Whole Foods Stock

Whole Foods Stock

Whole Foods Stock

What is Whole Foods Stock? / Amazon Acquired Whole Foods 

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Whole Foods Market is a grocery store known as a natural unique store. They do not sell unnatural or processed food or food with artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. They began in the 1980s.

Amazon bought all Whole Foods stocks in 2017 for $13.7 Billion. Whole Foods stock was trading at $42 in 2017 therefore they paid $42 per Whole Foods stock. They got a deal, so the co-founder of Whole Foods remained as a CEO. After this announcement Whole Foods stocks went over 29 percent and shareholders took a big payout.

Amazon allows Whole Foods to charge low prices if they want so the CEO of the Whole Foods Market John Mackey said that they will cut prices more and make their products more accessible. Whole Foods has one of the best brand name and quality products out there. Their stores are great by lightning, size and everything.

They started as a small natural food store. However today it has grown into one of the biggest and most popular organic grocery stores in the world. Currently they have more than 500 stores and 95,000 team members.

Partnership With Amazon

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Whole Foods was struggling a few years ago but that is until the biggest companies in the world came and helped it out. Amazon announced that they are going to be a partnership with Whole Foods then Amazon has started an Amazon Go Stores.  After Amazon buyout Whole Foods, they changed a few things about their brand. Merging Whole Foods with Amazon Prime was the first and one of the biggest changes. Whole Foods started to offer special sales just for people who have an Amazon Prime membership while Amazon gave them popular devices to sell in their stores.

Whole Foods are buying fresh foods and ingredients from local farmers, and they are popular thanks to natural fresh foods. They also help the local economy.

The best time to shop to get the best products in Whole Foods is in the morning. The biggest Whole Foods store is in Austin Texas. The first store was also in there. In their store which is in Austin, you can drink while you shop. Their prices were so high before the Amazon partnership, but they cut the prices after the deal. However, it may still be very expensive for some people therefore they decided to expand their brand and add 365 to their range to make their products more accessible and cheaper.

These Whole Foods 365 stores are smaller than originals. The employers of Whole Foods stores get a higher payment than others, but they have English only policy for staff. This means that they have to talk in English with customers and each other all the time.

Today you cannot buy Whole Foods stock because the company was acquired by Amazon so you should buy an Amazon stock.

John Mackey Latest Interview

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Whole Foods Market CEO John Mackey gave an interview 8 months ago when the Covid 19 Pandemic had started. He said that many people have begun online shopping. After the coronavirus ends, they will return to their traditional shopping style, but it will not be the same as before because some of them may stick with their new habit. He also talked about the Amazon partnership and added that Amazon takes a long-term perspective, and it has allowed them to cut prices since the merger. He said that they are going to continue to lower their prices over time.

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