What Is Stopelon? Stopelon Coin Price

What is Stopelon? Stopelon Coin Price

What is Stopelon? Stopelon Coin Price

Stopelon Coin

stopelon coin price

This is a new crypto coin that rocketed in price these days. It gained a lot of attention from the people. Crypto market is a very volatile and exciting place where altcoins are getting pumped while most popular coins Bitcoin and Ethereum are going down. The Stopelon coin can be the most interesting coin that you have heard

Somebody decided to make a crypto called stopelon coin. This cryptocurrency declared war against Elon Musk with this new project aiming to lift his role as a CEO of Tesla. The Stopelon crypto currency saw a major price increasing. The official website of the token exclaimed that it aims to destroy the biggest market manipulator.

People believe that it is another meme coin created by a random trader who does not like Elon Musk. It has no purpose like some of other meme coins, but it became famous after the latest news.

It is the background of this Stopelon coin. Crypto traders who have launched Stopelon do not want their investment to be controlled by Elon Musk’s tweets.

What is StopElon coin?

stopelon price

Actually, it is very new therefore has not been released completely yet but we know that it was created to protest against Elon Musk because of his manipulation about cryptocurrencies. With the recent news, we know that Elon Musk and Tesla will not accept Bitcoin. This news caused the Bitcoin crypto crash, and it went from its all-time high price $64,400 to $40,400. Numbers can change anytime. With this Bitcoin crash, a lot of people lost their crypto money in the market. Because of this Elon Musk’s manipulation of crypto market, people created the Stopelon coin.

Where to Buy StopElon Coin?

This token was created on the Binance Smart Chain. The Stopelon coin price went from $0.0000019 to $0.0000604890 in just a few days. For now, it is not available on major exchanges. However, you can buy it on PancakeSwap if you want to. According to one chart site, the Stopelon coin market cap is nearly $30 Million. Visit their website and learn more about Stopelon coin before investing in.

The Crypto Crash of 2021

stopelon coin

Bitcoin’s price has overall dropped by %40. Bitcoin is about $37,000 per coin. In the last 24 hours it is down 13.3%. It is down 32.3% in the last 7 days. The market cap is about $700 Billion. These all happened after Elon Musk said that Tesla will no longer accept Bitcoin for car purchases. This situation created a huge sell off in the crypto market that we are experiencing these days.

When it comes to Ethereum it is the second biggest coin in the world. Unfortunately, there are similar increases in price. Just a few weeks ago Ethereum was going up in price. It went over $4,000. If you look at the last 7 days, you can see the sharp decline in prices but in the last days it jumped down. If Bitcoin goes down it means the whole cryptocurrency market goes down.

In 2021 more than 21 Million adults own cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin reached its highest market cap level last month. Now we are experiencing 40 percent down and it is not that big when you compare it to the latest crash. Traders and investors are not sure if this decline will continue or not. If you are bullish this can be the perfect time for you to buy more cryptos. If you already have lots of money in these cryptos you could want to hold them. It depends on your decision. Do not trust anyone and make your own decisions always because nobody knows what will happen.

This article was not created for financial advice. You must make your own decisions.