is another new community Binance smart chain project. This is another one of those charity tokens where they are donating to a cause. They are something new in the market and people believe that they have a bright future in the market.

The token symbol is HMNG for Humming Bird Finance. You do not have to stake or add liquidity to the pool for getting reward tokens. You can earn free tokens from every transaction while holding them. Today it is trading at 0.00000001$. It is currently ranked 2637th. Humming Bird Finance has a huge potential especially for the long term.

Pay Attention to These Things While Investing


You must do your own research. This article is not for financial advice. There are so many personal finance books therefore you can improve yourself and your knowledge about personal finance and investment. Do not trust anybody and any Youtuber, make your own decisions. Do not invest more than you have. Invest the money that you can afford. Before investing for something, learn that’s opportunities,system and strategies. Be careful and focused while investing and do not forget to follow updates about your investment.